The Hotel, 12th Floor

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One of the floors of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House.

Suite 1201

diplomatic.jpg Diplomatic Suite

This is the Tokyo Embassy for the Tiny Sand People. They have sized the room for human visitors, with their own quarters installed in the closets.

Suite 1202

surgery-clinic-photo-02.jpg Walk-in Clinic

Given the sheer number of medical incidents reported daily from the Ten'ou Haus, Raihosha has set these rooms up as a full featured clinic for any emergency. In order to insure 24 hour staffing, he has "acquired" a Starfleet Emergency Medical Holographic (EMH) program and provided additional information for its database on all of the species present in the house on a regular basis. The EMH program has an array of attire in order to appear more familiar to those from varied places and time periods.

The clinic has two sections beyond the basic walk-in emergency treatment. The first is an isolation ward, for those needing privacy to recover from certain diseases and serious wounds. The second is a security ward for those who either might be violent with others, or who are in danger from the original inflictor of injuries that put them in the clinic in the first place. In both cases, Raihosha and Aescapulus have gone to extreme measures to protect their patients. They have a strict policy requiring potential visitors of patients to be pre-approved by either a patient or their legally authorized representative.

In order to protect patients, and enforce any quarantines the clinic is surprisingly, if discreetly, well armed, in addition to rather heavy-duty force-fields. Anyone attempting violence against a patient should expect a vigorous response, up to and including LETHAL force if required. Known weaponry includes gun turrets controlled as remotes by Aescapulus and mounting multi-megawatt lasers. The hallways may also be flooded with narcotic gas in concentrations designed to ensure unconsciousness.

Suite 1203

captain-willie.jpg Mongoosetiger Playroom

Since young mongoosetigers are rough on their surroundings, and visiting The Hotel more regularly, a playcenter/daycare has been set up for them with appropriate reinforcement of all the furniture and furnishings. It is usually manned by Aescapulus in one of his remote bodies.

Suite 1204

Davina's suite.

Suite 1205

Suite 1206

Suite 1207

Suite 1208

Nizhaladax's suite.

Suite 1209

This suite previously belonged to Simon Kerrick.

Suite 1210

Suite 1211