Sword of Storms

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The Sword of Storms is a legendary blade wielded by the Knight of Quinox and considered one of the holy blades of the Senshi Knights.


The Sword of Storms' origin is shrouded in myth and legend and thus is a large part of Quinoxian culture.

According to the story, Herk'ula, the third daughter of Queen Isia and sister of future Queen Patr'ina, had gotten into an argument with her elder sisters and thus fled into the wilderness, vowing never to return. After many years of walking among the people and doing great deeds for the inhabitants of the planets, she received a call in a dream from The Six, who told her to climb to the peak of Mt Ito (the tallest mountain on Quinox) and at it's summit, construct a sword from the holy metal aethurium. Herk'ula did as she was told and after climbing for eighteen days, reached the top. There she found the vein of the holy metal and using a great fire, forged a blade over the course of twelve months, cooling the metal thanks to the downpour of a sudden violent storm. With the sword, Herk'ula claimed the title of Knight of Quinox and joined her sister as a loyal companion, the blade itself being passed down through her descendants.