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Formed in the distant Nu galaxy, what started as a simple planetary alliance has become a semi-universal police force known to all as Special Police Dekaranger. The organization acts to prevent alien criminals from wreaking havoc on peaceful planets. They also work with an intergalactic Witness Relocation Program, various rehabilitation projects and charities at a local level.

(For the sake of simplicity, this article will concentrate on the Earth-based S.P.D personnel.)

Earth Branch

First founded in 1999, the Earth Branch was based in a small warehouse in Tokyo. Over the years, as local staff expanded and grew, they were given a fully operational DekaBase. Over time, the base commander, Doggie Krueger, was given permission by his higher-ups to start recruiting detectives for positions as suited Dekarangers, officers who would go head on against the toughest alien criminals.

After a small invasion effort by an alien crime agent, S.P.D decided to expand operations on Earth, placing three new branches around the blue planet: one in London, one in Sydney, and one in Chicago.