The Hotel, 10th Floor

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The 10th floor of The Hotel that has fused with Ten'ou House.

Suite 1001

This suite belongs to Hiromi Kawanami. The suite has two bedrooms, a kitchen/dining room, a TV/exercise room, a full bath and a traditional Japanese sitting room for guests.

Suite 1002

Suu has claimed this suite. It's one of the hotel's smaller suites with one bedroom, a kitchenette, a sitting room and a full bathroom.

Suite 1003

Franziska von Karma has booked this suite and is paying for it using money gotten from LucasFilm after suing them for their shoddy 3D conversion of "The Phantom Menace" which she watched.

Suite 1004

Temporary office space for Detective Pikachu and his partners Looker, Nanu and Anabel.

Suite 1005

Suite 1006

Suite 1007

Gavrison and Cassandra O`Cain's suite

Suite 1008

Michelle and Donovan O`Cain's suite

Suite 1009

Suite 1010

Solarchos has claimed this two-bedroom suite for him and his family whenever they visit (which is often). One bedroom is used exclusively for the kits: they've always slept together ever since they were infants and get cranky and upset when they can't do so. The suite also has a small office/library lined with bookcases filled with books on a multitude of subjects, a kitchen, and a very large den/sitting area that used to be a couple of separate rooms before the walls were removed. Now the large den serves as a command and control center for local Van Saar operations featuring satellite uplinks, a regiment-level master-vox unit, holographic projectors, and about a dozen computers with internet servers (all hardened optical-based systems).

Suite 1011