The Hotel, 19th Floor

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One of the floors of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House.

Suite 1901

Eitak's Room. A sign hangs on the door telling if she is staying or back on Neggerra. When not here the sign reads "Your Queen is in another castle." There is a door in the wall that leads to another wall right behind it. The point of this is unknown. Nivek and Plushie's rooms also have one of these

Suite 1902

Nivek and Wendy's Room. A large sign over the door reads "None of this nonsense please." Apparently Nivek got the idea from a book. Like Eitak's room, there is a door that leads nowhere. Wendy and Nivek apparently share a bed.

Suite 1903

Macha's Room. The design is a techy/urban/minmalist blend.

Suite 1904

Mormeril's room

Suite 1905

Vandal's Room. Very often in use by him and Bran.

Suite 1906

Frost's room. The door is locked tight at all times, so no one knows what it actually looks like. A large Ebon Blade banner hangs on the door under the Alliance crest, a stylized blue and gold lion head.

Suite 1907

Laharl's Room. It looks identical to the one back in the overlord's castle.

Suite 1908

Etna's Room. A large framed painting of Laharl's father hangs on the wall. Her bed is shaped like a pinny

Suite 1909

Flonne's Room. Covered in hearts and Toku posters. A large chalkboard is set up for her lectures on "love." A TV with a DVD player and LARGE Stack of Toku and Anime DVDS.

Suite 1910

Blez's Room. A sign on the door reads "No Loitering" with the words "Whatever that means" in much smaller print. Above the sign is a large Horde Logo. The room is filled with half put together inventions and the remains of those that exploded. A clock on the wall has the word "Money" where the 12 should be and no numbers. There's a bed here, somewhere, but it has a tendency to become embedded in her work.

Suite 1911

Plushie's suite. No one knows how she managed to get on Eitak's floor! (Or why she would stay.) Her suite is divided into two sections, her actual living space and a small shop.


A small shop is set up right inside the suite that sells Plushie's potions and similar items. This section is normally unlocked and the more mundane items (healing potions for example) are left out on the counter. A small sign hangs over a box that says "Take what you need and leave the cash in the box. If you can't pay don't touch. I will know! - Plushie." This box cannot be opened by anyone other than Plushie in any manner due to enchantments.


This area has both a bedroom and a work area that also stores items Plushie does not trust leaving in the open.