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Ultra Guardian Sailor Q is the name of the first arc of the Sailor Q story. The events of the story take place in 1993 and run the course of 43 "episodes".

Story Summery

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A New Senshi Awakens (Ep. 1)

Over the course of several weeks, fifteen year old Matt Smithson became plagued by visions and nightmares of a burning palace, as well as warriors fighting against a group of terrifying monsters. One day, after a far more violent daydream than he'd had up to that point, Matt decided to walk home in order to clear his head. Due to this, he happened to bump into Ten'ou Haruka and Kaioh Michiru, who were on a brief trip to the United States while trying to track down Daimon activity (and sample a few local bars). More or less forced to act as a tour guide for the two, Matt found himself struck by an odd sensation of déjà vu, which suddenly triggered another vision, this one of a sailor suited figure. However, any further conversation was interrupted by screams coming from a nearby construction site, causing Haruka and Michiru to investigate while ordering Matt to stay behind, a suggestion which the boy followed for all of ten seconds.

Transforming (and unaware of Matt witnessing them do so), the two senshi found themselves facing off against a strange monster, one apparently different from any that they had met before. While the two were able to keep themselves on an even keel with the creature, the thing soon got the best of them and in a moment of triumph, attempted to kill the two, only to be interrupted by Matt, who tried to hold the monster at bay, while saying he wasn’t going to let it hurt them, even though he had just met them, a move both senshi found incredibly idiotic. However, the monster soon managed to free itself and attempted to suck the energy from the boy, and was stunned when its hand exploded from contact with the teenager’s forehead, a glowing signet appearing on it.

Matt suddenly found time frozen around him, a transformation pen appearing in front of him and a voice telling him to make a choice: either reject the pen and live out a normal life but see the two strangers get harmed, or accept the pen, losing the ordinary life he lived, but saving the two in the process. Blinded by the visions and realizing he couldn’t see Uranus and Neptune possibly get killed, he took the pen, transforming into Sailor Q for the first time. While at first dumbfounded by the fact that he had changed into a girl, he (now she) none the less fought against the creature alone, Uranus preventing Neptune from helping (secretly glad to see someone else doing all the work for once), ultimately defeating it. Any elation of the victory quickly turned to panic as the full consequences of what had happened to her began to sink in. While Uranus and Neptune showed her how to detransform, she was stunned to discover that she remained female no matter what, apparently stuck in this form forever. Though Matt pleaded with them, the other two senshi left the scene with little more then a few words of advice on how to hide her new gender, though apparently they were sure that she could handle whatever threat would come after her (Haruka wanting to get out of there to avoid any real responsibility with the new senshi).

Faris Arc (Eps. 2–12)

Working to adapt to all changes in her life caused by being a senshi, Matt worked hard to hide her altered gender from her friends and family, adopting thicker clothes, deepening her voice and sometimes binding her chest. At the same time, enemies continued to appear, always seeking out ways to drain the life force from those around them. Their targets ranged from rock concerts to school talent shows to even a teen fashion show, which Matt had been inadvertently forced to take part in. Eventually, Matt found herself face to face with the master of the creatures, a man who called himself Faris. While she tried to defeat him in her Sailor Q form, Matt found herself over powered and nearly killed, only to be saved by a fellow senshi, Sailor Pluto (unknown to her, being from the near future).

Eventually the constant battles forced Faris’s hand, and desiring to gain as much life force as possible, Sailor Q was lured into a trap at a local television station, where she was caught in the blast of an explosive device, badly injuring her. At the same time, Faris linked his own power to the electric grid of the city, directly draining the energy from every citizen within the metro area. However, his attempt at completing his plan was soon interrupted by the arrival of a determined Sailor Q, who destroyed his energy tap. Irate, Faris transformed into his true self, the crystalline humanoid Dethkrystal, who fought the senshi, nearly killing her with a vicious stab through the shoulder. Working through the pain, though, Q managed to impale the monster onto a metal spike in the wall next to the power generator and using her air blast, blew it up, destroying Faris in the process. Bleeding and drained, Q staggered home and collapsed in her room. Much to her shock the next morning, Matt found all her injuries healed, and though she felt relieved to have defeated the villain, she remained unaware that others had learned of what had happened and were planning to continue with where he had left off…

