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The lobby of The Hotel is a spacious, elegant entryway in which to welcome both guests and regulars. It also doubles as the common livingroom area. It now has an artificial sky that changes in accordance with the day and night and stars of Tokyo. There is a bank of three elevators on the rear wall.

There are exits, leading to: Paris, New York City, London, Tokyo, and Random.

Some of the items it contains includes:

Several flatscreen Televisions so people can watch more than one thing at once;

Two upper levels containing stores and shops;

Lower Level

Haruka's Piano;

Xadium's TARDIS;

Lone☆Star Sofa;














London Magic Door

This door opens up near the V&A Museum in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, which is one of the 33 districts of London, and near the center of the city.

New York Magic Door

This magic door leads to the lobby of the Roosevelt Hotel (currently owned by Michael Sunnyside) in the city of Manhattan, New York City. However, it can also be entered from an alley in a poor section of the Bronx, near a restaurant whose kitchen door opens up into the alley. If you're using this location, beware, as the cooks don't like people using their alley.

Paris Magic Door

This magic door leads to the lobby of the Hotel Ritz Paris in the city of Paris.

Upper Level


keibundo-manga-shop.jpg Galaxy Manga

A branch of Masaki O`Cain's Manga and Anime shop, Galaxy Manga. It is currently run by Rin Kazuko and a Prinny (nicknamed Manga Prinny).


800px-Internet_cafe_golden_princess.jpg The AFK Cafe

A small internet cafe and lounge which serves coffee and pastries as well as offering free net and reading material for all!


Rosenqueen Hotel Branch

A small shop with 3 desks each manned by a demon. Various items are on display but you can't actully take them. If you want to buy something you need to speak with the shop keeper. The more you buy the better items they sell. At worst you get fake weapons and ABC Gum. At best you get some of the best weaponry around.


biggrocery.jpg Big Grocery

A grocery store selling all kinds of special items out of the back. It also sells a lot of New York Lottery tickets for some reason.


Bob's Bits and Bobs

A small shop that sells stuff. Different stuff.


Vanternass Emporium of Extraordinary Objects

A rather quaint looking shop full of all manners of odd things of every shape and size. Kaelyn lives in a room hidden away in the back