The Hotel, 1st Floor

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One of the floors of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House. Ryan has taken over this floor and deemed it the 'Fuck You' Floor. You step on it, you risk your body and eternal soul.

Suite 101


Ryan's Suite

Seemingly normal it actually contains a small hidden armory and an advance computer system.

Detail shot: Another image!

Suite 102


Shinji's Suite

This is a rarely-used room reserved for Shinji. What secrets and mysteries lie in this room is unknown at this time.

Detail shot: Another shot of his room!

Suite 103

01aJames-Bond-Theme1.jpg Ryan's Bitches Suite

This is where Ryan keeps his bitches at. The bitches all love Ryan and Ryan loves his bitches. And yes, this room shares a similar design to 107/007. That's how Ryan rolls.

Suite 104

Allegro-Chicago8482-a-Kimpton-Hotel-Suite-11-20110605-213428-210.jpg Seemingly Innocent Suit

This is a seemingly innocent suit. Nothing bad is going on here. Honest. I am a man of my word.

Suite 105

radisson_suite_hotel_rancho_bernardo_2.jpg Seemingly Innocent Suite 2

Man, these rooms are just innocent. Yeah. Nothing bad is happening in here. Why would I lie to you?

Suite 106

ChambersRckStrSuite.jpg Rather Suspicious Suite

Why this one isn't as innocent as the last two is unknown. But strange people have come and gone from this room at all unseemly hours.

Suite 107/007


The Bond Suite

Ryan's personal tribute to James Bond. You will never be cool enough to take a step in this room.

Suite 108

roomCorner314212017_std.jpg The Emptiness Suite

This is a room that has nothing in it. No furniture. No windows. Nothing except for its door. It has nothing nor will it ever contain anything. If this is a room for meditation or simply reserved for future renovation, Ryan isn't telling. However once you step in it, you feel a vague feeling of uneasiness and a need to get the hell out of there.

Maybe it's just an evil fucking room.

Suite 109

suites2bdr_large.jpg The Boring Suite

This is a suite that shows a lack of creativity and imagination. Ryan must have been tired when creating this.

Suite 110


The White Suite

A suite that's decked out in the color white. Why? Only Ryan knows. He's not telling, either, so don't ask him.

Suite 111


The Dark Suite

This is a suit done up in a dark-style. When shit goes down in here, it gets dark and heavy.