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Kazue Karatsu
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January 23, 1998


Ayami Karatsu (little sister)


Mugen Academy Highschool student/part time Charm Coffee server

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Manipulation of emotions: Adoration!


Sailor Neptune, Satellite Senshi of Neptune

She formerly went to prestigious Hayame School for Girls but now she attends Mugen Academy with her younger sister.


Kazue was born to doting parents and was always doted on and fawned over as a child. As an infant, she was stolen in a large crowded department store by a seemingly infatuated young couple. She was saved weeks later when the couple was found having a picnic with the baby in a busy park. After that, Kazue's parents moved their family to Mito City, capital of the Ibaraki prefecture. A few years later, Kazue became an older sister with the birth of Ayami. Due to the troubling events surrounding Kazue as she grew up, her parents tried their best to shelter her from others. Kazue grew to rely on her younger sister. Whenever the two would go out, Ayami always seemed able to divert and deflect the unwanted attention that always seemingly kept getting thrust upon Kazue.

As the two grew into their teenage years, Kazue became more and more withdrawn, while Ayami became even more outgoing. Kazue's family went on a trip to Tokyo, which is where both Kazue and Ayami found out that they were Sailor Satellite Senshi of Neptune, and, unfortunately, the girls became orphans.

Thankfully, they were found easily enough by Kaifuu Aoi who helped provide for them and gave them a place to stay. With help from Kaifuu's finances and Matsumi Kaze's connections, the two girls received a scholarship to Mugen Academy and began attending in the Spring of 2014.

Present Day

Kazue is currently attending Mugen Academy in the 6th division. As of March 18th, 2016, she graduated the high school portion and will have entered the Professional Division with Specialized Education as her Path of Study in the Spring. She is a member of the Sailor Senshi fan club at the school.

Kepler Attack



While riding the loop line, the 14 year old Kazue was getting accosted by a group of older thugs, intent on doing as much harm as possible. Her father tried to diffuse the situation but Ayami had jumped into the argument, which only escalated the flaring tempers, while Kazue's mother tried to protect and console her eldest daughter.

Suddenly, the train derailed due to an errant youma on the track. The resulting crash and explosion killed several hundred on board the train but the two sisters survived. They awoke, clad in satellite senshi fuku, and covered in the blood and gore of the boys that were trying to assault them, and the remains of their parents.

Kazue was horrified from the experience and did her best to comfort her younger sister, who seemingly cracked and had a mental break down.

Afterwards, the two sisters became closer than ever, relying on one another even more than before. They learned what it meant to be a Sailor Satellite Senshi of Neptune and began to search for others like them.



Ayami Karatsu

Matsumi Shin

Aoto Numakaze

Kazue sat next to Aoto Numakaze in her Advanced Foreign Literature class all throughout her senior year. Aoto is a mega-popular, rising star in the modeling community. Surprisingly, Aoto took an interest in the mousy, quiet young woman and asked her out on a date on February 17th, 2016. They went out on a few dates and Kazue began to feel a real connection with Aoto. At first she was unsure if he only liked her because of her Adoration Aura but she felt, deep down, that his interest in her was genuine and not something falsey created by her senshi ability.

In celebration for both Kazue and Aoto graduating high school, and Aoto entering the Entertainment Division of Mugen Academy University with an outstanding modeling contract with Fanciful Idols! Inc., the two went on vacation to the Gora Kadan ryokan in Hakone on Margh 28th, 2016, to spend a romantic 7-day long vacation where they consummated their relationship.