The Hotel, 17th Floor

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One of the floors of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House.


Noisette's room.

There are three large, ceiling to floor windows in front of the bed that gives Noisette a gorgeous view of Tokyo. The right-most window is actually a sliding door!


Matsuro Katsu's room.


Elda Aster's Suite

A vast room donned in bright purples and rich coppers, Elda's room is full of windows that offer sunny skies and cool breezes. It has a wardrobe which contains any outfit she so desires and a queen size four poster bed with netting. In one corner the lush purple ends and there is a small forge.


Thanagar Embassy office


Thanagar Embassy Suite


Neva D'yan's Suite

The room is large and spacious, with a ceiling reaching up to 25 feet. In the center of the room is a large thick pole with a bed attached to it, at about 15 feet off the ground. The room is currently is being decorated further by Neva.


Kei Hoseki's room (temporary)


Sean Collins's and Rhea's Room.


Bixia Yuanjin has reserved this room for her own use. There is no furniture, no table, no chairs, no bed, not even carpet; the walls are plainly wallpapered, and the interior lights mounted on the wall have had their lightbulbs unscrewed just enough so that they don't provide light.

Two features dominate the room by virtue of being the only signs of customization. One of them is a chalk outline of a door on the far wall, remarkably detailed and sharply defined. The other is a chalk circle on the floor, surrounded on all sides by black, green, red, and blue candles that never quite burn out when lit. Students of the occult can pick out runes, signs and marks aligned with the more benign powers of the Dreamlands; skilled arcanists can deduce that this is a rare type of portal that may permit a single knowledgeable person two-way bodily travel to and from the Dreamlands.


DD Girl Green's and Caligo's Room


Yurika's room.