Ultra Guardian Sailor Q The Movie

A few days after a small meteorite crashed landed in the city, a new student was introduced to Matt’s middle school, a Japanese transfer student named Kagura. While Matt tried to befriend her, the painfully shy student instead ran away from her every attempt. Later that night, Kagura found herself contacted by an alien intelligence who promised to make her life better in exchange for merging with her. Agreeing to the proposal, Kagura was transformed into a bio-mechanical life form which soon trapped the Twin Cities underneath a metallic dome, covering almost all of its inhabitants within a dark metal shell. Unaffected by the change, Matt found herself wandering through the silent city, fighting against drone-like monsters patterned after Kagura. Hiding from her pursuers, Sailor Q soon came in contact with a hologram based on the original girl, who soon explained everything: that the alien had been a criminal member of a species from a far off planet who had been apparently escaped exile from their home world and now planned to absorb the entire Earth into itself. Armed with this knowledge, Sailor Q went off to the converted state capitol, determined to confront the creature.

Once there, the senshi found an enthroned Hybred-Kagura, preparing for its final plan. Q attempted to reach out to Kagura, trying once more to get through to her and promising to help her. Though at first she seemed to ignore Q, when confronted with the full truth of what the creature had planned, actively attempted to fight against it. Having no need for the girl anymore, the creature fully trapped the panicked teenager within itself, taking on a more monstrous form in order to battle Sailor Q. Though at first nearly defeating the senshi, Q’s determination to save Kagura allowed her to tap into a previously unknown power, transforming herself into a princess-like form whose touch managed to completely purify the creature from the entire city. The next day, Kagura awakened with her head on Matt’s lap, and after a conversation confirming Matt’s own secrets and everything that had happened, the two quickly become fast friends, the transfer student finding the support she was so afraid of.

Daia Arc (Eps. 13–18)

Dragged into a shopping trip with one of her few classmates who knew that she was a girl, Matt found herself brought to a shop which seemed to have opened overnight, something which immediately triggered her suspicions. Her instincts soon proved right, as almost every customer in the store began to pass out from having their energy drained, the cause of which revealed itself to be the owner, a woman calling herself Daia. Though Matt was able to transform and defeat the woman and her Sin-Jin, this would prove not to be the last time they would meet. Whenever a new store or business seemed to open up, ranging from everything from trying to buy a pair of glasses to looking for a present for her best friend, Matt found herself facing off against Daia, and even teamed up once more with Sailor Pluto take her on. Eventually, Daia came up with an ambitious plan, creating a hidden dimension within a local department store and kidnapping young women to drain their energy directly. However, Matt's classmate Kagura inadvertently witnessed one of these kidnappings and alerted Matt, who reluctantly investigated with her. When Kagura was kidnapped as well, Matt, as Sailor Q, managed to defeat both her Sin-Jin, bringing down her entire operation while saving all her victims in the process.

However, Daia herself survived and became obsessed with taking her revenge on the senshi. Through the use of a phony operation, Daia was soon able to learn Sailor Q's true identity and, kidnapping a friend of Matt's, lured her to a warehouse under the threat of killing her friend. Desperate to save her classmate, Matt rushed to the location, only to find she'd been tricked. Transforming into a monstrous form known as Raijinx, Daia attacked Sailor Q, who discovered her powers to be useless against electric attacks. However, with the help of a new power, as well as a clever plan, Q was able to destroy Raijinx, freeing her friend in the process and keeping her identity safe. However, she was unaware that the energy which had previous been gathered by Daia throughout their earlier conflicts had already been utilized, and that Daia's master soon prepared for the next phase of their plan.

