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Matsumi Shin is a teenage student who is also Sailor Quinox, the Guardian of Hope and Air. Like the other Sailor Guardians, she is currently semi-retired from her role due to the intervention of an unusual pink haired girl from another universe.

Shin Matsumi
Biographical information

Earth 1337-C

Birth February 3rd, 2005
Family Mother, Father, twin sister

Student, Sailor Guardian

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transformation into Sailor Quinox


Sailor Guardians

First Appearance


Early Years

Born on February 3rd, 2005, Matsumi had an usual background. In one defunct timeline, she was born as Matt Smithson, a faterinal twin to his sister. In another reborn timeline, Matsumi was born as Mattie Smithson, an identical twin to her sister.

In either case, she was haunted by visions as a young child of a warrior in a sailor uniform. These visions however would soon fade away as she grew older, to the point that she soon forgot all about them.

Sailor Quinox Arises

One day during her second year of middle school, Matt was walking home from school when he overheard a commotion along with his two friends, Ellie and Peter. Investigating, he witnessed a strange creature made of stone and earth attack a group of construction workers. His friend Peter leapt to try and stop it but soon he and Ellie were caught in it's strange power, draining them of their energy. Matt took the creature head on and when it seemed like he too would become a victim, he suddenly had a vision of a strange wand appear before him, along with a voice calling on him to use it. Obeying, he took the wand, transforming into Sailor Quinox for the first time, as well as becoming female in the process, a situation he soon learned was permeant after the battle.

Soon after, Matt would encounter the masterminds behind the attack, a man and woman named Faris and Daia. After thewerting their plans twice, Daia tried to lay a trap during a fashion show that Matt had inadveiratly gotten involved in. During the process, Daia was killed by Quinox, causing Faris to swear revenge. This he would do, trying to take the entire city hostage but he too would eventually be destroyed in the attempt. Soon after, Matt would meet Setsuna Meioh, a mysterious woman from the future who revealed the true nature of the enemies as followers of Queen Necros, a being of evil who wished to devour the world, as well as giving Matt a key to be used in the future.

Her next challenge would be more personal as she soon learned that her mother's boss was in fact a follower of Necros, a situation she was ill prepared for, especially when the villian started to aim for her personally. Eventually, he would send one of his minions to infiltrate her school, causing everyone to forget who she was. In the process of defeating the creature, as well as restoring everyone's memories, her friends Ellie and Peter soon found out her secret, something which they promised to keep to themselves.

During a party held by her mother's business, Matt found herself face to face with her mother's boss, who planned to use the building to finally drain enough life to open a gate for Necros to manifest. When Quinox was successful in stopping the process, the boss sacrificed himself to complete the spell, creating a giant vortex which began to destroy the city. With no choice, Sailor Quinox leapt into the hole. There, she faced off at first what she thought was Queen Necros, only for it to prove to be a decoy. The real Necros soon manifested itself, taking the form of Quinox's original male body! Necros revealed it had stolen it after Quinox's first transformation and planned to use it to travel into the real world. Quinox battled against the creature and eventually was able to use it's own weapon against it. slaying it but destroying her male body forever in the process. The destruction of Necros caused her dimension to collapse in on itself and Quinox used the key given to her by Setsuna to try and escape. However, a combination of the unusual dimensional enemies as well as the time key itself caused Quinox to travel back in time to the beginning of the events, undoing them for everyone but herself, as well as erasing her original male self from time. However, her sense of relief was short lived, as a brown cat with an unusual symbol on her forehead soon appeared, warning the girl of a new enemy...

The Dark Ones Arrive A Startling Development

Freya, the brown cat who had appeared before Matt (now Mattie), began to warn the girl about the danger posed by The Dark Ones, worshippers of Necros who sought revenge against her...only for a portal to suddenly appear under the two, sending them careening through a space warp at hight speed. The portal eventually reveal itself to open up in midair on the other end, where Mattie (transforming mid-travel into Sailor Quinox) proceeded to fall through the sky and land point blank on top of a red haired man with such unimaginable force, that it crushed every bone in his body, killing him in the process. Sailor Quinox also found herself surrounded by other girls, likewise dressed in the same manner, as well as a small pink haired child who soon took credit for the incident. Sailor Quinox was even more confused when the pink girl renamed her "Matsumi Shin" without a second thought. Without a second word on the matter, the child left the girls there, with Quinox feeling more lost than ever.

