The Hotel, 15th Floor

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One of the floors of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House.

Suites 1501 - 1503

Nursery by IKEA™. An excellent, ultramodern automated Nursery facility conforming to the latest ISO 9005 Swedish Design Principles. Or as Paisley calls it, "The Siberia for Rugrats".

Suite 1504

Suite 1505

Suite 1506

Suite 1507

Suite 1508

Tamili's Room

Tamili's room currently features basic furniture and odds-and-ends type things that she's ended up with throughout her touch-and-go life in Akihabara. Although she's lived in the hotel for some time, she just hasn't gotten around to doing more with it. Armin still lives with her here.

Suite 1509

Suite 1510

Suite 1511

underwater_bg_by_laragirlyskull-d5p1jl8.jpg Jack's residence.

With an Air-lock system put in place, Jack's room is completely submerged in water. The floors are all covered in sand, and there's even some fish kept around in this unique room.