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In the beginning....

There was one Earth, then one became two and two became three. As more and more events fractured across time and space, new choices gave birth to new versions of the existing planet. When the great World Tree collapsed and endangered the ominiverse, it's reconstruction created a myraid of possabilities, infinite in their construction, linked by a single structure which branched out across their being.

This is the multiverse of Earth 1337.

The Worlds of the Multiverse

Earth 1337

The original and prime Earth of the multiverse. On this Earth, a certain house in Azabu-Juuban hosts a small group of friends who infamously tend to get into numerous adventures, often dragging others into the mix. Much of their time is spent commenting on their lives online.

The Earth most of the action on the Front Page took place till 2014 as well as being centered on the original concept for Suburban Senshi.

Earth 1337-A

The Earth most of the action in the chatbox takes place on.

Earth 1337-AB

A splinter of Earth 1337-A midway inbetween 1337-A and 1337-B that was being mined by The Nightfall before it would ultimately be destroyed to give way to the final version of 1337-A.

Earth 1337-B

Sakura Xadium Aino's home universe.

Earth 1337-BC

An alternate 1337-B where Chibiusa never got back to the right Earth when she was sent back in time the second time as Minimoon to make friends with Hotaru, ending up instead in Earth 1337-C's past at the time of the Dark Kingdom War.

Earth 1337-C

Yeah. It's a thing. That's coming. The new Earth most of the action on the Front Page takes place on.

Earth 1337-D

A broken planet ravaged by war after the Hotel's inhabitants, having been convinced to use their powers to better mankind, did just that, curing disease and sickness for the masses, revealing their advanced capabilities to the world. As the advanced Hotel technology was proliferated thanks to unrelenting attempts to breach security which culminated in the mind wiping and control of some of the heroes whose identities had been made public thanks to individuals obsessed with "transparency," the black markets got the technology out to governments and those who chafed at decades of government rule, and all out war broke out in a flash, devastating the planet and leaving few survivors who struggle to get by, hating the Hotel and all it brought to them.

Earth 1337-DIC

The Dub universe.

Earth 1337-DIC-B

The Dub universe in which The NegaVerse triumphed and enslaved the universe. Video feeds of this universe are somehow blocked.

Earth 1337-EE

Long ago, the royal family of Europa conquered Jupiter. Overtaking the growing strength of the people of the Moon, adding the ginzuishou to their own gems of power, the Europans conquered half of the solar system. They share the solar system with the Unity of Quinox: the empire of the Outer Planets. Saturn remains a neutral, dead zone. Gren-gar came from this dimension. It is also home to Empress Yukimi and Emperor Kenzo of Europa, Queen Matsama of Quinox, and Crown Princess Ruri.

Earth 1337-G

A splinter iteration of 1337 that has been infected with Grimdarkness. Here, Sailor Moon's victory in the Infinite Crisis of Suburban Senshi was incomplete, and the universe she created was tainted by madness and sorrow. Heroes are either naive or hardened cynics, and both types are vastly more susceptible to moral, ethical, and spiritual corruption. While there are glimmers of hope, there is seldom any left for those who fight for it.

Earth 1337-GO

A world of super robots, fantastic sciences and ancient empires. One of the most dynamic versions of Earth in the 1337 Multiverse. Created after the Actuary Incident.

Earth 1337-GXP (1)

A world where Joanna Smithson was born the twin of Matsumi Kaze. Earth 1337-A's Joanna currently has a copy of the memories from this world. This Earth eventually was merged with the destroyed 1337-A Earth to form a new version

Earth 1337-GXP (2)

A new version of GXP which replaced the original. This Earth contains several deviations from A, including Shinjiro Taiga taking full responsability for his family, as well as Sailor Senshi becoming far more well known around the World eariler in history.

Earth 1337-HL

A world of monsters and demonics, protected by the so called "Senshi of the Damned".

Earth 1337-K

This world is separate from the Sailor Senshi, the one that the Coalition of the Guardian Republic originated from. They call the galaxy the Earth that they connect to with the Sailor Senshi the "Bubble Galaxy," but that galaxy is still the Milky Way. This is the home of Kevin Junia and Aliana Junia. The geopolitics of this Earth has been greatly shifted due to the Red War and the rise of the Coalition.

Earth 1337-KE

This world and galaxy is similar to the Coalition of the Guardian Republic except the death of Aliana on top of another event caused Kevin Junia to conquer this Earth using Kanorian technology, punishing his enemies viciously and founding the Kanorian Empire and being named Emperor. Some considered this a darker, bleaker version due to the geopolitics, but the people are actually quite free. The rule of Emperor Junia is surprising not despotic despite the backstabbing of some of his officers. Has interacted with at least the K universe.

