The Mystery Incident

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It all started with a murder.

Around July 14th, Caligo left his home for the last time.

[11:22] * Caligo is that a splash pad / pool watching his children play
[13:35] * Mira [Splash Pad] giggles and holds out her hand to the water!
[13:35] * Caligo [1710] pauses and walks over, picking up his phone and checks it
[13:35] * Caligo has moved to: [ Splash Pad ]
[13:35] <Caligo> [Splash Pad] ..I have to go..have a new job
[13:41] * Caligo kisses his wife and kisses his daughters on the forehead
[13:42] <Caligo> I will see you all later
[13:42] * Caligo grabs his clothes and leaves
[13:42] *** Caligo has left #suburbansenshi2

His murder was discovered when Sskt of the Alien Zone police asked Meiji Doyle to identify the body. Her Minbari battle pike, which had been lost weeks earlier, was the murder weapon. While investigating, she felt a strange presence.

[18:51] <Sskt> the body
[18:51] * Meiji Doyle turns pale as a sheet looking at the insect dude
[18:52] * Osksk pulls the sheet back
[18:53] * Caligo lays on the slab, stone cold dead
[18:54] <Sskt> this was found impaled through his body...
[18:55] <Meiji Doyle> That man threatened my life.
[18:55] * Sskt holds up a...very familer looking spear
[18:59] * Sskt squeezes it..and it springs forward..on second glance..the "spear" actually appears to be part of the staff broken off
[18:59] <Meiji Doyle> (Now wait just a second)
[19:00] <Sskt> ...mind telling me where you were between 3 pm and 4 pm this afternoon
[19:02] <Meiji Doyle> Do you have any prints or DNA on that weapon?
[19:02] <Sskt> no
[19:06] *** brief see something out of the corner of your eye...but it's gone almost as soon as you look
[19:07] * Meiji Doyle 's eyes dart in that direction
[19:07] *** there is nothing there out of the ordinary apparently
[19:07] <Meiji Doyle> (Don't look directly... focus on peripheral vision only)
[19:07] * Meiji Doyle looks in a different direction but minds her peripheral vision carefully
[19:08] *** ..there is nothing there...but a feeling
[19:08] * Meiji Doyle frowns

Checking the cellphone logs from Caligo's phone, Meiji discovered that unnamed law enforcement individuals were actually using him as an assassin to dispense justice on criminals who had slipped through the system.

[21:10] * Meiji Doyle checks to see if the Alien Zone police can pull the cellphone logs to see the last few calls Caligo had
[21:11] * Meiji Doyle wants t see if they have his cellphone, specifically the last message he got before he left on his job
[21:15] * the text states a job to torture and kill a pedophilic rapist who had slipped through the system. message is from a
prominent law official (name withheld) and gives the location for the killing

At the crime scene, using her ENHANCED PSP, Meiji captured Crime Scene details and then sensed a presence just as in the morgue, but confronting it, she suddenly experienced "missing time" and ended up in a cab heading back to the HOTEL.

