The Hotel, 11th Floor

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The 11th floor of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House.

Suite 1101

Hikaru's Suite

Suite 1102

Galene's Household
Galene has taken over the running of this household, although it is still funded through Kore's estate. It is also supported by Galene's weaving work. Other members of the household include Eirene and Renee. Maret Wane and Ake are also associated with the household, although they don't live there. Visitors often include Pneumadendron.


Living Room

This suite has a living room with very large holographic windows that are usually set to very sunny, pretty outdoor scenes, and is decorated in warm shades of purple and some pink and neutral colors.


Balcony and Kitchen

The suite also features a covered balcony with a daydreamy daybed perfectly suited for writing in the morning, and a subdued, elegant yet homey kitchen where both ancient techniques and modern equipment is used to prepare meals.



There are two bedrooms; the master bedroom showcases a whimsical style featuring nature (pretend that big skull is a winged figure) and a smaller guest bedroom lined with shelves, where many one may often spend time reading and researching when it's not occupied. Galene and Renee share the master bedroom, while Eirene sleeps in the smaller one due to her snoring.

Suite 1103


Maret's Room

Maret's large studio room has been divided into two rooms, and dressed sparsely in what furnishings she can afford. Anyone entering would mark the lack of belongings she seems to have.

Suite 1104

Suite 1105

Suite 1106

Suite 1107

Zept's Suite

Zept's suite is under construction with Guyver providing some ideas. For now he has a simple couch and a small workshop for mental exercises and magical craftsmanship.

Suite 1108

Suite 1109

Suite 1110

Suite 1111

Guyver & Eiry's Suite: The Quite
Quite1.jpg Quite2.gif

The Suite is spacious, with a rustic design that Eiry suggested, focusing on comfort and the feeling of home. It's nice, if lacking in flash compared to other suites in The Hotel. It has adjustable lights. The bedroom has a king sized bed with a TV; the small table by the bed features a picture of Eiry in a pretty, sky blue frame with a few butterflies. Silk flowers he's purchased from Floral Heaven, designed by Eiry, adorn the majority of the suite. There is a holographic display which displays the Gateway of Dimensions. In another section are some congas for music and a basic set of free weights, as well as a punching bag should he feel the need for a small workout. The living room has a computer table and bookshelf, the last section having a rack of various weapons from his collection. The kitchen and bathroom are pretty standard looking... Or at least, that's his plan as he hasn't completed the suite yet. There is always some music playing. Always. Forever. Alta now has her own room here, as well.

The name Quite came from a typo via Doctor Xadium. It stuck. The room number was something Souldier quickly claimed since it is a reference to Armored Core 2's Count One, a pilot obsessed with the number one.