The Nameless Bar

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The Nameless Bar is a seemingly normal bar with rather unusual features. It's run by The Bartender.

Where everybody knows your name

The Nameless Bar was first stumbled upon by Matsumi Kaze after a particularly rough patch her in life. After wandering through Tokyo, Matsumi found a shop front that she had never seen before, and feeling a strange draw to it, entered, only to discover it to be the entrance to a bar. Welcomed by The Bartender, she poured out her worries, which The Bartender helped her through, as well as encouraged her to try her hand at singing, in an effort to boost her self esteem. Feeling better, Matsumi left The Bar, only to discover the door gone as soon as she turned around.


The Nameless Bar at first glance seems like your average, if slightly large, tavern. Its main feature is its bar, which while it has a noticeable array of drinks, seems to be able to stock any form of alcohol for which the customer asks.

Outside of The Bar there are numerous tables at which customers can sit if they wish. There is also a stage for entertainment, which seems to happen nightly. Customers are sometimes invited to join in the entertainment if they wish.

The Rules

There are several rules to the establishment which customers and patrons are required to follow. If they break any of these rules, they are ejected from the location immediately.

1. You are free to leave whenever you wish.

2. If you seek advice from The Bartender, listen to her first without interrupting.

3. You may have as much as you wish to drink, but if The Bartender stops giving you drinks, then you must stop.

4. Never pay The Bartender.

5. No fighting in The Bar.

What IS The Nameless Bar?

The Nameless Bar is most obviously no ordinary drinking establishment. The Bartender once told Matsumi that nobody actually ever finds The Bar, rather The "Bar finds them", suggesting it seems to hone in on those who are most troubled or in need of assistance. Oddly enough, The Bar also never seems to appear in the same place, vanishing once the customer leaves the premises.

The Nameless Bar never seems to run out of drinks, and no matter how much a customer may drink, there is never a shortage of beverages. The drinks also may sometimes be exotic and not of this world, depending on what the customer asked for.

The atmosphere of The Bar tends to be one of peace and safety, something akin to the Zero Rooms of a TARDIS. Further, whatever state The Bar may be in at the end of the night, it always returns to "normal" the next time a visitor enters.