[21:33] * there is alot of blood.....and signs of a struggle..otherwise the room is empty
[21:34] * Meiji Doyle [Akihabara Alien Zone] pulls out her PSP and sets it o scan like a tricorder for blood types and such
[21:36] * the blood matches caligo....there is the shadows....a handprint in blood on the wall
[21:36] * Meiji Doyle [Akihabara Alien Zone] snaps a picture of it
[21:36] * Meiji Doyle [Akihabara Alien Zone] tries to get closeups of the fingerprint areas
[21:37] * there are fingerprints that can barely be made out in the blood
[21:37] * Meiji Doyle [Akihabara Alien Zone] uses the PSP like a flashlight and looks for any other clues
[21:40] * there doesn't seem to be anything else
[21:42] * Meiji Doyle [Akihabara Alien Zone] uses a handkerchief to open the door and heads back out
[21:42] <Meiji Doyle> [Akihabara Alien Zone] (Wait..)
[21:42] * Meiji Doyle [Akihabara Alien Zone] pauses for a second
[21:42] * Meiji Doyle [Akihabara Alien Zone] closes her eyes and concentrates to see if things feel like they did back int he morgue
[21:45] * you feel something for a split second but it's so brief that it could be a mistake or just your imagination
[21:45] <Meiji Doyle> [Akihabara Alien Zone] ...
[21:45] <Meiji Doyle> [Akihabara Alien Zone] ... I know you're here.
[21:46] * you hear some breathing behind you...
[21:47] <Meiji Doyle> [Akihabara Alien Zone] (Stay still. Don't turn around.)
[21:47] <Meiji Doyle> [Akihabara Alien Zone] ...What do you want.
[21:47] <Meiji Doyle> [Akihabara Alien Zone] ^want.
[21:49] * you simply hear breathing...
[21:50] * Meiji Doyle [Akihabara Alien Zone] slowly put a hand in her pocket and carefully pulls out a makeup mirror aimed behind her.
[21:51] * Meiji Doyle [Akihabara Alien Zone] glances down at the mirror
[21:51] * you see a mirror reflected back at you...........
[21:52] <Meiji Doyle> [Akihabara Alien Zone] ...
[21:52] * Meiji Doyle [Akihabara Alien Zone] SPINS around as fast as she can
[21:53] * you briefly see a mirrored mask looking back at you and....
[21:54] <Taxi Driver> this turn, right?

Back at the HOTEL, Meiji tried to match the prints, and then things got really strange:

[22:03] * Meiji Doyle shows the pictures she took
[22:05] * Meiji Doyle shows the bloodied handprint and the finger prints
...[22:09] * Megan O`Cain takes the image of the hand and fingerprints via vid-window, and runs through various databases with Dean's assistance
[22:09] * the fingerprints find a match
[22:11] * Megan O`Cain looks to see who the prints belong to
[22:13] * the fingerprints belong to....Mormeril Shadesong
[22:14] * Meiji Doyle looks up the name of the person Caligo was supposed to take out
[22:15] * there is no person matching that name
[22:15] * the fingerprints find a match
[22:17] * the fingerprints belong to......Nelius Raoul
[22:18] * the fingerprints find a match
[22:18] * the fingerprints belong to....Eliza McIntash
[22:19] * the fingerprints find a match
[22:20] * the fingerprints belong to...Chateaux
[22:20] <Meiji Doyle> The finger prints we are running keep changing...
[22:21] * the fingerprints have been found
[22:21] * the fingerprints belong to no one
[22:21] * there are no fingerprints

Seeking help, the HOTEL crew was able to reach The Scalpel who ran some tests, but found everything normal.

[22:34] * The Scalpel brings out a device, which expands and she begins to do a series of time relay scans
[22:35] * The Scalpel wipes her brow
[22:36] * Meiji Doyle watches what she's doing, curious
[22:37] * The Scalpel keeps working..
[22:38] <The Scalpel> ...I have the results
[22:38] <Meiji Doyle> What's happening?
[22:39] <The Scalpel> nothing
[22:39] <The Scalpel> ..everything is absolutely normal

Worse yet, when she checked Meiji's memories, it seemed Meiji as well just remembered a blank wall.

[22:55] * Meiji Doyle hows her memories of the room, the scan, the reaults and matches everyone saw, and the mirroed mask
[22:56] <The Scalpel> went into a room...took photos of a blank wall.....
[22:56] <The Scalpel> ..then you immediatly walked out..and called a taxi
[22:57] <The Scalpel> ..whatever a taxi is
[22:57] <Meiji Doyle> ... </I>

Returning to the crime scene, Meiji and friends decided to investigate further. No magic spells or timeline changes were found, and the handprint was never there.

