The Hotel, 16th Floor

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One of the floors of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House.

Suite 1601

Taro Senshi Suite

The room has been elongated through unknown alien technology, allowing for the fitting of a bed for each of the Taro Senshi, each area around the bed personalized from the senshi in question. The walls have been painted a dark blue, while the ceiling is covered in star patterns showing various galaxies, planets and the like. There is one bathroom in the room, which has a ticket and number display for use. There is as well one very small kitchen and mini-fridge.

Suite 1602

Freya's Suite

More Info Coming Soon

Suite 1603


Matsumi and Hideki Kaze's Suite

A true paradox of a room, Matsumi and Hideki's suite combines both an appreciation for the past, along with a taste of the contemporary. There is a magic door which connects this room with their house in Yokohama.

Suite 1604


Joanna Smithson and Victoria Smithson's Suite

A small apartment complex, it has a bedroom, a living room, small kitchen, bathroom and a study area for her to correct homework. There is a crib, along with a small playpen for her daughter.

Suite 1605

Sayuri Kinichi's Room

Suite 1606

Sarah Christensson's Suite

Bathed in blue and white, Sarah's room recalls her own room back in Sweden.

Suite 1607

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The Intern's Suite

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Suite 1608

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Valeria Xadium Aino's Suite

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Suite 1609

Erica Fontaine's Room

A rather starkly furnished room, Erica's bedroom is perfect for quiet contemplation and prayer.

Suite 1610

Anni Esko's Suite

Bright yellow, Anni's room recalls her own room back in Finland.

Suite 1611


Hana Sagusa's Suite

Decked in purple, the room includes several video game systems as well as a brand new computer. Connected to the room is a small dojo for personal training.