September 21st, 2012

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Due to unspecified events involving Hazel Ninegate and her altercation with the Black Guardian wherein she attempted to absorb his powers (and perhaps succeeded?), something occurred on September 21st, 2012 that was harrowing, momentus, life-changing and utterly forgotten. One of the only indications that something happened was Doctor Xadium's severe illness. What other radical changes or things happened? List them here!

  • Paisley Pythia Peinforte had "an intense romantic encounter."
  • Jack Dinsdale acquired the secrets and mastery of Gangnam Fu
  • Hiromi Kawanami woke up in a jail cell, and for some reason all the guards were feeling really bad about the fact that she had been locked up. It was because she defended an elderly Chinese couple who ran the restaurant she was eating in from some anti-China protestors.
  • Suu woke up in Judai Yuki's hotel room, after a date night in which they had dinner and went to see a movie that ended after the trains stopped running. Before the date, Suu spent the day studying at the CLAMP Gakuen university division library and accidentally left her textbook there.
  • Solarchos and the Van Saar Federation were attacked by an old enemy: Excel Excel as she completed an eldritch ritual to unleash Puchuuthulhu. The Not-so-Great Old One was banished after an entire day of battle and Excel herself actually helped...after she was stuffed down the barrel of a Baneblade's Demolisher cannon and fired at Puchuuthulhu. Unfortunately whatever it was that Hazel was doing triggered at that moment and Excel herself was spared annihilation.
  • Matsumi Kaze woke up with a broken leg, arm and three cracked ribs. She has also discovered that she has become much more powerful then before due to preventing the rebirth of Queen Necros in Yokohama.
  • RiderHeroProject and 'ski had a run in with a Phantom, which caused 'ski to be severally injured and Mike to nearly become a Phantom before being saved by Kamen Rider Wizard and helping Mike suppressing his inner Phantom , in turned completing Wizard's entry on the riderpedia. He and Natsuki also got married, but since the day doesn't exist now it isn't legally acknowledged.
  • Joanna Smithson did some intense training up on Kami's Lookout to the point of exhaustion.
  • Kenshiro Tanaka has gone missing.
  • Matsuo Shin woke up in an old hotel in Ethiopia and apparently wanted for murder.
  • Morrigan had a surprise run-in with an old adversary from long, long ago: Lord Havoc, the Hentenno, the epitome of ecchi, the Fuhrer of fanservice, and the Mister Thang of the almighty poon-tang. The two immediately proceeded to fight each other in epic 300/Matrix style, complete with slow motion/speed-ups, fanservice, massive deluges of cream-lemon, and badly-dubbed lines taken right out of old episodes of Kung-Fu Action Theater (with some Jackie Chan thrown in just for fun). The battle was a draw as they were both blasted with Javelin anti-tank missiles fired from person(s) unknown.
  • Glen Baskerville woke up in Montreal in the middle of a paranormal investigation and discovered a child of the 400 Babies Project, Melanie, who is apparently the genetic result of himself and Jack
  • Mango-Kattan discovered she was the product of Yaijinden and Gemini Sunrise thanks to her 400 Baby Project. She had a mental breakdown but forgot to throw out the original documentation, so she found it out the second time.
  • Scientists around the entire world awoke to fear and shock on September 22, upon discovering wreckage of a minor tsunami with it's source traced to an enormous, previously undiscovered island about 650 miles directly south of Yokohama. Satellite images revealed terrain as is jagged and black as coal with a massive smoldering volcano at the center. When questioned why it had not been discovered before, Geologists point at it's horrifyingly swift rate of growth, with the island rising out of the water and the bulging volcano increasing in height by several feet PER DAY.
  • Ratchet Altair and Michael Sunnyside got married in Las Vegas.
  • Miara Mitsuki told Alana and Dahan Daniels about their true relationship, and they spent the day together.
  • Celeste decided that the book of Yai is a religion and one day she would walk the Earth spreading it's teachings.
  • Calli Janson discovered a baby from deep within the recesses of the overly powerful and nigh-invincible Viney-chan. Though horrified at first, she has decided to raise it as her own.
  • Kore met a young Greek man named Andreas Stephanopolis. She also seems to have bought a modern dress, and a story she was working on is now missing.
  • Adam Kanal, Go-Go Yubari and the man known as Alabaster had a meaningful brunch after kicking the ass of an alien mafioso who was blackmailing the Prime Minister of New Zealand.
  • Ozu Houka met her future self and prevented an evil alternate Ikari Momo from sending Azabu-Juuban Primary into Arcadia.
  • Apple Musume。 and DISCOTHEQUE hold one of their best concerts in Moscow, Russia, followed by an attack from MSC48, which outs their hero identities to everyone in the crowd.
  • Aescapulus, in response to a message he received, constructed an isolated room within himself and then caused himself to forget its very existence and contents, if any. SOLVED: The room was a three mile diameter external sphere (perfectly PI to the subatomic level, the interior a mile across, with mile thick Inoson walls. The Contents was a short testimony from the Black Guardian, locked in Block Transfer Computations and a tamperproof box that could not be affected by technology, but only magic.
  • Souldier was at a hunt in Minegarde. There were no injuries to any hunters but himself. While reports are of a Jinouga appearing, it is not clear what exactly happened as the records of the hunt itself are gone.
  • On January 29, 2013, in response to an urgent request made by Paisley to Morrigan, an Eldar Farseer by the name of Taeyandi came to the Hotel. She brought with her a book containing a mass of data and information pertaining to the nature of the Day That Never Was, obtained through dozens of different forms of divination performed by hundreds of different casters and diviners. Currently, the book is entrusted to the care of Paisley herself, with its information currently being investigated. Undoubtedly a great many secrets are contained within the book, but it's likely that the revelations will unearth a great many more questions than answers. For instance, what lies within the forgotten room on board Aescapulus? What other unknown affects were "covered up" by the temporal hiccup? And what other places and worlds were somehow linked by what happened that day? The knowledge within the book could be the key to unlocking all of it.