Types of Beings in the Sub Sen universe

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There are various types of beings which populate the Sub Sen Universe with a clear definition of hierarchy.

Most beings found in the Species page may fall beneath one of these categories.


Beings so far outside the realm of reality they don't even scale with the others. Lydia D. Darkletter for example.


Perhaps the highest-tier being, Gods are those whom wield a vast power. There have been gods and goddesses that cover a wide and varied range of principles, such as war, justice, the afterlife, and more.

Though very powerful in their own right, even Gods have been overthrown by those whom would be classed as "lesser beings."

However, sometimes exceptionally strong beings have been titled under Gods--- whether from actual reverence of their powers or stature to reasons involving self-entitlement and delusion.

Examples: North Kai, Kaioushin, rei.bot


Considered the "in-between" beings, demi-gods usually held parentage from actual Gods, though there have been beings whom ascended to this category, whether by having sheer power or undergoing a transmigration of sorts.

Example: Yaijinden (?)


Beings of the infernal realms, demons come in all different sorts, their hierarchy usually working on the old system of "who's the strongest or smartest". Many of the lesser kinds are said to form out of negative emotions (such as Kouma), whilst the higher-tier are fully living beings, capable of breeding with other species.

They generally trend towards Chaos and Evil, but as with the angels, there have been many that outright defy these descriptions.

Often times angels that fall out of their world's favor become a different kind of demon.

Something of note: the word demon is a corruption of the old Greek word daemon, meaning "non-human spirit or entity", which could technically encompass many other beings into this category.

Examples: Nelius Raoul, Harusawa E. Raoul, Etna


The servants of higher powers, usually Gods, angels (also known by some as Celestials) have a wealth of holy-based power at their command, which is usually directed towards those of evil intent. As there are many variants on angels, pinning down their hierarchy is not an easy task.

Many tend to focus upon Law or Good, though it's not to say there haven't been any malicious angels about.

Example: Lady Hale

Sailor Senshi

The guardians of the universe at large, there have been both human and alien-Senshi about. Their abilities range far and wide, usually tied to whatever celestial body they hail from.

Planetary Senshi are usually the most powerful, with Satellites trailing behind them.


As the name implies, these are humans whom, due to mutations in their DNA, have developed abilities clearly outside the human norm. As these are inborn abilities granted by their biological structure, that puts many of them higher up on the list, as countering them is a bit tricky.

Example: The X-Men


Alternately known by some as "human-plus" or "enhanced humans", metahumans usually have access to artifacts or abilities clearly not technological in nature, usually involving magic in some form.

One could argue that cyborgs, and other beings with technological implants, could be classified here, as their abilities generally exceed those of even most trained humans.

Example: Gemini Sunrise, most Kamen Riders, Eitak Razal


The largely predominant race on Earth, humans are the "jack of all trades" type--- whilst not excelling in all areas or in an one area in particular, their flexibility and adaptive abilities keep them in the running.

Examples: Most everyone you see outside your windows