The Hotel, 3rd Floor

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One of the floors of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House.

Suite 0301 through 0306

Rooms 0201–0204 and 0301–0306 have been greatly modified and connected together to create a dorm similar to what most xcheamo packs have. They are situated at the end of each hallway, and there is one door on each level to enter. The dorm is not a home for The Tokyo Lupa, but intended for the permanent Astral Seminar members and any Lupa visitors who come to the city, and thus the private rooms are not decorated for any particular person, but to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Most of the items and furnishings were made by Lupa, either on Earth or xcheamo. It should be noted that there is very little metal in the dorm.

The third floor contains all the private rooms and a combined bath. Despide appearances, the rooms are spacious enough for Lupa needs and all have mattresses of the same size which sit directly on the floor.

Room1.jpg Room 1

This room is bright and cheery, and really benefits from full sunlight and plant life.

Room2.jpg Room 2

A more rustic room with natural fibers and earthy tones.

Room3.jpg Room 3

This room has an eccentric, yet homey feel, and can definitely take plenty of candlelight Tally is currently living in this room.

Room4.jpg Room 4

A bit more subdued than Room 1, this room has a beautiful carved panel of wood and fabrics made in vastly different areas of the world. Miara is currently living in this room

Unusual-Bedroom-Design-with-Transparent-Walls zpsf884ef06.jpg Room 5

For those who prefer living outside or in fur, a very simple room that looks like it's in the middle of whatever wilderness the occupant asks for. Uffago lives in this room.

Purple-victorian-teen-bedroom zpsc6eac930.jpg Room 6

A more luxurious room with plush fabrics and purple tones with a few softer feminine touches.

Orange room.jpg Room 7

A vivid orange brings life to this modern room, which features items made in various places of the world and bold geometric prints.

Bold-Staining-In-Coastal-House7 zps97ed49a0.jpg Room 8

Something different with a little 70s inspiration for those who just love color and having people over. Nima Tsewang lives in this room.

The common bath is a large, sunny room at the end of the hallway with a large tile shower with curtaining and both Western and Japanese style toilets. There are two sinks set in a long counter with panel mirrors running above. There are open shelves with toiletries and towels, and a towel rack.

Suite 0307

Suite 0308

Suite 0309

Suite 0310

Suite 0311

This was previously Aura Smith's room.