The Shadow Proclamation

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The Shadow Proclamation is a galactic government concerned with upholding Galactic Law, as well as a set of rules governing it.


The Shadow Proclamation's main headquarters is situated on three asteroids, linked together by bridges.

Known regulations

The Shadow Proclamation had several conventions and treaties:

  • Convention 15 of the Shadow Proclamation dealt with the cessation of hostile actions in order to parley.
  • Article 29.8 of the Shadow Proclamation banned the use and creation of Gelem warriors.
  • Article 57 of the Shadow Proclamation prohibited the destruction of a Level 5 planet if no law was broken.
  • Clause 374 of the Shadow Proclamation stated that "theft of an artifact of great cultural value legitimizes the use of lethal force to ensure the artifact’s recovery".
  • According to Shadow Proclamation, "Any legitimate trial form may be used in a Shadow Proclamation hearing". When the requested form of trial was impossible, form reverted to Shadow Proclamation standard. A maximum of two legal requests were allowed. Examples included;
    • Trial by a jury of peers was a legal standard of 298 member planets and 39761 affiliated worlds.
    • Innocent until proven guilty was a legal standard of 87 member planets and 12932 affiliated worlds.
  • Under the conventions of the Shadow Proclamation, it is illegal to seed a Level 5 planet.


The Shadow Proclamation employs the Judoon as their police force. (Ogrons were used before the Judoon, but had to be replaced after their races' dealings with the Daleks.)

The Shadow Proclamation uses green interdimensional crystals for both capture and transport.

Known Agents