DaiKumo Arc (Eps. 19–29)

Nearly a week after the events with Daia, Matt had settled into her life once more, still trying to adapt to her new situation. It would be during this time that she would get her first taste of theater, as a small group needed volunteers, and she found herself dragged into helping out. While she found herself enamored with the atmosphere of the place, she also soon discovered that she was not alone. A man claiming to be a stage manager showed up, interested in supervising the rehearsal. However, just as the actors were to begin their production, the man used a strange stone to directly drain their energy. Transforming into Sailor Q, the warrior was briefly overpowered by the man before he escaped, leaving behind a Sin-Jin to fight, which she eventually defeated.

Over the following weeks, Matt would find herself facing the mysterious man, who often would be just as willing to fight her hand to hand as he would send his creatures after the senshi, all the while using a series of strange stones to gather energy from those around him. In one particularly cruel move, the man transformed her best friend's pet kitten into a monster, forcing it to try and kill Sailor Q, an event which allowed the senshi for the first and only time to revert a Sin-Jin without destroying it. Things ultimately came to a head when the man, his name still unknown, attempted a daring plan to draw as much energy from the population as possible. Forced into a chase across the city, Sailor Q eventually was able to overpower the man, apparently destroying him with an Air Blast.

While peace had finally seemed to have come over the city once more, Matt found herself again contacted by the mysterious Setsuna. During this meeting, interrupted only by an apparent monster attack, Setsuna revealed the truth of what was truly behind the attacks, and of what she was actually dealing with. The unnamed man and previous enemies she had been fighting against were servants of a being known as Queen Necros. Long ago, Necros came to the Sol system with the intention of draining it's energy, devouring both the star and its' system. She was stopped by five queens who, while they could not fully destroy her, managed to seal her into another dimension, hopefully for all eternity. However, recent events made it clear her power was growing once more, and that she was attempting to free herself. Before leaving, Setsuna gave Matt a small key, telling her to keep it close and that it may come in use for her later.

Not long after, Matt's mother, a scientist, started a new job at a business which seemed to have come out of nowhere. As the weeks carried on, Matt soon found herself facing off against Sin-Jins stronger then she had ever faced before, each utilizing the same sort of stone which she has seen the unnamed man use and seeking out more sources of energy for their master. Meanwhile, Matt was struggling with the increasing fear of her friends finding out the truth behind her change, especially after one of her classmates attempted to hook her up on a date. It only became worse when a second Sailor Q seemed to appear out of nowhere, at first seeming to be on the side of good, but then beginning to attack officials, as well as assist a Sin-Jin in nearly draining an entire local festival of its' life force.

Chasing down the other senshi, Q was able to face it one on one, only to be interrupted in battle by the man from before, who quickly destroyed the other Q, revealing it to be nothing more then a Sin-Jin in disguise. He revealed that the past battles were all part of his plan to weaken the senshi to the point where he could drain her life force safely (having learned from this what had happened to the Sin-Jin Terra-Woman), stating that her energy should be enough to finish his grand scheme. To get his point across, the man transformed into the fearsome Oni-Kumo monster, attacking Q. For much of the battle, Q was easily thrown around by the creature, which shrugged off and dodged many of her attacks. However, eventually Q managed to turn the tables on him, and in a desperate attempt, got the stone away from Kumo and used it against him, draining his own energy to the point of destruction. Although victorious, she was still shaken by what she had done and what had happened, as she realized that the enemy seemed to be now going directly after her and not just the people around her.