[23:19] * Meiji Doyle [Akihabara Alien Zone] points to where the handprint should be.
[23:20] * the wall is blank metal
[23:20] <Meiji Doyle> [Akihabara Alien Zone]'s not here anymore.
[23:21] <Meiji Doyle> [Akihabara Alien Zone] Which matches the last readings on the PSP
[23:21] * The Magistra [Akihabara Alien Zone] casts detect magic on the area
[23:21] <Eoria> [Akihabara Alien Zone] I still suspect something messing with reality.
[23:21] <Meiji Doyle> [Akihabara Alien Zone] I agree
[23:21] <The Magistra> [Akihabara Alien Zone] Might not even be that complex
[23:22] * the only magic that seems to be there is the remains of some spells Caligo cast..but nothing too powerful
[23:23] <The Magistra> [Akihabara Alien Zone] Hmm. Caligo did cast magic here.
[23:23] <The Magistra> [Akihabara Alien Zone] But it's fadeded
[23:23] * The Magistra [Akihabara Alien Zone] closes one eye and opens it, now a solid bright blue, again. Looking at the timline of the area more directly
[23:23] * the timeline has not changed
[23:24] * The Magistra [Akihabara Alien Zone] looks at the history see what happened to the handprint
[23:25] * there has been no handprint here
[23:25] * The Magistra [Akihabara Alien Zone] looks to see if there was ever an illusion of a handprint
[23:26] * there has been no illusion
[23:26] <The Magistra> [Akihabara Alien Zone] Hmmm
[23:26] * The Magistra [Akihabara Alien Zone] turns and looks at Meji's timeline instad
[23:27] <The Magistra> [Akihabara Alien Zone] Don't mind me~ Just giving you a quick peek to see if you were tampered with instead
[23:27] * there has been no alternations to Meiji's least what little you can get of it </I>

At the morgue, the body of Caligo was still present and confirmed to be him. Meiji went back with Burroughs to investigate again.

[17:27] * Meiji Doyle [Alien Zone Morgue] checks if there was any DNA or extra fingerprints of the body found
[17:28] * there is none that can be seen
[17:29] * Meiji Doyle [Alien Zone Morgue] checks the murder weapon again for any anomalies or extra prints
[17:34] * there are no anomalies or extra prints ...
[17:44] <Burroughs> [Alien Zone Morgue] ♦ A mirrored mask.... hm. Assuming it wasn't just to conceal their identity, I'd say its wearer might've pulled some kind of illusory ability. Characters that cast illusions can range wildly--- from merely seeing things that aren't there to outright hacking someone's mind to make what they're seeing real to them.
[17:45] <Meiji Doyle> [Alien Zone Morgue] you're saying *I'm* the one who didn't see anything at the crime scene?
[17:45] <Meiji Doyle> [Alien Zone Morgue] If that's so...
[17:45] <Meiji Doyle> [Alien Zone Morgue] Then they were affecting folks in the HOTEL too.
[17:46] * Meiji Doyle [Alien Zone Morgue] bites her lower lip
[17:46] <Meiji Doyle> [Alien Zone Morgue] I'd never considered that angle
[17:47] <Meiji Doyle> [Alien Zone Morgue] ...Okay so let's run with that...
[17:47] <Burroughs> [Alien Zone Morgue] ♦ Sounds like it's possible. We'll need people that can see through and shatter such illusions, to out this character and bring them in. ...
[17:52] * Meiji Doyle has moved to: [ Murder Scene ]
[17:54] * the room is exactly how meiji found it in the empty blank place
[17:55] * Meiji Doyle [Murder Scene] goes to the wall where she "Saw" the handprint
[17:56] * the wall is blank ...
[18:19] * Haru E [Murder Scene] blinks, and suddenly all the eyes on her body turn silver in color. Out of nowhere a brilliant, powerful flash of light illuminates the entire structure--- nothing is overlooked or forgotten about!
[18:20] * there is no sign of any handprint
[18:20] <Meiji Doyle> [Murder Scene] Check me
[18:20] <Meiji Doyle> [Murder Scene] see if I'm under any kind of illusion
[18:20] * Haru E [Murder Scene] has activated her Overload Skill, Unburdened Sights! No feint or illusion can withstand its gaze, crumbling to less than nothing in its wake! ...
[18:23] * there is no sign of any illusion ... ...
[18:39] <Meiji Doyle> [Murder Scene] Can someone get a bloodhound? ...
[18:44] * there is no sign of a handprint or any real blood in the room ...
[18:45] * there is no blood period ..