Earth 1337-M

A place you would likely not want to visit. According to a visitor from the future, Simon Kerrick did "something horrible" in at least one alternate timeline. Earth 1337-M is either the result, or a similar situation. Little concrete information has been uncovered about it, but the chances of it happening here were hopefully nullified due the actions of Ikari Momo which led to Simon's death.

Earth 1337-MCU

An Earth that is extremely similar to Earth-199999, but where that universe has nothing like Suburban Senshi, this one does.

Earth 1337-ME

An Earth where the Roman Empire fell, but the subsequent kingdoms that rose drew allegiance to a particular Roman deity, spreading throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. The Sailor Senshi and Knights have been reborn into this time period, where magic is actually a thing and they are the strongest users. Enari(Elves) and Whisken(Dwarves) also have appeared. Beryl watches the kingdoms to the south, afraid that they are getting too powerful and will restore the planetary kingdoms and the Silver Millennium. There is hope to reunite the kingdoms back into the Serenity Roman Empire. Welcome to Earth, Middle Earth style.

Earth 1337-NW

a version of Earth that was conquered by Demons and converted permanently into a netherworld.

Earth 1337-NG

An Earth where the senshi retired and settled down not long after the events of Stars. Now adults with their own children, they live a quiet life...until a certain Kousagi Chiba finds a mysterious brooch hidden away in a box in her mother's room...

Earth 1337-NX

A much harder and slightly harsher version of Earth then we know. Sailor Senshi are well known warriors who protect the peace in brutal battles. This world's version of Matsumi was pulled from her planet by Sakura April and married Prince Obsidian, becoming Queen of Nemesis.

Earth 1337-PGSM

An Earth where the inner senshi awoke during the early part of the 21st century, where after defeating Queen Beryl and preventing the awakening of the insane Princess Serenity, the warriors retired, giving up their powers. Now a new group of senshi awake, defending Tokyo from evil.

Earth 1337-Q

Home of the Sentinels, magic based warriors who serve as avatars of their worlds. Sentinel Q is the current surviving Avatar. In the 1920s, it was home to Project: Valkyrie, a magic based team of young women tasked with guarding the world.

Earth 1337-RG-A

A reversed gender universe where everyone is the same only with their genders changed.

Earth 1337-RG-B

Another reversed gender universe with a few changes, such as the senshi knights of our universe being the sailor senshi of that universe along with a few other role alterations. Himeko Shin comes from this universe.

Earth 1337-RS

An Earth where certain roles are reversed but for the most part it's very similar to the main 1337 Earth. Matsumi-Cat comes from this Earth.

Earth 1337-S

In this universe, the Silver Millennium's fall was far less in severity and thus none of the senshi were reborn. The solar system is highly advanced by the 20th century.

Earth 1337-T

The universe where the senshi had boring normal lives after Sailor Stars, i.e., non Suburban Senshi.

Earth 1337-VQ

On this Earth, a version of Sailor Quinox is the only existing sailor senshi in the solar system and is a young middle school student.

Earth 1337-X

A world 13 billion years ahead of 1337 A, where the third big bang has already happened, and the cycle of time has turned again. A new Earth, a new society, almost exactly like our own... and the old powers are rising again...

Earth 1337-ZOO

A world of humanoid animals, where humans only exist as fiction. Motoki apparently once desired to find this universe.

Earth 1337-60s

An Earth who's current period is the 1960s. The human mothers of the sailor senshis defend tokyo as teenage magical girls against a wicked witch. Orion Felinus once visited this universe. One of several Earths created after the Actuary Incident.

Earth 1337-80s

An Earth who's current period is the 1980s. The rebirth process went wrong here, reviving the monarchs of the planets on Earth instead of the princesses. A world of City Pop, bright colors and over the top coolness. One of several Earths created after the Actuary Incident.

Related Worlds

These worlds are not part of the 1337 Multiverse, yet are somewhat related to them

Earth 1334

Also known as Noi, a world of magic and sorcery. Several people from the 1337 multiverse have counterparts here.

Earth 1338

An Earth which is protected by the GXG, a team dedicated to defeat aliens and kaijus. Many of the inhabitants of this Earth seem to be counterparts of the 1337 Multiverse, with many differences. Zalan ended up on this Earth by accident, becoming it's protector.

Earth 3400

Plushie and Lego's homeworld. Sailor Senshi do not exist in this version and are considered fictional. Magic is also thought fictional. In truth, most Humans here cannot comprehend magic. Only mages and those with magical sight are aware of it.

Earth -3400/Neggerra

This version of Earth is much like Earth 3400, except it is ruled by a (self proclaimed) Queen and magic is known to the public.

Earth -3400 B

This is Sailor Neggerra's home world. Despite the designation it is somehow closer to Prime then Eitak's world yet entirely different then the prime reality. All life on this world has been wiped out. Any people that survived have fled to other worlds.