Flower Princess Arc (Eps. 30–36)

Still troubled by what had happened before, Matt was almost completely unaware of a new student joining her class. Belladonna Venum almost immediately started charming everyone in class, and though at first Matt has a strange feeling about the girl, she, too, befriended her. However, attacks on the local teenagers by a plant-like Sin-Jin soon made Matt realize that the enemy was targeting her in an attempt to find out who she was in order to destroy her. Though she was able to defeat it, Matt started to become more protective of her friends, including Belladonna. As the days went by, many of the people she had previously interacted with become targets by similar vegetation-based monsters, each seemingly trying to get at Sailor Q in an effort to destroy her. At the same time, Matt started to become suspicious of Belladonna, who seemed to always be somewhere near where the attacks. Matt's other friendships were also becoming strained, as her friends found themselves alienated by the secrets they felt she was keeping from them, as well as her attempts to convince them of Belladonna's suspicious behavior.

One morning, Matt was stunned to discover that nobody remembered who she was, and all her attempts to convince others that they knew her--even her family--soon resulted in her running away from the police, who tried to take her in for what appears to others to be disorderly conduct. Eventually managing to track down the Sin-Jin who was behind this, Matt was able to restore everyone's memories, but learned that it had done nothing to fix the ever-widening rift which had grown between her and her friends.

On a trip to Como Conservatory with her classmates, Matt, still suspicious of Belladonna, decided to follow her when she wandered away from the rest of the group, only to find herself confronted by Belladonna, who introduced herself as the Flower Princess, a servant of Queen Necros, as well as revealing that she had taken the rest of her class hostage. She then revealed that the spell that made everyone forget about her was actually only meant to erase the memory of Sailor Q from others--meaning she now knew her civilian identity. Transforming, Sailor Q managed to keep herself from getting injured by the Flower Princess's attacks from the surrounding plants, forcing the Flower Princess to change into the mysterious RoseThorn. Though the monster tried to use Q's unconscious classmates as a shield, the senshi was able to avoid hitting any of them and destroyed the monster. Before she died, however, she mocked Q--she isn't the one who destroyed the friendships; Q has done it herself. Although Belladonna has now vanished from the memories of her classmates and teacher, her friends still no longer trust her as they once did that, something which leaves the girl even more depressed then before.

The Twins Arc (Eps. 37–40)

Still depressed over her crumbling friendships, Matt's mother asks her to accompany her to the opening of her work's newest project in a few days time (which had been in the works and mentioned as long as her mother was in her new work), a new breakthrough in science, even though she herself isn't certain on what it is. At the same time, a pair of enemies appear, using a Sin-Jin to try and drain the lifeforce from crowd at a gather in a park. Though Sailor Q is able to defeat the Sin-Jin, the pair get away, though not before telling her that her actions no longer matter. As the day of the presentation approaches, Matt tries to reestablish her friendships with Ellie and Peter but unable to tell them everything that had happened to her nor reveal her true gender, they still reject, feeling that she is simply still hiding something from them. After dealing with two further incidents involving the two men, the day of the reveal finally happens, taking place at the top of the First National building. While her mother is excited to see what exactly her business has been building, Matt still feels lost on what to do with her life, wondering if she had made a mistake and that she should never have taken the transformation wand in the first place. As the presentation begins, she is shocked to see that the heads of the business are none other then the two men that she had fought before. Before she can raise an alarm, however, the twins reveal the special project: a stone like structure which starts to not only drain those in the room to the point of unconsciousness but also the entire city. Her mother knocked out cold, Matt transforms into Sailor Q, trying to directly attack the twins, who transform into their monster forms of Rad and Blu. Though they put up a good fight, Q's anger pushes her harder then usual, forcing the two to retreat through the glowing portal which steadly takes shape in the stone structure. Unable to follow them, Q manages to use the emergency sprinklers to wake up the formerly knocked out crowd, telling them to flee the scene.

Unknown to Matt, the twins flee to their mistress, who then draws their energy into herself, reabsorbing them and revealing that she had done so to her previous followers as part of the plan to regain her freedom and her former strength.

As the last of the crowd get out of the building, Sailor Q turns, only to see the portal fully open behind her as a figure walks through. Before she can react, the individual holds out a hand, causing a huge burst of energy to pour forth, flinging Sailor Q out of the window...