(Reflecting mirros and Nth metal did not bbreak the illusion) ..
[19:29] * Burroughs [Murder Scene] checks out the battle damage. Impacts? Slashes? Potential clues embedded in the wall that were looked over?
[19:29] * there is signs of where the staff was smashed ...
[19:39] <Meiji Doyle> [Murder Scene] Can you ... find the history of an object?
[19:39] * Alldrogis Valkyvida sits down within the Grand Lobby in a quiet space surrounded by plants and trees.
[19:44] <Meiji Doyle> [Murder Scene] Maye if you track the recent past of my staff from the morge we can see who used it on Caligo ...
[20:59] *** you trace the was struck through the eye of the squid...and then ended up being used to kill caligo ...
[21:23] <Meiji Doyle> [outside the PD]HEY DHE EMS
[21:23] <Meiji Doyle> [outside the PD]HEY ESTABLISHMENT! YOU LISTENING ...
[21:27] * Vainamoinen sips a smoothie ...
[21:36] <Vainamoinen> no shifts of reality that's for certain... ...
[21:36] <Vainamoinen> no magic here except what you have brought...
[21:37] <The Magistra> [Outside] The explain the handprint!
[21:38] <Vainamoinen> no..none of that....
[21:38] <The Magistra> [Outside] Things just don't dissappear from reality
[21:38] <Vainamoinen> now now..... ...
[21:41] <Vainamoinen> perhaps you should stop looking for the wizards and time sages...and start looking for the clockmakers... ...

52] * N. Blackhand sets up a sixty-five hundred point encrypted bounce relay to see if she can get a feed from HQ
[22:53] <N. Blackhand> Let's see what's got the bosses so worked up...
[22:55] * N. Blackhand tries to hook the feed to a screen ...
[22:59] * you get notes that the meeting is due to an ongoing threat posed by a possible breach in certain data fields
[23:00] * you also have a slight headache but that is gone pretty quickly
[23:00] * N. Blackhand rubs her head ...
[23:02] <Meiji Doyle> ...Convenient timing
[23:02] <N. Blackhand> _Excuse me_
[23:02] <Meiji Doyle> Not slaming you, just saying...
[23:02] <Meiji Doyle> you hook in and all of a sudden get a headache?>
[23:02] <N. Blackhand> ...yeah. ...
[23:05] * N. Blackhand checks her mind over in minute, excruciating detail for even the lightest thing out of place in her mind-palace construct ...
[23:09] * you find nothing wrong in your mind palace ...
[23:11] * N. Blackhand walks over to the wall and presses her palm to it and interlinks with the HOTEL's teelpathic matrix
[23:11] * N. Blackhand does a BURST scan for any intelligences not accounted for by known inhabitants
[23:12] * there are none ...
[23:26] * some OSS agents interrupt the meeting...
[23:31] * OSS agents and CIA agents have turned into a shouting match
[23:31] <N. Blackhand> They are way too worked up
[23:32] * Intern is actually raising her voice
[23:32] * N. Blackhand raises an eyebrow
[23:33] * Intern is getting very cross that they haven't decided on what the nature of the data breach actually is
[23:36] * indeed , it seems like it's all about a data breach in the matrix
[23:37] <N. Blackhand> A Matrix data breach... and they;re getting this worked up?
[23:37] <N. Blackhand> I mean that's a big deal sure
[23:37] <N. Blackhand> But it's not li,ke it's the first time.
[23:37] * N. Blackhand closes her eyes
[23:37] <N. Blackhand> (This is not real.)
[23:38] <N. Blackhand> (I DENY IT)
[23:38] <N. Blackhand> (I DENY IT!)
[23:38] * N. Blackhand looks again
[23:39] * N , you can hear that they are still talking about the data breach...buuut..N..for a brief and only you can make out intern saying something to the effect of ..that she will not be a party to the data breach
[23:45] * N. Blackhand goes to the HOTEL computers and runs a series of tests that should always generate random results
[23:45] * N. Blackhand runs them in parallel ion multiple systems
[23:45] * N. Blackhand looks to see if the numbers start to cohere into non randomness that might indficate they are in a simulation
[23:46] * the numbers seem to be purely random
... [OMEGA is summoned to see if his strong mind can deny th. reality
[00:00] * OMEGA channels his power through the telepathic circuts
[00:01] * the footage takes a bit to pop up......
[00:02] * the footage runs and it's the same as before.....except now there is no talk about the murder but just Intern being b[BLEEP]chy about her wedding apperently
[00:02] <N. Blackhand> ...what
[00:09] <N. Blackhand> I obviously am going about countering this illusion in the wrong way
[00:09] <N. Blackhand> ... My lord
[00:09] <N. Blackhand> as the greatest scintist in our history
[00:09] * OMEGA looks at N...
[00:09] <N. Blackhand> how would you suggest combatting a pernicious illusion such as this?
[00:10] <OMEGA> ♦ discover the source..and DESTROY IT
[They go out of the universe to see if the message is still altered]

