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Hinako Urashima
Biographical information


Birth February 27, 1995
Family Hikawa (Brother), Mother, Father, Aunt, Uncle, younger cousin

World Traveler

Physical description




Hair color


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Taser, fists and feet, Colt .45 "Equalizer" pistol


Focusing energy to allied senshi, elemental magic(!), hand-to-hand skills, Ki, energy manipulation(!!)


Satellite Senshi of Neptune, Nelius Raoul (apprenticing under his advisor, Zotia), Neo Sailor Neptune (New Leader), Camilla Bathory (Longtime friend)

First Appearance

Hinako Urashima is the recently inducted Sailor Nereid, a famed Sailor Senshi able to channel near-unlimited amounts of energy to other senshi.

Early Life

Hinako grew up as most Human children do—learning more and more about the world around her, guided by her older brother, Hikawa. However, at the tender age of five, she was playing atop a fence when she slipped, landing cranium-first onto a buried rock in the ground. CT scans showed that she'd have a scar there for a while. This impact also jumbled her memories, not only causing lapses, but also burying something....


At the age of 17, Hinako took to studying abroad, learning about foreign nations and their cultures.

Concluding a call with her parents during this time, she went to bed as herself...and the morning of March 29, 2012, she found herself clad in a strange fuku which, despite her efforts, would not leave her. She traveled the world for two years in her senshi form, trying to find a way to dispel it.

Making a return to Japan in July of 2014, she found herself at The Hotel, having overheard some rumors about the oddness that surrounded the place. Thanks to Matsuo Shin, her memories were released, and from then on, she began meeting with the other Neptune Satellites, learning more about herself as a senshi.

The Past Returns

Traveling with Samantha Ortiz, Hinako located her brother, Hikawa, in Aomori, near the Misawa Air Base, on the day they were having an air show. As it turns out, Hinako's memory loss also affected her brother, turning him sour and moody. When her awakening happened, a wealth of information came to him, including his old memories of being a Neptunian Guard. She makes trips to visit him whenever the opportunity presents itself, to test his newfound power.

Recent times

As of late, she's been putting her abroad studies to good use at the travel agency she works for, Wellspring of Travels, using the information she's obtained to help update information on the places she's visited.

During a trip to Russia, she met a curious woman named Zotia. Said woman noted that Hinako had been in contact with her master, (whomever this may be), and such offered to teach the traveling senshi some extra abilities. Though initially skeptical about this offer, upon seeing this teacher blast a crater into the ground, Hinako knew this was the real deal, and so accepted.

Surprisingly, she's already attained her Super form, and is already proving to be much stronger than most battery senshi usually would be. It's believed that due to her unorthodox training methods and masters, she's rapidly acquiring power that could help elevate her past the usual ranking of Satellite Senshi, and this is without having to transform. Who knows how this might affect her relations with the other Neptune Satellites, or the Satellites in general?

While back in Kagoshima to visit family, she ran into her longtime school friend, Camilla, a.k.a. Cammy, and the two have taken to hanging out together again. Nowadays the two buddy up on trips to other parts of the world, often exchanging ideas with one another.


As a battery senshi, Hinako is able to channel a near-unlimited amount of magical power to other senshi. Recent events have proven that this can extend to Senshi Knights, and others related to the senshi in general.

However, she found herself lacking in other abilities, and took up close-combat training with Sailor Naiad.

With her training under Zotia, she has learned a wealth of other abilities—ki manipulation, flight, and other elemental spells. Under the watchful eye of Zotia's other friends, Hinako has also picked up on gun usage.

During a mission to help stop a nuclear reactor from going into meltdown, assurance from Matsuo got Hinako to try and contain the ensuing blast. This was where she found out her ability to shape and manipulate energy in non-magical forms, not unlike her brother in Aomori. She suspects that their time experimenting and working to better understand their powers has caused her to take on a few of her brother's traits in this field.

Currently she is working with him once more to better understand this sudden awakening.

In training with Sailor Nix, she has been working with her to create techniques that combine their respective abilities. The two have even been talking with Hikawa to generate new ideas.


Channel: Nereid channels her power into other senshi and Senshi Knights, helping re-energize them. While she largely requires physical contact to channel her power, she is able to do so at a distance, albeit at a slightly reduced rate. A much later variation of this technique can allow her to project balls of energy that free-float in a specific spot, for allies to pick up. These energy spheres will dissipate after about one to two minutes, so speed is of the essence.

Siphon: Nereid draws power from other sources, also able to shape it. She developed this after working with her brother. With learning elemental magic, she can now draw power from fire, electricity, heat, and wind, then turn it around to empower allies; however, she must be quick in channeling this to allies, lest it overload her too quickly, and the turnaround from how much she can siphon depends on the spell in question. A large enough spell or source will outright damage her. As she gets stronger, she can store and channel more of this power.

Evaporate: One of Nereid's more deadly attacks, this outright vaporizes energy within a target. She can link this energy-destruction to allies within reach of her. One touch can leave people very short on strength.

Overcharge: While Channel was meant to be a pick-me-up, Overcharge is meant to be a power-up. This skill allows Nereid to empower her allies for a short while, increasing all of their overall skills. If it persists for longer than ten minutes, consult a physician.

Super-mode Exclusive

Forceful Overload: Nereid grabs the enemy, then begins channeling untold amounts of energy into the them. The enemy ends up exploding due to this... it's a little gruesome. This energy is not meant to empower, instead it blocks up channels within the target, so anyone whom thinks they can just absorb this attack is in for a nasty surprise.

Dry Drain: The logical end of her Siphon and Evaporate techniques, this allows Nereid to drain the power directly from her foes. Whereas Overload makes the enemy burst, Drain can leave them lethargic and weak.


While a member of the Neptune Satellite Senshi group, Hinako has shown quite the extra amount of initiative, undertaking tasks on her own. This may be due to her having little time to meet with her group.

Post Reboot

While Hinako did suffer the head injury that initially caused her to forget about her past life as Sailor Nereid, after unlocking the memories of her past, her ability to remember things has taken a turn for the better, lessening any scatterbrained moments.