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Sailor Anzu is the identity of a being who often takes the form of an evil version of Sailor Quinox. Though often defeated, she reappears again and again throughout Quinox's career.

Sailor Anzu
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The actual origin of Anzu is almost a complete mystery. One Anzu claimed that she has been a part of the universe since it's creation, while another hinted that she only exists because Quinox exists and is some sort of balance, being the shadow to Quinox's light. When Matsumi asked the spirit of Queen Minerva for advice on the matter, the deceased monarch hinted that she may have dealt with Anzu in some form long ago but she was not clear on the matter. Whatever the case was, Anzu tends to appear in some form or the other, almost never with the same origin but always with same goal: to destroy everything Matsumi loves.

Sailor Anzu I

The first Sailor Anzu to appear did so during Matsumi's early college years. Acting as the head of a force of creatures which she called Antiroids, she went out of her way to try and make Matsumi's life misirable, targetting those she knew as well as any new friends she made. This was made even more difficult, do to Matsumi finding that her powers were suddenly becoming unstable. Eventually, Anzu revealed herself to actually be Matsumi Kaze herself or rather her dark side, given form by the Loadstone through her own subconcious. After a battle (in which Matsumi inadvertently transformed to Eternal form for the first time), Matsumi eventually managed to convince her other self to re-merge with her, ending her terrifying reign and once more fully powering Sailor Quinox.

Sailor Anzu II

The second Sailor Anzu appeared several weeks after, when Matsumi became aware of vigilante activities which had suddenly turned violent, resulting in several deaths of both criminals and innocents. After investigating, Matsumi learned this Sailor Anzu was in fact Tomiko Amano, an unhinged fellow college student with an obessesion for Sailor Quinox and who had been attempting to copy her idol (she had chosen the name Anzu by random). Having learned about the Cosmic Loadstone from observation and rumor, the almost completely insane girl took Matsumi's college roommate hostage and attempted to force her to hand it over. Though Quinox was ultimatly able to save her friend, Anzu managed to get a hold of the crystal, but being only human and with the powerful gem rejecting her, she was consumed and killed by the energies from it. These events caused Matsumi to temporarly give up on being a senshi.

Sailor Anzu III

The third Sailor Anzu attacked during this period when Matsumi had given up on being a hero. This Anzu attacked the college that Matsumi went to while she was away, taking over the faculty and students for her own gain, transforming many of them into beings called Kage. Through encouragement by Freya and help from Hideki Kaze, who she finally reunited with, Sailor Quinox was finally able to follow Anzu to another dimension of shadow and darkness. This Anzu claimed to be the true Anzu and the power behind the previous ones, though Quinox doubted this to be true. Eventually by combining her powers with now revealed Quinox Knight, the two were able to destroy this Anzu once and for all, freeing her classmates and teachers in the process.

Sailor Anzu IV

It would be many years before another Anzu appeared but this one may have been the most clever of them all. This one attacked and plagued the occupants of The Hotel, where Matsumi now resided. Realizing though that she would not be able to fight them all off, Sailor Anzu experimented on herself, transforming herself into a digital form and then infecting her own computer systems. When a group from The Hotel went to investigate her headquarters, she transferred herself to one of their machines when they attempted to examine her own systems. From there, she hopped into the mainframe of The Hotel itself, taking over it fully and attempting to destroy the entirety of Tokyo with the structure's Eye of Harmony. Eventually this Anzu revealed herself to be a version of Matsumi Kaze from a dead timeline, having somehow survived it and bitter that she had lost everything. Though the entire Hotel tried to fight her off, it was through the actions of an unknown being that Anzu was finally defeated, sent to another universe like her own and her actions completely undone.

Sailor Anzu V

This Anzu appeared during a time of great turmoil for those involved with Quinox. Apparently taking on a spirit form, this Anzu took over the corpse of the Prime Minister of Hyperborea. Anzu did little but warn Matsuo Shin of what was occuring and make a feeble attempt at killing him before dying herself through falling into a pit.

Sailor Anzu VI/Anzu-Thing

Apperently some of the DNA of a previous Anzu had somehow survived, as a group of scientists of the Douglas Stewart company attempted to clone a controllable super soldier from the sample. However, the process proved faulty, creating instead a horrifying monstronty which soon slew everyone aboard the train that had been carrying it. This creature's life was thankfully put down by members of The Hotel who went to investigate before it could escape out into the wide world.

Sailor Anzu VII

Sumi Mattine, investigating a series of murders, soon learned that she was meant to become the next Anzu, as originally she was to grow angery and twisted by the death of her clan and travel to 1337-A's universe to try and destroy Matsumi Kaze. However, her marriage to Prince Obesidian and new life on Nemesis prevented these events coming into being, which in turn led to...

Sailor Anzu VIII

A "time shadow" of what Sumi Mattine was meant to become, this Anzu would poessess others in an attempt to give itself proper substance, desperate to become reality. Eventually she managed to convince Sumi to allow her to take her over, only for the Senshi to instead force her into the corpse of one of her previous victims, destroying the body and killing this version of Anzu for good.


Due to the various versions of Anzu that exist, their powers vary somewhat. All of them (except II) do have the typical senshi super strength and agility.

Anzu I, III and IV had disease and virus based powers, allowing her to cripple normal people with a touch and weaken senshi with her strange aura. She can also extend these into painful energy blasts, which can be formed into other weapons, with III preferring whips.

Anzu II is a completely normal human with no powers what so ever. She instead relied on hand held weapons such as pipes and knives in battle and at one point used a hand held taser.

Anzu III had the additional power to transform humans into Kages, shadowy beings with some physical similarities to Matsumi Kaze

Anzu IV experimented on herself and discovered a way to transform herself into a digital form. In this form, Anzu can transfer to any computerized machine, control electricity and phase through objects.

Anzu V demonstrated no real power as she was a spirit, which suggested she might be able to possess other people.

Anzu VI was a warped version of Anzu with flesh like tentacles that apparently could rip through a human body with ease as well as some manner of energy projectile from it's mouth. The fact that she could move so quickly through a train and damage much of it suggests immense strength.

Anzu VII in the brief time she existed was able to use Sumi's Nemesis deck, with an additional Anzu card appearing within it. What that card was able to do is unknown

Anzu VIII as a Time Shadow had to ability to stop time for 10 seconds as well as hop into other bodies, changing them into a facsimle into her own. While possessing a person, she demonstrated some sort of unknown purple colored energy blast as well as the ability to summon a sword from out of thin air.


- In the future, Anzu has become a form of boogeyman on Quinox, joining Garmus-Hel as one of the most feared beings on the planet.