[00:18] * The Magistra's TARDIS has moved to: [ Random spot in reality -3400. ]
[00:18] <N. Blackhand> [TARDIS] Now let's s[BLEEP]t off the TARDIS telepathic circuits.
[00:19] * the meeting footage is harder to make out due to the range..but you do get to the intern part
[00:20] * is furious..and this time states she will not be a part of murder
[00:20] <intern> ^
[00:20] <N. Blackhand> [TARDIS] did yuou guys hear that?
[00:21] <N. Blackhand> [TARDIS] Neminix talking about not commiting murder?
[00:21] *** do they?
[00:22] * at first no but they start to register it
[00:22] <Meiji Doyle> [TARDIS] ... looking at it again, yeah...
[00:22] <The Magistra> [TARDIS] Looks like it yeah.
[00:22] <Meiji Doyle> [TARDIS] Hey what does my PSP show now?
[00:23] * N. Blackhand [TARDIS] checks it
[00:23] * there is a blank wall now
[00:23] <N. Blackhand> [TARDIS] No palmprint.
[00:23] <Meiji Doyle> [TARDIS] I was being fooled about the palm print.
[00:24] * Meiji Doyle [TARDIS] frowns
[00:35] <N. Blackhand> [TARDIS] Take us to... The moon
[00:36] * The Magistra's TARDIS has moved to: [ Moon's Surface ]
[00:36] * N. Blackhand [TARDIS] listens again
[00:36] * intern is still talking about being against murder
[00:37] <N. Blackhand> [TARDIS] Now America
[00:37] * The Magistra's TARDIS has moved to: [ Somewhere in the USA ]
[00:37] * N. Blackhand [TARDIS] lsitens again
[00:38] * intern is talking about being against murder...however new footage comes in..the meeting ended as the problem has been solved..with no need to kill anyone
[19:55] * has moved to: [ The Rebellious Command ]
... [Some more of the transmission collected]

