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This character has been retired and replaced by someone else.

Shinji Ikari
Biographical information

Parallel Earth


June 6th


Furu Ikari (son)


Green Lantern, formerly EVA Pilot

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Oan power ring

"No more running away. Never again."
—Shinji Ikari

Shinji Ikari was a man of many talents from another universe. Not much was known about Ikari and due to some of his extraordinary stories, he had the habit of coming off as larger-than-life. If Ikari's stories were accepted he was, during different times in his life, a mecha pilot and a Green Lantern.

Having arrived in this universe a few short years ago, him and his son, Furu Ikari, made it their home. Unlike some, Shinji took a more restrained approach concerning major events that affected the universe's fate. Once seeking a way back to his home universe, events had complicated this desire.



"I never had any cherished dreams or ambitions. I don't aspire to any career or profession in the future. So far, in the first fourteen years of my life, things always happen as they had to happen. And things will probably continue in the same way."
—Shinji Ikari, prior to joining Nerv

What's known about Shinji Ikari is that he came from an Alternate Earth that suffered a global catastrophe known as the Second Impact, which devastated the planet and caused countless deaths. Unlike some of his multiversal duplicates, he lived in a universe more fantastic than the usual. One that had the existence of superhumans.

Born to a pair of brilliant scientists, Gendo and Yui Ikari, Shinji had a relatively normal life up until the age of four when his mother died during one of her experiments; an event that he witnessed first-hand but would block out of his memories until he was a teenager. Shortly after his mother's death, his father abandoned Shinji to uncaring relatives so he could continue to focus on the project that his mother died working on. This action estranged him from his father for years and, with the environment that he grew up him also as a contributing factor, molded him an angry, apathetic, and sarcastic youth.

For the next ten years he lived an uneventful existence until his father sent a letter to him, summoning Shinji without explaining why. Curiosity caused his to act and upon arrival to his father's location Shinji ended up being drafted into a conflict against an unknown invader code-named 'Angels' due to his ability to pilot a bio-mechanical fighting machine known as an Evangelion. Guilt tripped into joining the United Nations organization created to fight the Angels, NERV, that was ran by his father, Shinji became the pilot for the Evangelion known as UNIT 01.

Defending the futuristic city he now lived in, Tokyo-3, along with two other pilots, Shinji started to slowly adjust to this new situation until one of the battles claimed the life of one of the friends that he gained during his stay. Distraught by this tragedy, a tragedy that was one-part the making of his own and that of his father's, Shinji quit NERV and decided to leave Tokyo-3. Unfortunately, as he was departing, Tokyo-3 was attacked by the Angels and he again took up the mantle of pilot to combat it.

He stuck around and fought more of those Angels until, one day, the end of the Angel War came into view. Shortly after dispatching what was believed to be the final Angel, an attack was launched upon Tokyo-3 and NERV headquarters by the Japan Self-Defense Forces (JSDF) and SEELE, the mysterious backers of NERV. SEELE, long pursuing a hidden agenda prior and during the Angel War, decided that NERV was standing in the way of their success and, by manipulating the Japanese Government, launched the massive strike that basically annihilated Tokyo-3.

Eventually the the forces of the JSDF and SEELE were beat back. However the conflict wasn't over yet. The worst opponent that Shinji would have to face on that day was his own father. Driven obsessed by the lost of his wife, Gendo Ikari long plotted a way to be reunited with her, even if it meant the death of the entire human race. Thus while the battle outside and in was being fought, Gendo went about and attempted his plan. Gendo almost succeeded but Shinji barely stopped him from fulfilling his mad scheme with the result of his father's assumed death.

Due to the aftermath of the battle and other reasons, a few years later Shinji left Japan and started to live abroad in various countries. Ultimately he settled down in the United States and the city of New York.

A New Ring Bearer

"You shall have to do."
—Ganthet, upon encountering Shinji

While living in New York, Shinji began to take college courses while making a living as a musician and part-time cook, neither of which he truly needed since he was rather well-off due to a nice severance package from his time in NERV and also a degree of wealth from his parent's inheritance. Other than his on-and-off-again long-distance relationship with an old girlfriend, he had a simple and quiet life.

One late night, while Shinji was getting off work, he was suddenly blinded by a green light and before his eyes was a blue midget who gave him a green ring and told him to do what he must. This 'blue midget' was actually Ganthet, the last surviving Guardian of the Universe and creators of the intergalactic police force - Green Lantern Corps. The ring was the last Green Lantern ring: the powerful weapon wielded by each Green Lantern, which allows them to conjure any form of matter or energy solely with their willpower. The Green Lantern Corps had been shattered due to a prestigious member being corrupted by Parallax, a parasitic entity made up of fear that was birthed from the emotional spectrum. Ganthet had came to Earth in search of a human to recruit into the Corps to combat this creature. Ganthet's reasons for choosing Shinji to bear the ring have never been made completely apparent, aside from Ikari having been in the right place at the right time.

