The Hotel, 2nd Floor

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One of the floors of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House.

Suite 0201 through 0204

Rooms 0201–0204 and 0301–0306 have been greatly modified and connected together to create a dorm similar to what most xcheamo packs have. They are situated at the end of each hallway, and there is one door on each level to enter. The dorm is not for The Tokyo Lupa, but intended for any Lupa visitors who come to the city, and thus the private rooms are not decorated for any particular person, but to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Most of the items and furnishings were made by Lupa, either on Earth or xcheamo. It should be noted that there is very little metal in the dorm outside of lights and certain kitchenware.

The second floor contains all the public rooms; a very large common room, and a combined kitchen and store room. The lower floor is more modern than the private rooms, and the kitchen is the most modern part of the dorm. It should be noted that the dorm is never cleaned by the prinnies, and inhabitants/visitors are expected to clean up after themselves. The walls to the rest of the hotel are sound proof, and those within the dorm are semi-sound proof. It is built to withstand the kind of damage Lupa can do to a place when they fight, and it can take a lot of damage, and many of the furnishings are easily replaceable or repairable.

Large-living-room-of-apartment-decor-by-k2ld-1.jpg Large-living-room-of-apartment-decor-by-k2ld-3.jpg

Common Room
The common room is mostly a very large open space. There are a few comfortable couches and chairs in the room, with a table similar to a coffee table, and most of the room is open space. There are natural crafts in spots on the walls, and many holographic windows with scenes Miara captured on a digital recording device on xcheamo.

While it’s painted in bright, cheerful colors, the ability to have fights in the room has been taken into consideration, and otherwise its decoration is sparse. In one corner is shelving and a table in one corner where one may read, write, etc. On the shelves are reading and writing materials, equipment for games, and few musical instruments, among other things.

In January, 2012, Zaira painted one complete wall (the one least likely to sustain damage) of the common room with xcheamo scenes.

Kitchen and Store Room
The combined kitchen and store room is separated from the common room by a warm weather hanging curtain. Storage shelves are to the left, containing mostly linens, blankets, and other such things. To the right is the kitchen, with food storage along one side, and dish/utensil storage on the other.

While it has a stock of dry and non-perishable foodstuffs, there is also a rectangular, open space refrigerator on the floor in place of the usual ground box and a small smooth electric cooktop for when actually cooking food is necessary. Dishes mainly consist of clay or wooden bowls and plates, while there are appropriate metal knives and wooden spoons, for preparation and eating.

Suite 0205


Vilya & Miroslav's Artist Loft

A rather bare room, Vilya's artist loft contains not only her bed but also canvas and paints for her artwork. Since bonding, her mate Miroslav has also moved in here, and the acoustics are also perfect for his violin.

Suite 0206

Andreas' Room
Writers-Room-21032009-004 zpsaeba384a.jpg

Andreas Stephanopolis has found this simple, homey room equipped for his needs on the 2nd floor, where he quickly set up residence and laid out his editing supplies and resources, as well as the books he keeps picking up while out in the city. He regularly changes the window views for fresh inspiration. There is a pull out bed in the couch which he sleeps on, despite offers of a real bed.

Suite 0207

Kanri's room

Suite 0208

Suite 0209

Suite 0210

Suite 0211