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Twin Monsters in Kalos refers to the Twin Monsters Series translations and merchandise released in The Kalos Region.


Kalos was one of the first foreign Regions to screen Twin Monsters, which premiered in the country in December 2010 by Aleman Kalos. Like the original Hoenn Region TV Run, the French did not get the rights to Twin Monster Masters and ended the series at RSE. The RSE season was released on DVD, though this release was incomplete because the license expired.

In September 2013, Super Pokémon Television released the entire First Series on DVD in a ten-disc box set, containing all 40 episodes in Japanese and French (Four Episodes each), with new French subtitles.

Censorship and Changes

  • Most scenes containing Tai and Kari were cut for the first nine episodes, Possibly because Aleman Kalos did not hold the rights to Digimon Adventure until episode 9. The Digimon Kingdom was referred to as The Dark Kingdom during this time.
  • The locale was changed from Wildwood City, NJ, to Paris, France, Despite the Eiffel Tower not being present.
  • Roman Shirotanko's and Julia Shirotanko's incestual relationship was explained away by replacing their last names. Intrestingly, their names are changed to the reverse of their past lives.
  • Shelly was changed to be male, but the moment where "he" showed "his" chest was kept.
  • Akumania was changed to be female.
  • Grovyle was changed to be female in some episodes, but later other characters referred to him as "he." Celebi remained female, however.
  • The opening preview and title card sequence were always cut from the beginning of each episode, and the French title of the episode would instead be shown in the very first scene.

Character Names

The French dub changed some characters' names without explanation during the show: for example, Chimchar, Piplup and Sunflora were initially referred to by the French names of their previous lives in the first series, before changing to the actual French names of their Pokémon species in subsequent series.

Japanese French
Daniel Kakaku Tyler Kakaque
Hicarolyn Katie
Priceman Grand Prix
Grovyle Massko
Celebi C'est Laby
Chimchar Matt (First Series)/Ouisticram(subsequent series)
Roman Shirotanko Roman Capulet
Julia Shirotanko Julia Montague
Sukashi Suikun/Sage Suicune Salvador Dani/Suicune La Sagement
Silver Biruricchi Argent Fusée
Hikaichita Yagami Frederique Kakaque
Piplup Joe (First Series)
Tiplouf (Subsequent series)
Sunflora Mimi (First Series)
Héliatronc (Subsequent series)
Alvin Samuel
Rouse Kakaku Gennai Kakakue
Dusknoir Noctunoir
Akumite démon de diamant
Chatot Pijako
Malamar/Calamanero Sepiatroce
Akumania Reine de l'obscurité
Alchemia Sombre D'Alchimie
Milleniummon Lits Dracolosse
Hangyomon Brothers Plongée des Frères
Airdramon Draco
Dagomon Tentacruel extraterrestre
King Priceman Roi du monde Pokémon*1
Queen Creselian/Queen Hicarolyn Reine du monde de Pokémon*2
Temarinite Katie du Foncé
King Biruricchi Dr. Fusée

1. Name was also used for Neo King Taichi
2. Name was also used for Neo Queen Hikari

Transformations and Attacks


Original French Translation
Wildwood City Power! I-Ku-Ze-Da-Ze-Da! Le pouvoir de Paris! Transformez-moi! Power of Paris! Transform me!
Wildwood Light Power! I-Ku-Ze-Da-Ze-Da! Puissance de la lumière! Transformez-moi! Power of the light! Transform me!
Grand King, I-Ku-Ze-Da-Ze-Da! grand roi, viens à mon secours! Grand King, come to my rescue!
Ruby Sapphire Emerald Power, I-Ku-Ze-Da-Ze-Da! Pouvoir suprême, transforme-moi! Supreme power, transform me!
Poké Ball Bomber Balle de Pokemon, Capture et exploser! Pokemon ball, Capture and explode!
GS Hicalation Cicatrisation (GS), execution! (GS) Healing, execution!
Holy Ring Heal/GS Heal Anneau de Pokémon/GS boule, guérir le monster! Pokemon ring/GS Ball, heal the monster!
18 Plate Grand Attack Les plaques Arceus, fais disparaître le mal, tout de suite! Plates of Arceus, eliminate the evil, right now!
Light Power Puissance de la lumière! agis tout de suite! Power of the light!, act immediately!
Three Beast Attack Groudon, Kyogre et Rayquaza, agis tout de suite! Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza, act immediately!

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