The Void

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Every culture has a notion of nothingness. Subsequently, there are many places known as The Void, capital T capital V. Here are descriptions of some of those places!

A Space Between Reality

As seen on Doctor Who, The Void is the thin metaphysical space between adjacent universes. Great power or tremendous scientific know-how, the likes of which is rare even among the advanced races of Earth 1337-A, is required to pierce dimensional boundaries without immediately passing through to an adjacent reality. In this Void, there is no time or space that you do not bring yourself. It is simultaneously impossible and tremendously simple to navigate from 'place' to 'place'; the Void also serves as a sort of prison, in which the worst horrors of the cosmos have been exiled, where they cannot free themselves or be freed without great and terrible power.

Most means to travel through dimensions do not actually enter or exit through the Void, instead boring a hole between different layers of the cosmos and linking them that way, or by traveling through Interstice, the messier cosmic soup between worlds.

Other Things

<insert other descriptions of other voids>