At first Shinji took possession of the ring very lightly. For all he knew, he was finally starting to go insane after everything he had gone through. It took a tragic event to straighten Shinji out. The guilt over this event drove Ikari to take his role more seriously and as a result he strove to be the best Green Lantern he could be. Eventually Shinji helped defeat Parallax and restart the Green Lantern Corps.

The Big League

"It's like playing with the Beatles."
—Shinji Ikari, after he joined the reformed Justice League of America

Ikari joined the superhero group the Titans for a brief time, but eventually became a member of the Justice League of America. He initially clashed with the current Flash, Wally West, early in his career. West had worked with the previous Green Lantern since childhood and had reservations about Shinji as the new Green Lantern, but he eventually became one of Ikari's best friends and biggest supporters. Surprisingly, another of Shinji's biggest supporters amongst the League was Batman, who often treated him with more respect than he showed certain other League members.

During Shinji's time as a Green Lantern, he made a number of new enemies. The most dangerous of all was Sinestro, a former Green Lantern turned renegade. Sinestro was once the greatest of the Green Lanterns until his belief on how to keep the universe in order conflicted with the Guardians' and eventually lead to him being corrupted by his position and power. Having been arrested by Hal Jordan, his former student and friend, Sinestro was sent to the Anti-Matter Universe world of Qward for exile.

There he allied himself with a group known as the Weaponers and had them fashion him a yellow power ring which he used to seek revenge on not only the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps but also Hal Jordan. For years Jordan was his sole personal focus until Sinestro came into conflict with Shinji Ikari, whom he considered an 'alley rat' and Jordan's 'sidekick.' This evolved into a level of hate that almost rivaled Sinestro's hatred for Hal Jordan. As time went on and Sinestro slowly began to build his own rival Corps to aid in his ultimate goal, he decided to take a special focus on Ikari.

As such, he slowly began to research into the origins of Shinji Ikari for insight into his psyche and potential weaknesses, Sinestro made a discovery which lead to the inevitable creation of "Project FUQRU-887" and the birth of Shinji's son.

The Son becomes the Father

"Hello... father."
—Furu, to Shinji upon their first meeting

Having discovered the long and complicated relationship between Ikari and Asuka Langley Soryu, Sinestro decided to strike where it would hurt the most: He would create a biological weapon made up of the genetics of Ikari and Soryu to use again Shinji. In Sinestro's opinion, this was killing two birds with one stone. He needed a perfect foil for Shinji while he dealt with Hal Jordan and he could use a loyal servant to make sure his will was done in the Sinestro Corps.

Upon creation and artificially aging, the boy who would eventually be known as Furu was put through a brutal training regimen, where he was eventually released to his final examination on an Anti-Matter version of Earth run by the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. Although during this examination he was was exposed to a multitude of outside factors that the Qwardian brainwashing had not prepared him for, and left Furu suddenly doubting the truths he was fed the whole of his life. After the exam, he was given his primary goal: the destruction of Shinji Ikari. Furu did battle with his 'father', and that the conflict between them was a standstill until Furu's will collapsed as he abandoned the depraved teachings of his Qwardian mentors and accepted that he had been wrong. This was the start of a long and complicated relationship between 'father' and 'son.'

Journey through the Omniverse

"Where the hell am I now?"
—Shinji's default response upon arrival in a new universe

Eventually Shinji and Furu were caught in a multidimensional collapse that resulted in them being thrown from their home universe and into the vast Omniverse. The both of them were separated during this time and Shinji made it a goal to find his son and get them back home no matter what. In his travels he worked with a variety of omniversal agencies like the Multiverse Police. Between then and his arrival on Earth-1337, he befriend the mysterious man known as Ryan. The two of them worked as partners for a while until going their separate ways. It would be years later when they would meet again.

Living in Suburbia

"The most awesome iconoclastic Green Lantern/Eva Pilot sonofabitch I ever met. Well, the only Green Lantern/Eva Pilot I ever met..."
Sakura X. Aino, on Shinji Ikari

In 2004 Shinji arrived on Earth-1337 after getting a tip that Furu was currently living there. Shortly after the estranged father and son were reunited and Shinji decided to settle down in that universe for at time. He was somewhat active for a number of years until vanishing in 2009 for unknown reasons.

The Return

Guyver Densuo, upon discovering Shinji Ikari in the wreckage of the starship

Shinji eventually returned on June 6th, 2011 when he crashed a damaged starship in front of The House. How the ship was damaged and why Shinji was traveling in it was unknown. Since then Shinji has done his best to adapt to the current situation surrounding The House and its new residences.

