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Juniper Aki
Biographical information


Birth October 4th

Health clinic worker


Sailor Cyllene

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Hair color

Dark green

Eye color

light green




Healing abilities


Sailor Jupiter, Satellite Senshi of Jupiter

First Appearance

Juniper Aki is the Jupiter Satellite Senshi Cyllene, the healing senshi for the Jovians. A reserved young lady, she enjoys helping to heal those who are suffering.

"There, there. You will be fine in a moment, and you can go back to saving this planet."


Before the Sailor Senshi

Juniper Aki was born in Sasebo, the city in Nagasaki Prefecture that is home to both the US Navy gator fleet in Japan and the JMSDF's Kyushu forces. Her father is a Japanese officer assigned to the base, while her mother owns a store in the Yonka-cho district, a place the American sailors have nicknamed the Ginza. Juniper, named after the flower, has the gentleness of the summer breeze that is often found in the city of the world's largest dry dock.

While she had friends growing up, her quietness didn't make her stand out. She excelled in school, but never was she on top either. Juniper never let her pride get in her way, which in away may have prevented her from being on top. However, she wanted to help others. She set up study sessions to help her weaker classmates to do better. This brought her great joy, being able to help those who needed it. However, there would be an event that she could only stand by and watch, unable to do anything. Walking up a road leading up a hill away from downtown Sasebo, she passed the grand dojo on the left. On the right, coming up was a gym. The middle school student was walking up that hill, heading home when she saw someone walk into that gym with a duffle bag... and in camouflage BDUs.

A few short minutes later, she heard gunshots and screaming, and she watched in horror as the man walked back out with still smoking guns in hand. She hid from his sight as he strolled off. Once she knew that the man was gone, she quickly ran into the gym to see the carnage. What she saw devastated her... seven Japanese murdered. Was it an American who did this heinous act? She quickly ruled that couldn't have been the case. The man leaving was Japanese, and there was no signs of any Americans. She was hoping that someone could be helped, but they were all beyond her abilities. The police and medics arrived shortly there after... but it was way too late. She was able to give a description of the man, whom was surrounded and took his own life instead of surrendering to the cops. For her though, the tragedy bore deep into her mind.

It was eating at her that she couldn't help those victims, and she never wanted to be that powerless again. She would dedicate herself to the profession that could help in that regard... the one that saves lives. She continued to impress her American and Japanese friends, as well as her teachers with her dedication to her studies. In fact a few of the practice exams she found herself at the top, and with it a really great shot at earning entrance to a prestigious medical school. She was even looking at two of the best medical schools in America: the University of California at Los Angeles and the University of Texas at San Antonio (with the latter being in the city where some of the world's best medical facilities are located).

Graduation day finally came, and she received offers from various Japanese and American universities including the aforementioned ones, in which she decided to take the offer from UTSA. This meant leaving her parents far behind, but the two of them were very proud of their young daughter's accomplishments. They knew she was destined for great things, and being stuck in the medium sized city was not where she was going to find her destiny. They took off for Fukuoka International Airport, where she would make the long flight to the Alamo City: San Antonio.

The Gentle Healer and her Protégé

Juniper Aki was diligent in her studies, but was having fun in the Heart of Texas. Her first year passed by without any major incidents happening. She heard about the various battles the Sailor Team and their allies had been having in Japan and worried for her parents. Sasebo had been affected by some of these battles, but her parents were alive and well. She was able to rest easy not having to worry about her parents being threatened by the enemies. During the Summer Vacation, she would visit her parents and see old friends in the town. Her scars from that devastating night was behind her... or so she thought.

Hitomi had plans for San Antonio however, and Juniper was about to get caught up in them. Hitomi was interested in something at the Three Kingdoms exhibit in San Antonio, and launched a full scale attack on it. Juniper happened to be there when Hitomi launched her assault. Her minions were attacking the people who happened to be in there, and were setting their sights on some children when Juniper stepped forth to act as a shield for them. The beasts however didn't care about her meddling and flung her aside. She flew away about twenty feet but though she was bruised, not broken. She got back up and tried to move towards the beasts to protect the children, but two individuals placed their hands on her shoulder: Jupiter Knight and Sailor Eden.

She looked up to see the two dignified warriors move into position to protect the children. Juniper had never seen the Senshi and Knights before, but they looked like glorious warriors in their gear. Jupiter Knight had placed himself in front of the children and the beasts, while Sailor Eden started to shuffle the children off. Juniper stayed to watch these two great individuals fight their battles. However, one of the beasts launched an attack against Eden, knocking her out. This left only Jupiter Knight to deal with the enemies, and no one with healing abilities.

Juniper was unsure what to do, but touching Jupiter Knight to reassure him creating a strange light and a pen like device to appear in front of her. Jupiter Knight then charged right into the beasts with the Spear of Jupiter, holding them off quite effectively. He turned back to the college girl and the device and his eyes opened in shock a bit. He informed her that by taking that, she would be embracing her true destiny. If she refused it, it would never be offered again... and her destiny would change drastically. This was her way to help people, words that made it clear what to do for her. She grabbed it and instantly the words to speak came to mind. She spoke them, transforming into the Satellite Sailor Senshi Sailor Cyllene.