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Ultra Guardian Sailor Q3 is the name of the third arc of the Sailor Q story. The events of this story take place in 1994 and ran the course of 56 "episodes".

Story Summary

Episode 96 (A New Adventure! Sailor Q in Tokyo!)

At Mugen Academy, a new student arrives, having just transferred from a school in the United States. Writing her name on the board, she introduces herself to the rest of the class as Matsumi Shin. As the day goes on, Matsumi struggles with adapting to class in Japan, ranging from unusual gym uniforms to simply getting from class to class.

Leaving the school for the day, Matsumi meets up with her cat Freya, who asks her how it went, only for Matsumi to unload all the frustrations she had with trying to make sense of things on her first day in class. She is also curious on why she is able to speak and understand Japanese, as well as why she had to change her name when she moved to the country. While Freya is able to answer one of the questions (She purposefully transmitted the ability into Matsumi's mind while she was sleeping on the plane over), she is unable to answer the other, nor on who it was who transferred Matsumi to the new school. As they head back, Matsumi hears a scream, only to notice a man running off with a woman's purse. Against Freya's warnings, Matsumi deliberately trips the man up, managing to grab the purse away from him. The man scrambles away trying to avoid the police officer who was chasing after him. Matsumi is shocked when the police officer mistaken her for an accomplice and is forced to try and explain things, while a large crowd gathers around her.

The purse snacher manages to scramble down an alleyway, where much to his surprise, a shadowy figure offers him a strange crystal, telling it will allow him to grow even more powerful and successful than he ever could imagine. Though frightened, the man agrees and has the crystal pushed into his chest.

Matsumi has finally gotten away from the crowds, the owner of the purse explaining things but leaving Matsumi feeling even more upset then before. She starts to wonder she can't just give up on this and head back to the US. Freya reminds her that it's not that simple and that things will at least get better for her. Their conversation is interrupted by a small crowd panicking and following the sound, Matsumi and Freya discover the thief from before, now using fire powers to try and rob a small electronics store. At first wondering how he got this power, Matsumi realizes this is no time to ask questions and transforms into Sailor Quinox. Introducing herself to the man, she tries her to best to avoid a direct fight, worrying that she might inadaviratly hurt him and instead tries to protect the civilians. However, in the middle of the fight, the man suddenly howls with pain, only for a monster to emerge from his body, introducing itself as Flarekon. The monster attacks the bewildered Sailor Quinox and though at first she struggles against the far faster and stronger attacker, she eventually manages to destroy it. Before anyone can thank her, however, Quinox dashes off without another word.

That evening, Matsumi sits with Freya inside her apartment room, wondering what the deal with the monster was, having thought she had left all that behind. Freya isn't sure, but could sense an evil power behind it. However, Matsumi suddenly realizes much to her panic that she forgot that she had homework to do that evening and starts to try and finish it as quick as possible, much to her cat's annoyance, who keeps trying to get her attention.

Azu Arc (Episodes 97 - 107)

After her first day at school, Matsumi is using her time to explore Tokyo a bit more. After a few mix ups, Matsumi accidently ends up stuck in the middle of a hostage situation at a bank. Forced to try and talk to the police, Matsumi is stunned when one of the robbers displays a strange power. After another one of the strange creatures emerges from him, Matsumi is able to transform into Sailor Quinox, only defeating the monster due to turning it's own power on it. She is unaware the entire time, of the mysterious woman watching the events that have happened.

The next day, Matsumi finds herself quickly befriended by a cheerful rich girl named Saki Suminaka. At the same time, a series of attacks occur on other students in the school and with the help of another student, Kyoko Toru, Matsumi soon suspects it to be Masaki Miyamata, a yanki like girl who everyone is afraid of. However, Matsumi soon learns Kyoko to truly be the identity of the attacker (as she had a hatred of the other students) and after defeating her as Sailor Quinox, befriends Masaki as well.

After the previous two incidents, Matsumi finds herself troubled by what these monsters, with Freya offering to help train her once again to face the new enemies. Walking through a park, she inadvieratly bumps into Haruka and Michiru once more and over drinks at a cafe, asks them for their help in discovering more about these creatures. However, the two senshi turn her down, considering themselves far too busy to get involved. Discorged and upset by their answer, Matsumi finds herself once more operating solo when she finds out a new transfer student to in fact be a criminal in disguise and after tracking him down at a zoo, attempts to stop him when when he takes several hostages. It's only when the man's monster form nearly overpowers her that she's saved by the timely arrival of Uranus and Neptune. Though they help save her, they make it clear that this is mearly a one time deal and that she is on her own once more. None of them are aware of being watched by the same blue haired woman from before, nor a shadowy figure in the trees.

Mugen shortly finds itself hosting a local judo tournament involving several other schools in the area and with nothing better to do, Matsumi, Saki and Masaki head over to check it out. However, Matsumi soon gets separated from her friends in the large crowds and when she gets shoved hard by another one of the students, she accidently bumps into someone who catches her before she can fall. Helping her to her feet, Matsumi finds herself drawn to the young man, who walks off before she can get another word in. Joining the rest of her friends to watch the tournament, she is stunned to see the young man, a Hideki Kaze, as one of the competitors. However, during a break in the action, she witnesses another one of the competitors fleeing with what appears to be some sort of object in his hand. Following after him out of curiosity, she witnesses him swallow the object, only for her to be noticed when she accidentally bumps into some equipment. Attacked by the young man, she witnesses him collapse as a creature once more emerges from him. Forced to transform, she finds the new enemy tougher then she thought and just as she's about to be killed, she is saved by the sudden appearance of a mysterious masked figure, calling himself Ninja Q. With the distraction he provides, Quinox is able to defeat the enemy. As she heads back to meet up with her friends, she briefly sees a blue haired woman walking past, who's gaze gives her a creepy feeling.

After an incident in which her secret identity is almost blown due to an over enthusiastic member of the Nature Photography Club,

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