Personality and traits

Due to his issues with his father and his past, Shinji growing up was plagued by self-doubt and feelings of worthlessness. He was also considerably temperamental (even violent at times), and rather apathetic, morose, and sullen. As he got older, this slowly changed resulting in Shinji becoming a withdrawn youth with some slowly fledgling optimism.

His experience with the Angel War almost killed this budding personality yet with the support of his friends and family (also with years of therapy), Shinji eventually evolved into a relatively-adjusted adult with a strange sense of humor.


While Shinji was growing up, he was a talented cellist and a good cook. During his stay in Tokyo-3, he showed a natural talent at piloting. As he progressed in his heroic career, he became an expert combatant.

His greatest strength, though, is his mind. In this regard he takes after his mother. A fact that he was proud of. One time he was derogatorily referred by a colleague as "a soft wee scientist's son." A remark that although was meant to be insulting he took proudly because it was true. Shinji was a scientist's son. As he got older, It became in his nature to initially observe and to learn before taking any action. That and his respect for his mother is why Shinji decided to major in science while in college.

Weapons and equipment

Power Ring

Oan Power Ring.

Shinji was armed with a Power Ring, the standard weapon of the Green Lantern Corps, from his home universe. Forged within the foundry on Oa by the Guardians of the Universe, Power Rings provide Lanterns their abilities. However, not anyone can wield a green ring. Corpsmen are specifically selected based on their strength of willpower. The stronger the will, the more effective the ring becomes. It taps into the willpower collected by sentient beings throughout the universe and collected on Oa in the Guardians' Central Power Battery.

A Power Ring is considered by many to be the most powerful weapon in the universe because of the hard energy projections they can create. These constructs can become any given shape and are only limited by the ingenuity of the user. Each design is unique to the personality of its creator and may be as simple as an energy trap to apprehend a perpetrator or complex as a massive ship used to evacuate a city.

Designed to assist and protect the Corps in policing the universe, these rings generate the standard-issue Green Lantern uniform and provide a force field for the wearer. They also impart the powers of flight, space travel, a universal translator for all alien languages and possess knowledge from the Book of Oa that may aid a Lantern on their mission. These rings of will also act as emergency homing beacons and allow communication between all other Corps members as well as any localized communication systems (cell phones, for example). They also transform the Lantern badge into a flashing "siren" while in hot pursuit. The ring can also be willed to appear invisible.

Power Ring Limitations

A Power Ring’s energy is limited and depletes upon each usage requiring periodic recharging from a Lantern’s personal power battery. A ring’s energy lasts approximately twenty-four Earth hours.

An impurity in the ring, caused by the existence of the fear-based Parallax entity, keeps a rookie's ring from affecting anything yellow. When a Green Lantern learns to control their fears, the yellow impurity vanishes, and the ring can be used freely.

Power Battery

Like all members of the Green Lantern Corps, Shinji is in possession of a Power Battery. The Green Lantern Power Batteries serve as a channel into the energy of the Central Power Battery on Oa. These batteries are used as remote charging stations for power rings. Batteries can be rendered invisible by the user, as well as tethered to a power ring, allowing the Corpsman to "call" their battery to them anywhere in their sector as long as the power level is above 1%. A power battery's appearance is malleable, and a user can alter it at will.

The Carrier

Shinji's primary mode of transportation across parallel universes was the humongous living (and sentient) interdimensional "shiftship" known as the Carrier. Powered by a caged baby universe, the Carrier had the capability of opening shift 'doors' to anywhere within the range of her reality anchor, and even across the Bleed. Originally it was a trade ship, designed to travel between parallel worlds but some unknown event occurred and it was abandoned. At the size of 50 miles long, 35 miles high and two miles wide, it had numerous cargo holds the size of large warehouses.


Prior to arriving at his current home, Shinji slowly began to build a modest collection of items across multiple universes. Having converted a number of his cargo holds into museums, they now hold vast amounts of books, weaponry, and vehicles which are kept in prestige condition by a robotic support crew that maintains everything on the Carrier.


  • This version of Shinji Ikari is an amalgamation of Shinji Ikari from the manga, television series, and the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy.
  • This version of Shinji has never masturbated over a comatose Asuka Langley Soryu. No. Just no.
  • At times there had been multiple versions of Shinji running around, including a Spider-Man based Shinji and a human-Kryptonian hybrid Shinji.

Behind the scenes

Shinji Ikari originated from the #suburbansenshi2 chat, played by some lazy bastard. Originally meant to be a random gag by the above-mentioned person, it slowly over time grew to become more and more frequent and somewhat serious; although not too serious. If the concept of mixing Western and Eastern entertainment drives you insane, just keep in mind that this is Serious Business. The Lazy Bastard also admitted that the reason why this page has been rewritten and revised so many times is that he's fickle at times. He also has a habit of rewording things to make it flow better. That's just how that Lazy Bastard rolls.