Matsumi would soon discover the consequences of these events not long after, as when she tried contacting her parents, she discovered them to have been somehow brainwashed into thinking she had transferred to Japan, as well as having somehow enrolled at Juuban Middle School as a student. With no where to go, one of the girls she met, Makoto Kino, offered to let Freya and her stay with her for the time being. It wouldn't be long that she would bond with Makoto, as well as the other girls, who helped her to adjust to her new life, as well as the cultural differences. It would also be during this time that Matsumi would learn Freya's startling secret of being actually younger then her, which allowed her to see her less then a mentor and more of a friend. With the pink girl (who she would learn was named Chibi-Usa and actually came from not only another time but another universe) taking care of most of the villains, Matsumi found herself able to relax and enjoy herself.

Infinite Trouble, Infinite Friends

During her third year at Juuban Middle School, rumors began to abound about the newly opened Mugen Gakuen. Not long after a short trip to an arcade, where she, Makoto, Usagi and Minako made the aquantence of a boy named Haruka, she witnessed one girl student from the school seemenly transform into a monster, forcing her and the other guardians to transform to defeat it. Curious and concerned after the fight, Matsumi joined the other guardians in investigating the school, joining Usagi in a plan to sneak into the building. Matsumi and the Usagi were thus surprised when Chibi-Usa exits the school, along with another girl named Hotaru as well as principal of the academy, who the girl had "befriended". They are also further shocked to discover Haruka and Michiru, now known to be the guardians Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune crouched behind some bushes, apparently waiting to make an entrence. With nothing better to do, Matsumi and the others returned home, only for the school to burn down the next morning after an apparent "accident".

Matsumi's life at school would continue to be fairly uneventful, though she and the other girls would once in awhile encounter strange incidents, mostly involving spirits of specific locations.

Exam Battle - Matsumi's Tenacious Audition!

During a break from her high school exam studies, Matsumi spots a flyer for try outs for a new play. Really eager to make her dream of being on the stage come true, Matsumi throws herself into practicing her monologue for the try out, even as it cuts into her study time. When the day comes, she does her best, but learns that the part has already been chosen to go to the daughter of the play’s producer. Dejected, Matsumi headed out, leaving the girl to boast. However, the spirit of the theater, GoeMox is summoned, believing the theater has been tainted by the play production. GoeMox possesses the daughter, turning her into a rather over the top kabuki actor, who then proceeds to try and force to the others to act. Matsumi realized she left behind her bus pass and heads back in, only to see what’s going on. Disguising herself as Kuroko (a kabuki stagehand), she managed to surprise the spirit, which soon turns into a “act off” as she goes through a variety of roles. Growing impatient, GoeMox tries to attack her directly, only for Matsumi to transform into Super Sailor Quinox and berate GoeMox for bad mouthing the hard work of everyone at the theater and using her new attack “Air Melody Burst”, defeats the spirit, freeing the girl. While the producer’s daughter drops out of the production due to the trauma, Matsumi STILL doesn’t get the role due to director’s daughter getting the role.

A few weeks later, Matsumi passed her exam to get into Juuban High School.

The Dreams that Are

On her first day of High School, Matsumi joined the rest of her friends to witness a solar eclispe. While the actual display was spectacular, the only unusual thing to occur was the sudden disappearance of Chibi-Usa, only for her to reappear with some new friends and mentioning something about a "circus".

Coming Soon

Powers and Abilities


Quinox Planet Power, Make Up! - Her first transformation. Attacks

Air Disc - Twin buzzsaw like energy discs made from air thrown from her hand. She can also expand them to create makeshift shields.

Air Blast - A shockwave of energy shot from Quinox's outstretched hand

Coming Soon


  • Matsumi's favorite food is squid, while her least favorite food is mashed potatoes
  • Dreams of becoming an actress on stage
  • Has a talent for mimicking voices
  • Has a habit of muttering to herself
  • Has always wanted to visit Venice
  • Favorite subject is history, least favorite is gym
  • Is in the same class as Usagi, Minako and Makoto at Juuban High
  • Considers Makoto Kino to be like a sister to her
  • While she is technically an outer senshi, she has spent so much time with the Inners that she is more comfortable around them. She could thus be considered more the "sixth" member of the Inner Senshi.
  • Matsumi is terrible at video games but plays them anyway

- Unlike her main counterpart, this Matsumi has an average sized chest for a school girl.

- Matsumi's voice is very different from her A counterpart, being higher pitched and lighter in tone.

  • This Matsumi technically has another alt in the multiverse: Matsumi Shin of Earth 1337-MN
  • Is a member of the Drama Club at Juuban High School
  • Has a LINE account
  • Matsumi is very good at Ballet