[21:54] * N. Blackhand tries testing if it actually worked
[21:55] *** the audio is a bit distorted......Intern is talking again...and defending ____ from the possability of ____
[21:56] * N. Blackhand could not roll her ees harder even if she tried
[21:57] *** an OSS agent says that they are mearly one..that ___ ____ ____
[21:57] <N. Blackhand> (I guess I'll need to trust Neminix to handle this)
[21:58] <N. Blackhand> ...but it seems there's more than one of whatever it is
[21:58] * N. Blackhand keeps listening
[21:59] * Intern gives..unusually..a harsh look at the OSS agent
[22:01] *** Intern states that ___ ___ would have vast consequences
[22:02] *** another agent points out that there is possible replacement and just ___ ___ might not do anything
[22:05] * N. Blackhand can't believe hos convenient the dropouts are
[22:06] *** Intern will not back down..though most of her dialogue is just a mess
[Attempting to check 10 years in trh future to see what the timeline could be shaped like based on present events]
[22:31] * N. Blackhand uses her Time Ring
[22:32] * N. Blackhand has moved to: [ Vulcan, 10 years in the future ]
[22:32] <N. Blackhand> [Vulcan, 10 years in the future] Let's see what the future holds if things stay on their current course
[22:32] * N. Blackhand [Vulcan, 10 years in the future] checks the state of the Galaxy
[22:34] * you find yourself back on vulcan when you left
[22:34] <N. Blackhand> [Vulcan, 10 years in the future] ....
[22:34] * N. Blackhand has moved to: [ Vulcan present ]
[22:34] <N. Blackhand> [Vulcan present] ... has the safety prevent travel forward?
[22:34] * N. Blackhand [Vulcan present] checks the logs ont he Tim eRing
[22:35] *** it seems there is a mix...the safety set in...and a lock down on CIA travel for the moment
[20:05] * After what happened last time...the security in the room has been tripled
[20:07] * N. Blackhand [Karn] goes to the Sisterhood of Karn and asks them to assist her in beaming a telepathich message to The Fist asking for help and explaining about the weird s[BLEEP]t on Earth
[20:10] <Chibi-Sylvester> Now what have you been up to today, Sereanna?
[20:11] <Sereanna> Being Fluffy :D
[20:12] * you get a slightly clearer of the agents is accusing Intern of letting personal ties get the best of her
[20:14] <N. Blackhand> [Karn](Personal ties...)
[20:14] <N. Blackhand> [Karn](She's getting married to that tank of a blonde... a human)
[20:15] <N. Blackhand> [Karn](Human... earth... the epicenter fof the disturbance is earth...)
[20:15] * N. Blackhand [Karn] tries to ask Fist to confirm if the Time Lords intend on destroying Earth
[20:16] * Fist says no
[20:16] * Fist also tells N to f[BLEEP]k off
[20:17] <N. Blackhand> [Karn](Well that's rude, you s[BLEEP]tty strop)
[20:17] * N. Blackhand [Karn] wonders of the combined power and insight of the sisterhood can get the full gist of the meeting, but the Sisters will not risk their ties with Gallifrey
[20:20] * N. Blackhand [Karn] thanks the Reverend Mother and decides to see what Allrodis can do.
[Sailor Triton is attacked]
[22:08] * Rhea is stunned at [what she sees!
[22:09] * Sailor Triton is laying there...barely alive...her entire chest has been ripped open...her heart has been torn out....other organs have been damaged and punched through
[22:09] <Rhea>
[22:09] * Haru E gets on working some Healing magic, to get Delilha more stabilized. "Anything you can tell us about how this happened?"
[22:09] <Sailor Triton> m..m..mirror..
[22:09] * N. Blackhand moves aside to let the others work and closes her eyes, concentrating deeply on the scene
[22:09] <Meiji Doyle> what
[22:09] <Haru E> (Mirror? Like the mask Meiji saw?)
[22:09] * Rhea kneels down beside Triton.
[22:09] * This . is. real.
[22:15] <Sailor Triton> he...he..enig....enigm..


Subsequent investigation revealed the following:

The Office of Space-Time Strategy hacked The HOTEL's telepathic circuits to extend a perception distotion field around the planet. Once Nizhaladax dispelled it, they found out that Caligo had been murdered by a Nemesian blaster. Deliah Inochi was also attacked by one.

The Intern returned, revealing that Cardinal Keim of the High Council of the Time Lords pressured the Celestial Intervention Agency to eliminate Matsumi Kaze for unknown reasons. He was also discovered to be working with three OSS agents.

Late August 2, it was revealed what was truly transpiring....

Faris, a servant to Queen Necros, had secretly infected the Hotel on the day it was formed back in 2011, taking control and warping the perceptive reality of Earth, being the one to not only murder Caligo and rip out Delilha's heart, but to also murder Masaki O`Cain and Saki Suminaka on Quinox itself. He had also disposed of Sumi Mattine under the cover of the perception filter.

That, however, was but a preface to the true goal.... to allow Necros to take over Matsumi's body whilst everyone else was being diverted. He had stolen the Enigmus costume to throw off the trail.

Necros, now in control, consumed Faris and detonated the Earth's core, creating a massive debris field in which she sat upon a throne. The Hotel's HADS quickly teleported to the Moon, narrowly escaping the blast. Freya, whom recovered from her constant nightmares, revealed that Necros **needed** a medium through which to act, and that such an act usually consumed the host. However, after destroying or consuming, she needed to rest, providing the window needed for the Hotel people to recoup and strategize.

