The Enchanted Forest

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An ancient forest full of trees older then the world can remember. This was location of The House both in September-October 2010 and February-April 2012, and is a foreboding place full of the oldest of magic and is home to spirits of every fairy tale you could imagine. It is constantly surrounded a deep fog, and the trees are huge, thick monsters that seem to loom into infinity. Eitak's spells have revealed the forest is not just enchanted but made of magic.

On September 24, 2010, Ten'ou House landed here after unsuccessfully trying to teleport back to Japan from Kayuga Island due to an unknown influence.

From February 2012 through April 4, 2012, The Hotel was pulled there when Paisley attempted to use a bracelet that had belonged to Anni. The world tree has been a source of interest during this trip for many of the house regular.

Chibiusa has used her power to make this corner of the forest (where the house is) cheery and happy, so it can be fun to explore!

Sunnyside's Yacht has also crashed into the forest for some reason, and is the base of operations for all partygoers.

There is also a magical pond/lake located in the forest.

Magical Races

It is good to keep in mind that there are several types of many of these races throughout the world, and not all are the same when used by different players.

  • Centaur: Half man, half horse. There were two groups, one friendly, and one not.
  • Dragon: Large reptilian creature with wings. Breathes fire and usually collects treasure.
  • Dryad: Female tree spirit.
  • Fairy: Cute, small, Victorian-style winged fairies.
  • Gnome: European little person of the forest.
  • Huldra: Scandinavian female wood spirit.
  • Kelpie: Water horse.
  • Knocker: Germanic mine fairy.
  • Lich: An unlikely encounter, but there is at least one.
  • Nymph: Female water spirit.
  • Seelee: Member of the Seelee fairy court.
  • Sylph: Female air spirit.
  • Titti: Quinoxian light fairies.
  • Tomte: Scandinavian house spirits.
  • Unicorn: Horse- or deer-like creature with a horn growing out of its' forehead.
  • Troll: Large nasty smelly dumb monster.
  • Unseelee: Members of the Unseelee fairy court.
  • Un'Vyusi: Quinoxian wild spirits.
  • Vampires: Of numerous descriptions, but singular hunger.