The Society of the Golden Crescent

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On August 19th, 2019, the entrance to Greenstone Manor was destroyed by a car bomb; inside the wreckage was a warning from "The Society of the Golden Crescent" stating the following:

"This was a warning. Cease your lies.We are the TRUTH. Society of the Golden Crescent."

While attempting to scry for mote information about the organization, Eitak Razal was stopped by a massive psionic block that projected an image of a golden crescent similar to the one worn by Princess Serenity.

In a perhaps-related incident, Torchwood Japan reported that a mad who had been missing from his home since June 30th had been found in Tokyo Bay with burn marks on the center of his forehead.

On August 21, working with Ema Skye, Matsuo discovered that the victim was wearing hand-made reproductions of robes worn by lower level acolytes on the Moon during the time of the Silver Millennium. The robes, however were made out of a cheap cotton, not the same materials that would've been found on the Moon at that time. Matsuo and Ema also determined that it was highly likely the victim was wearing a signet on their forehead that might have been a crescent moon similar to that worn by those attached to the lunar kingdom, even though according to Matsuo, the signet should not have been destroyed by the burning damage that was taken to the victim's head. This indicated to both Ema and Matsuo that they were dealing with someone simulating Moon kingdom clothing and equipment without having access to the real items.

Additionally, the card that was left behind at Greenstone Manor was handcrafted from homemade paper and custom ink, preventing it from being traceable by the forensics lab. Ema commented that this seem to indicate whoever did it really did not want to be found.

Ema and Matsuo went to the victim's apartment and found it filled with garbage- it seemed to be bereft of any personalization or decorations, however there were indications that these had been recently removed.

Checking the victim's computer, they found him subscribed to several Facebook groups, most of which were very unsavory, in addition to one called "FullMoon."

Using a fake account, Matsuo was able to gain access to the group, and discovered that there was a variety of people in the group, each of whom had discarded their real identities and assumed fictitious names ending in "Moon", with first names usually being a ridiculous lunar-related pun.

The members of the group all seem to dress identically, in the same handmade lunar robes, and they had all shaved their head bald, as well as removing their eyebrows, in addition to wearing replicas of the lunar signets on their foreheads. They all seemed very eager for "divine" healing that could be dispensed by "his light", and "the power of moonlight". In the discussion threads there was a lot of talk of "moon miracles" and "healings" and of "a secret origin of mankind which is now revealed by His Light."

Everything on the group was very homespun and low produced, indicating that the members of the group generated their own content, not being handed it by someone else with very many resources.

They also discovered that the group was having "purification baths" under the moonlight every full moon since the "advent" on June 30. They also discovered that there is going to be a special "benefaction" event on August 23.

There is, however, no information in the group about who the leader of this group might be, and they are still looking for more information.

With the next purification Bath set to happen on September 14, the duo are considering RSVPing for the benefaction event on the 23rd, and will use the fake account that Matsuo set up to get more information from the Facebook group.