The Old Man of Peinforte Manor

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An old man who is squatting in a byzantine corner of Peinforte Manor called "The Room," he seems to know a great deal and is simply sitting and waiting there to die. Paisley Pythia Peinforte discovered him there half a decade ago when she heard knocking coming from a door deep in the manor. Since then, she has rarely visited him, usually summoned by his knocking, when he would tell her about imminent threats to the safety of The Hotel which she would then take care of without involving the others.

They have a strange, almost familiar rapport, and she seems to know much about him, trying to convince him to leave her home and rejoin the universe. Instead, he refuses to budge, and she has taken to confiding in him more as her own disenchantment with the direction of her life has set in. Thanks to his advise she was able to save The Hotel from a time bomb, but she lied about how she had found out about the bomb, claiming she had seen in it a vision.

She knows that to act on too much of the Old Man's information would be to change the flow of time enough that the rest of it becomes moot, thus she relies upon him very infrequently.

The Old Man would constantly shoo her away, citing his advanced age, to which Paisley would retort they were both old souls. He once offered to just give her all of his knowledge, but she refused.

To try and show him that there is still worth in continuing to fight despite the odds, she voluntarily, telepathically experience her deepest, saddest memory, a secret pain she has not shared with anyone else. This has allowed them to bond a bit, despite their disagreements.

The Old man eventually allowed her to telepathically experience the "book" of his life, which Paisley reciprocated. In that way, the two of them shared a closer, deeper bond than they had with anyone else in their lives-- even though Paisley was still holding something back.

After dismissing Wodehouse from her service so he could live his own life, Paisley decided to press the Old Man into service to try and make her a meal when she set her kitchen on fire. Unfortunately, he proved as incompetent at cooking as she, and they ended up setting the entire manor on fire.

The Old Man eventually revealed he had a large stash of canned foods from Y2K and decided to share.

Paisley began serving the Old Man tea every day, enjoying her conversations with him. She began mixing in strange substances into the Tea, which have left the Old Man feeling more refreshed and looking gradually younger as time goes on, even though he himself has not noticed it, being so self-absorbed in his ultimate end.

She even began training him in the Karnian method of telepathy, and they have taken to communicating with it.

Responding to a request from the Sisterhood, Paisley declared the Old Man "her companion" and dragged her off to apprehend the criminal Skagra, who was lost in Time and Space after a run-in with The Doctor.