Queen Necros Arc (Eps. 41-43)

Sailor Q finds herself on the run as since the portal was opened, Necros has taken over the city, it's citizens becoming her slaves. Looking for safety, Matt manages to meet up with Eliie and Peter, who apparently have somehow managed to avoid being mentally taken over by Necros. Making their way to the burnt out remains of their school, the three settle into a fearful night, as Matt has a hard time coping with what had happened. The peace is short lived though as they discover a Sin-Jin stalking the halls. Matt is able to transform without her friends seeing and quickly takes cares of the creature, only to find out that her friends were in fact fully under the control of the the wicked queen and rather then allow herself to injury them, Q lets herself get captured.

Taken to the the First National Building, Q is presented to Queen Necros, who remains in front of the very portal she emerged from and silently studies the senshi before her. She reveals that she is not yet fully powered but that once she has absorbed the power that Quinox has, she shall begin to feast upon the rest of the planet like she has started to within the Twin Cities. With those words, Necros begins the process of trying to drain her life force directly. At first, Q finds herself giving into the process, growing weaker by the second as she feels herself unable to fight back against Necros but remembering everyone she had met as well as everything she had gone through, as well as the city that she grew up in, Q manages to gather all her strength and breaks free from Necros' spell, tackling the Queen through the still open portal.

Q finds herself in a vast open void, with a now furious Necros with her, her contact with Earth cut off due to the fact that portal is nearly one way. The queen tries to attack Q with her powers, but the senshi, though still weak, manages to avoid her attacks. Having had enough of the senshi, Necros transforms into her true self: an immense humanoid serpent creature. Q tries to fight back, but is soon captured by the creature, who grabs her in one of her hands and starts to crush the life out of her, taking pleasure in the senshi's pain. Q finds herself unable to fight back, her already weakened state preventing her from making any move. Desperately, Q manages to free one of her hands and with no other choice left, calls out for her help. To her amazement, she senses the presence of Uranus and Neptune, as well as Pluto, their energies joining with her's, as well as in the process causing the void around them to begin to crack. Giving everything she has, Sailor Q is able to fire this final attack (Outer Cosmic Storm) against Necros and though the monster attempts to hold it back, it's soon consumed by it, the energies as well shattering the void around them. Falling unconscious, Q begins to free fall into the vast nothiness around her, unaware of the small key she kept with her beginning to shine, as a hand reaches out for hers and pulls her up.

Matt wakes up in the hospital, laying in bed with a few broken ribs a broken arm and leg. She is soon visited by her family, who refer to her as "Mattie" much to her surprise and seems to know about her being a girl. Her father berates her for being so reckless as to getting hit by a car while crossing the road. For a moment, Matt wonders if she had dreamt it all until her mother introduces to her the woman who had brought her to the hospital: Meioh Setsuna. Leaving the room to give Matt some time to talk with her visitor, Setsuna confirms that it was not a dream and in fact her final battle against Necros had had more consequences then she could imagine. Her final attack sent ripples across time and space and have altered there personal timeline so that she has always been female. As well, time has been reversed to the point that beyond her battle against Faris (and the events of the movie), nothing else has happened. Setsuna explains that while at the moment she still remembers everything about her male life, soon it shall fade in time, something which frightens Matt, though she accepts that it will happen. When she asks if this is the end of her being Sailor Q, Setsuna mearly tells her that that is something for her to decide. She then leaves the room, leaving Matt to her thoughts.

A week later, having somehow healed faster then normal, Matt, now named Mattie, gets ready to return to school. Meeting up with Ellie and Peter once more, Mattie decides that whatever changes there are in her life now, she's ready for them...


- Free Way by Rica Matsumoto - Opening

- Tooi Koibito by Miki Fujimoto - Ending 1 (Eps. 1–23)

- Aenai Nagai Nichiyoubi by Miki Fujimoto - Ending 2 (Eps. 24–43)