Taki Kensei

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Taki Kensei
Biographical information

The Land of Light


April 7


mother, father, Ken Kensei (brother), Natsumi Kensei (sister), Miara Mitsuki (mate), Zalan (son)



Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





KAT blaster


enhanced senses, some telepathic and empathic abilities, trained in kendo, swords


other Ultramen, Z-KAT, Miara

Taki has bright eyes and a smile like the sun. He is a rather unassuming young man who works hard and gets along well with others.

Taki lived in a closet in the Ten'ou House when he first arrived, and later moved out on his own after getting a job. Although he appears young, as an Ultra, he is 2400 years old, and still young for an Ultra. He doesn't get along with his brother Ken very well.

Taki is mated to Miara (as of February 16, 2009), and they live in a spacious apartment on the top floor of a newer building near one of the parks in Minato-ku with their son Zalan and Taki's student Kenshiro.

Since KAT was disbanded in early January 2011, Taki has been promoted to Captain in the new organization Z-KAT and is beginning to put together a new team for that organization.

Taki left the current time period on November 1, 2015, to return to Miara's local time period with her and Zan.

Powers and Abilities


While Taki outwardly appears Human, his physical strength and endurance is higher then that of an average human. He can, at times, lift objects much heaver then himself, as well as jump higher distances (at least up to 11 ft off the ground). He can also endure the rigors of weather extremes much better (with the exception of high freezing temperatures, though he is unlikely to freeze to death). He can also last longer in terms of running or exercise. Taki's immune system is also unusual, in that he has a lower chance of taking ill, though he is not immune to Earth-born viruses. One of the unique things about Taki and all Ultras is their five senses (and sixth, see below). While in human form, he bleeds normal human blood. His DNA is almost non-existent (due to Ultras being living light).

An Ultra in human form retains higher than average senses, including extremely sharp eyesight, smell, and most importantly, hearing. They have a sense of hearing so acute they can pinpoint a person's heartbeat from three miles away, or hear a Kaiju roar from an extreme distance. He also has higher then normal reflexes, most of the time able to respond to a physical attack on himself at above normal reaction.


As with all Ultras, Taki has remarkable psychic abilities which translate somewhat into his human form. In addition to his five senses, he has a sort of "sixth sense," letting him know exactly when to be in a certain place. He also has minor telepathic and empathic abilities, though they aren't as strong in human form as in his natural form. In human form, he can read immensely strong thoughts or feelings, though they aren't very clear, often little more then a "color."

The most useful mental ability, though Taki has not fully mastered it, is the Ultra Will Power. Using it, an Ultra in human form projects all their psychic power into a specific location. The usual result is the target either gets confused or frozen in spot. However, the danger with using this is that it quickly drains the user of strength. If done too long, the user can collapse from the strain. At the moment, Taki can only use it for about 15 minutes and at very weak levels.

Taki is also a quick learner of skills and succeeds on a high level with almost anything he can learn (though he can still make mistakes and misses). He is able to memorize locations, names, and facts with little difficulty.

Recent Events

Taki has taken fellow Ultra Kenshiro Tanaka as a student, and he and Miara have provided a home for him, although at first Taki wasn't exactly sure he wanted to take on the important task of mentor. They are not planning do adopt him, as they all appear to close in age and he will not be with them for more than a few years at most.

He and Miara's son Zalan was born on April 4, 2011, and he is now a father.


  • Favorite food is apples, while least favorite food is eel.