The Hotel, 14th Floor

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One of the floors of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House.

Suite 1401

Melanie Asher & Leo

Suite 1402

Jillian Vessalius's suite

Suite 1403

Suite 1404

Juniper Aki's Room

Suite 1405

Kaminesky-Blog-Vienna-Imperial-Hotel-Royal-Suite.jpg Jack Vessalius' Suite

Jack's room, and assumedly also that of his wife Lottie. There is a secondary guest bedroom. It maintains the same style as the rest of the suite, but is decorated in a slightly more modern style. It's only big enough for a small vanity and a couch at the foot of the bed. It features an oak armoire for clothing. It has it's own small, modern-style glass shower and sink along with toilet. It's about the size of a bathroom you'd find in a standard hotel room.

Suite 1406

Lacie Vessalius' Suite

Suite 1407

Madison & Logan's room

Suite 1408

Rachel and Kevin's room

Styled very similar to their old manor house from the time they were Duke and Duchess Rainsworth. 1409 has been combined to make space for their growing family.

Suite 1409

Suite 1410

Suite 1411

Alasdair's Room (Now Lacie's apothecary workshop)