The Hotel, 4th Floor

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One of the floors of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House.

Suite 401

YUDtKlj.jpg Vinxcha's Room

A functional room with oranges and reds with plenty of natural feel, carved woods, and a large window without glass panes.

Suite 402

Ayami Karatsu's room. It's as otaku of a room as one can imagine. The walls and ceilings are covered in anime and manga posters, though there's a special corner with more adult themed posters.

Her figurine collection takes up one entire wall, with at least 6 glass cases full of different figures, showing them off. There is space for her desk and computer, and her bed is in one corner.

It connects to a shared bathroom that connects to Kazue Karatsu's room.

Suite 403

Kazue Karatsu's room is a serene room with a Modern Japanese feel to it. It's barely adorned, though there is a picture on her nightstand of her and her family. There's a large flat-screen t.v. on the wall opposite her bed, and cream colored curtains which matches her cream and pale gold bed spread. She has a door which leads to the connecting bathroom that connects to her sister Ayame's room.

Suite 404

Celeste's suite is a cozy little place that opens into a bedroom with a door to the balcony of a restricted observation deck of the Eiffel tower usually, but there is a dial that will alternate to the top of the Petronas tower, the Empire State building or a sole deserted island that is full of lush jungles and plenty of danger!

The interior of this suite is cozy, with a small bedroom/living space. A desk sits in one corner with a photo album and a framed picture that occasionally changes. In the middle of the room is a queen-sized bed with deep red sheets and a currently blocked off fireplace is parallel to the foot of said bed. There is an offshoot to a kitchen on the right and an offshoot to a bathroom on the left. Next to the balcony-door is a wardrobe that can store whatever Celeste wishes clothes-wise.

Suite 405

Suite 406

Suite 407

Nelius Raoul has taken up residence in this room for the time while giving his assistance to the HOTEL.

The room is fairly barebones, only having the standard beds, end tables, and bathroom. He sometimes allows Kanri to use the other bed if she cannot room with anyone else.

He has set up a quick-travel system from this room to his abode in the Netherworld, citing Eitak as an inspiration.

After having had the lock jimmied by Kanri one too many times, Nelius has installed a new lock system, which requires three special keys to open--- his DNA, a keycard, and a password of his own choosing. If even one of these is missing, the door will not open.

As of recent, Haru is rooming here whilst helping out at Kaelyn's Shop.

Suite 408

With problems on Nemesis rising, Lady Matsumi took this room up to house her children, Garnet and Amythest.

Surprisingly, Haru suggested the room, being that she roomed one over and thus could help respond to problems quickly.

Suite 409

It has been mysteriously empty and unmarked since July 10, 2016. The door is strangely, unable to be opened at this time.

Suite 410

A nursery constructed for Faye Kizen. Furnished in a simple but stylish fashion, with a small bed, a toybox, a dresser with several changes of clothes, a small bookcase stocked with age-appropriate reading material, and a handful of myriad other necessities that come up when dealing with small children. A baby monitor is hooked up to the wall to carry Unhappy Baby Noises to a handheld unit usually carried by whichever of Faye's parents are in the Hotel.

Suite 411