Twin Monsters in the Orange Islands

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Twin Monsters in the Orange Islands Refers to Two different Translated versions of Twin Monsters that aired in the Orange Islands

The Northern Islands

In the Northern Islands, which were very close to Kanto, Twin Monsters was dubbed into Chinese, The Title of the show was Huái ěr dé wǔdé zhànshì (怀尔德伍德战士) a transcription of Wildwood Senshi (ワイルドウッド戦士) Even though the Title was a Translation, Yaseiki No Senshi

Censorship and Changes

  • All episode pertaining to the Pokémon Kingdom were cut.
    • This means that Episodes 7-20 were cut, The Appearance of Team Poképals and Grovyle were explained away as Daniel and Creselian having pets
    • Episodes 33-35 were also cut.
    • The second series was skipped entirely
    • Episode 77 was skipped
    • The series stopped after the RG Series, Possibly due to Censorship.

Story Changes

The story was drastically changed to be more in line with its inspiration, the Sailor Moon Anime, This, unfortunately included changing all names and aspects of characters

Character Names

Japanese Traditional Chinese (Chinese Romanizations)
Daniel Kakaku 月野丹尼尔(Yuet Yue Dānní'ěr)
Hicarolyn 愛野艾丽西亚 (oi ye Ài lì xīyǎ)
Priceman 新禮服幪面俠(Xin lai fuk mung min hap)
Grovyle 壁虎(Bi Hu)
Celebi 粉红色的童话 (Fěnhóng sè de tónghuà)
Chimchar 火猴 (Huǒ hóu)

The Southern Islands

The southern islands had a German dubbed version.

It first aired in 2012 on OIF. The full German title was Preis Mann und Das Mädchen Mut - Pokemon Ritter(Priceman and the Girl of Courage - Pokémon Knights). OIF showed 2 episodes a week every Sunday night. There was minor censorship, but this dub stayed close to the original Kanto version. Twin Monsters enjoyed some success on OIF, but it was not until VERST II in March 2013 that the show became popular in the southern orange islands. OIF's dub only included the first two series, but VERST II decided to dub the remaining four series, none of the voice actors from OIF were brought back to reprise their roles.

Twin Monsters on VERST II

The Anime established a name for itself on OIF, with viewership having reached 37% of the Southern Orange Archipelago during its popularity peak. More to come.......