The Time Bomb Incident

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On February 1, 2017, on advice from the strange Old Man, Paisley Pythia Peinforte alerted the denizens of The Hotel to a temporal bomb that had been hidden under the Jedda Rain memorial. With the help of Eitak Razal, Nivek Razal, Chiyoko Shinkaze, and Mari Svengard they were able to safely defuse the device, which was coated in deadly Shadow skin and had a seemingly crude-by-comparison Earth-based detonation system.

According to the Old Man, the bomb was designed to go off on Jedda Rain's birthday (April 19, 2017) possibly to create an incident with Enclave. The true creator of the bomb is at this time unknown, but its destructive potential was able to age anything within a thousand foot range by 20,000 years in an instant, implying sophisticated internal construction.