Seven Swords

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[21:47] *** Fri Sep 07 2007 - LOGGING START ***

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[21:47] *** Suddenly, after hours of dodging each other's most ferocious attacks, and rei-bot's first met squarely, massive right-hand punches meeting with a force so tremendous the shockwaves blasted a dead zone billions of miles wide halfway across the universe. The titanic forces press and breach the supermassive black hole, rupturing it, causing the singularity at its core to waver and crack, shattering the time-space continuum all across the multiverse. The shockwaves blur and distort the face of creation, tearing, ripping, reshaping, a tidal wave of temporal force that rewrites everything in its path, past, present and future. There is no sanctuary from its ravages. The massive earthquake through time caused by the meeting of the two most powerful beings in creation trembled even the face of the gods. Aftershocks were felt backwards in time as the "crisis" of 2006, the temporal splits of 2005, the crisis on infinite earths and beyond. In a moment, everything changed. And yet it was as if nothing changed, for those who could not feel the ebb and flow of time. After the maelstrom of that one punch, the two powers stood there, regarding each other, electric blue eyes peering into electric yellow. They both knew the other could not be defeated. Not here. Not like this. not with mere force. With a snicker, rei-bot vanished, to plot and plan. She would survive. And to do that, her counterpart-- and all her friends-- would fall.

Seven Swords was a story arc centered around the Clan of the Steel Fist, in which rei-bot tried to change the world in order that humanity might advance itself. Much of the plot line centered around rei-bot and, who were opposites and could not coexist. Therefore, the Steel Fist and those supporting sought out seven swords which had great power in order to topple the balance between the two bots. It was later revealed by Valeria Xadium Aino that the fated encounter between the two was brought about by Nizhaladax to introduce rei-bot into the universe so that Valeria could have her own mentor and tutor just as Sakura had.

The swords were:

TensaigaA sword that cannot harm any living beings, which is ironic for a sword. However its power lies in the fact that it can bring the recently dead back to life as well as healing the wounded. Tenseiga allows a powerful wielder to see and slay the beings from the underworld, as well as bringing up to 100 beings back to life in one swing. And it has a mind of its own.
VindicatorA gift to The Actuary from 2.0 taken from the cyber-miko's own flesh and possessing an echo of the priestess's will and intelligence. Although it is often in the shape of a katana, the weapon is inherently malleable and responsive to Noriko's mental commands, capable of assuming any shape necessary to her plans. It also makes it wielder resistant to timeline changes or temporal distortions.
AratakaThe holy sword of the Shinguuji clan, forged from meteoric ore, later reforged by Sakura Xadium Aino into crysteel, spending time with the ancient Ashalan race to learn their secrets. The blade has been sharpened to a mono-molecular edge, and due to Sakura's bond and learned connection with crysteel, she is able to alter its shape given time and concentration. After her time in Soul Society as the interim captain of the 5th squadron of the Gotei 13, Sakura is now able to achieve shikai and bankai with it.
Excalibur The legendary sword of King Arthur, sometimes attributed with magical powers or associated with the rightful sovereignty of Great Britain. Considered the finest sword that there was, which sliced through iron as through wood. In addition, when Excalibur was first drawn, in the first battle testing Arthur's sovereignty, its blade blinded his enemies. Excalibur's scabbard was said to have powers of its own. Injuries from losses of blood, for example, would not kill the bearer. In some tellings, wounds received by one wearing the scabbard did not bleed at all. The scabbard is stolen by Morgan le Fay and thrown into a lake, never to be found again.
Chokto ReikkiA ceremonial nodachi that was used to entrap all the power of evil Buddhist ceremonies. Its powers are reliant on the person wielding it, thus, causing the user to go on a killing spree, or to a non-power user just being a long katana. While a power user holds it, it often activates their power and regulates it. When it is activated by a power user it uses large amounts of ki. Because of this, some power users lose control and are left fighting with their own powers. During this time they have been known to become increasingly cruel to the person they are fighting against. The sword has a spirit of its own that can manifest itself.
Sode no ShirayukiSode no Shirayuki is regarded as one of the most beautiful Zanpakutō in the Soul Society. It is a Ice-Type Zanpakutō which possesses multiple techniques labeled as "dances". Besides ice techniques, its general ability is freezing.
The Ten Kings Blazing SwordVoltron's Blade

The Steel Fist acquired most of the swords and won the final showdown between the two sides. However, allowed herself to be fused with rei-bot, and the resulting rei-bot did not carry out the original plan she had for the world.

Years later, they would be gathered again by Hazel Ninegate to create Livra Noinblaad.