Technology of the Silver Millennium

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Excerpt from Volume 9, Chapter 3

Technology during the Silver Millennium was fairly unique compared to any other in the history of the solar system. Eschewing traditional energy sources as well as structures, what was classified as technology at the time is what nowadays would be most often called magitek. Although each planet has its own unique features in regards to their specific technologies they were often shared characteristics as well. Below are merely a few examples to be considered.


Most ground transportation on the planets tended to be fairly low tech, relying on ridden animals for the most part. There were, however, exceptions on planets in which the environment was too hostile or incapable of supporting ground animals, such as Mercury or Neptune, machines were often used.

The most astonishing of their transportation technology, however, was that used in stellar spacecraft. While not always consistent across the board, most spacecraft utilized the system which drew upon the magical properties of the Aeria, an energy source produced by the living souls of planets and stars. Using this power, vessels could traverse the stars at speeds undreamt of by modern minds, as well as produce compact atmospheres for the ships in flight. Examination of the engine systems by modern eyes show how advanced these systems could be as many these engine layouts would make little to no sense compared to most other machines. This was common for the both the private yachts of the royal families as well as the giant battle ships of the Imperial Navy.


One of the few things that the Silver Millennium had in common with the modern day was the use of computers. However, outside it's name, that's where the similarities end. Many of the computers utilized by the kingdoms operated using specially grown crystalline lattices, that when analyzed, they almost gave the appearance of organic brain cells. This structure in turn allowed for the preservation of whole personalities, in fact, as can be seen with the Moon Computer, which for a time contained the memory and personality patterns of the late Queen Serenity. While there are plenty of examples of large scale computing systems ranging from the data fields within the Kantek Ruins to the grand Mercurian Logic Brains, the manner in which the data is store within the fragments allowed engineers and data sages to create miniaturized machines small enough to fit in the palm of one's hands. The one weakness within these computers were the fact that the crystals were still fairly fragile, requiring them to be stored within specially prepared metallic cases. There were exceptions to the rules, of course, such as the Saturnians who utilized liquid filled crystals to carry their data.


Weapons came in all shapes and sizes during this period of history within the Solar System. Bladed weapons, such as the sword, spear and pole, were still a fairly common occurrence to be seen across the planets, forged in now often forgotten materials. Some planets showed preferences to specific arms, such as the Quinoxians and their use of various forms of the spear and the Venusians and their long bladed swords.

At the same time, projectile weapons were not uncommon either to be seen, though no where in the same form as guns are today. The smooth barreled and rather unusual "guns" which are the best way to describe it, rather then utilizing solid projectiles, operated on a solid light system, creating a destructive flash which would operate in the same manner as a bullet would normally. For the most part, these weapons were not as popular as the bladed ones due to their difficulty in construction and mass production, as well as taking time to learn. They tended to be relegated to the MKA and MKN, as use in space was far more safer then on the ground.

There were of course legendary weapons, such as the swords of the Senshi Knights, as well as specific weapons pertaining to certain cultures within the Solar System. These objects were specially made, often through origins unknown and thus have almost no information on them barring the legends and stories which grew up around them.