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The Hotel Pool is located down the hall behind a door marked POOL. It replaced the old pool room (which still exists somewhere in the structure of the building).



The "Pool" is actually a mathematically constructed simulation of part of the Pacific ocean (though lacking in wildlife) with a large beach attached to it. Like its counterpart in the Atrium, it has an artificial sky built in with a 24 hour timer, which simulates sunrise, sunset, daylight as well as evening, though always with a nearly clear sky. The sky can be also switched over on command through a specialized switch built into one of the walls.

The Boardwalk

Unlike the previous Pool room, the new area now includes its own businesses and shops.

  • Beach Breeze Books

Specializes in easy, fast reading books and stories to read at the beach, including light novels and some manga sourced from the Hotel's Atrium edition of Galaxy Manga. Also sells a small collection of stationary, including notebooks, notecards, and post cards. This small shop is looked after by 3 young women (although almost always one at a time): Anne, Jo, and Matilda.

  • Tiki Cafe

A tropics themed small cafe run by the Shinkaze family and currently managed by Shiori Shinkaze. It serves for the most part the typical beach fare and allows for both seats outside and a small area inside for a few to seat.