The Scalpel revealed the existence of a weapon meant to kill Necros should she ever return, and it was stashed on Uranus, the world having been tasked with the creation of the Silver Millennium's weapons. Multiple versions of Matsumi were summoned from 1337-B's timeline to assist in the battle. When Necros began to make her move to consume the Sol, the Hotel people acted, eliminating her summoned mooks and driving Necros' presence from Matsumi.

Here, Necros took to her true form as a massive serpent coiling around each planet in the system, intent on consuming all. As attacks were made to tear out its eyes, Mirai Arashi, through the encouraging words of a mysterious pink-eyed figure, used the sword to cut Necros down, eliminating her for good.

However, even with the enemy erased, Matsumi's body crumbled into ashes, and the Earth had still yet to be restored. Strangely, the other planets in the system appeared to be right as rain, even after suffering the assault..... including Quinox itself.

Here, yet another bombshell dropped--- The Girl With No Name, aka Meiji Doyle, turned out to be another form of The Intern, having placed a deliberate memory block on herself, which was cleared after she took a good look at her Galaga hairpin. Turns out after her wedding to Cressida someone killed her, but she thought quickly to escape death.

A scan of the planets revealed that Quinox had a curious new source of power detectible. Nelius Raoul transported a group to Quinox to investigate. Another source pinged on Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, and a third one soon followed, right where Earth once was.

On Quinox, a door was found inside its tallest mountain, requiring two items to open --- a crystalline structure, and a mirror-like object. Consultation with Freya revealed that the sources detected were identified as belonging to a Pure Heart Crystal, a Dream Mirror, and a Star Seed.

Where Earth once was, a tower has been forming, itself taking the shape of the Quinox symbol when viewed from above. Data indicated its formation would complete on August 7th. Entering this tower, it soon became apparent that this was a repository for Matsumi's various memories. The Dream Mirror belonging to her was obtained.

On Europa, a lighthouse-like structure was seen forming as well, its completion pinned for August 8th. Entering into the tower, the party got a first-hand glimpse into Matsumi's heart, and at the structure's lamphouse, her Pure Heart Crystal was obtained.

August 10 is scheduled for the return trip to Quinox, to utilize the items at the door. Inside, the party delved deep into Matsumi's heart, helping to assuage her troubles. However, the part of her that remained as Enigmus attempted to erase her, but it was through the heartfelt memories of those present that Enigmus' attempt was foiled.

The Earth was restored, albeit with several new changes, thanks to the Lodestone's last act. For all those on Earth when it exploded, they have a two-week gap in their memory, which has been officially ruled as happening due to a cosmic storm that affected the planet, also causing worldwide earthquakes.

Matsumi awoke in the Antarctic, with no memories of herself. Slowly, she made her way north, being located in a Texas diner by Daini Felinus and Nelius. Brought to the Hotel, multiple attempts to awaken her memories went unsuccessful. When Nelius mentioned Rhea by name, hoping to enlist her skills in performing the memory retrieval, Matsumi reacted, causing him to puzzle out that Rhea had Matsumi's memories, a theory only further fueled by Matsuo's revelation that there was a fourth component to people --- their Memory Flowers.

Working together, several Hotel people delved into the memories of Matsumi one last time, managing to reach out to her and restore them both. Rhea had been rendered comatose when she ended up receiving Matsumi's Memory Flower, a combination of their minds forming a shield against intrusions.

Nizhaladax' open questions:

  • Where is Matsumi Kaze? (Held Captive beneath the Hotel, Possessed by Necros, revived post-incident)
  • Is Sumi Mattine involved? (Another victim of the attack, potentially also alive post-incident?)
  • Who is Cardinal Keim's Nemesian connection? (Potentially none. Faris had possession of three OSS agents, and likely used their memories to create the codes. The broadcast about killing Matsumi could've also been a fabrication. The Master TARDIS Key that belonged to Keim was another illusion. Regardless, an investigation may be underway to fully understand this angle)
  • What is the Nemesian motive? (None whatsoever)
  • What causes the future to not exist at the moment? (Necros, if she had her way, would've consumed the Sol entirely, then likely move on to devour other realms. With Matsumi gone, apparently 80% of the Sol's population has been witnessed disappearing in the 90th century. That's quite some proliferation~)