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As with any community interaction, in #suburbansenshi2 has given rise to a multitude of jokes that mostly refuse to die. Many of these are purposeful while others are based entirely on typos and circumstantial misunderstandings that are hilarious and recognizable enough to rise above the rest.

Current Memes

Things you could very well hear today!

X is Lazy

Because Either the SS Universe, or 1337-DiC's Negaverse Demanded it, Most events follow through to their ending, but if there is an event that suddenly stopped production with no ending of the story in sight, Everyone (Either in the Main Box or in the Sidebar, or in the front page) Assumes that Dr. Xadium is lazy or incompetent (The latter of which is not actually true)if there's a lot on his plate, you KNOW he'll abandon some stuff (Suburban Senshi Tomodachi Life comes to mind.).

Priceman's Steals and Deals

Yes, Despite being the most famous name for a King of the Pokémon world, Any Priceman, Whether it's Great, Master, or King, is often asked what the local deals will be (As if There would be price drops), Great Priceman knows this joke, But King/Master Priceman is baffled.

Sandwich Making

One night, after a slightly racy conversation in #ss2, Furu Ikari excused himself for the purposes of making a sandwich. Given the context of the chat, Furu's well-known crush on Aino Minako, and the general insanity in the air that night, the room decided that sandwich making was a thinly veiled metaphor for masturbation. Despite the fact that Furu soon returned eating a ham sandwich, the phrase has been used ever since.

The Fourth Wall

In any sort of fiction, RPG or other form of interactive media, there is more often than not a metafictional separation between the characters and the players thereof. This separation is often called the fourth wall in homage to the term's origins in theater where the 'fourth wall' of a stage is located between the stage and the audience chamber. When the wall is 'broken' it means that characters are acknowledging their existence as fictional entities. While most breakings of the fourth wall are subtle and often accidental, others have seen fit to break it more loudly and obviously--denting, shattering, tearing it in half, punching through it and so forth.

Typo Demons

Usually when someone misspells or makes an unintentional error, he or she will first correct it and then usually destroy a fictional typo demon in some way. No one knows when this practice started in #suburbansenshi2. If anyone can find the reference we would be grateful, but this practice still remains a mainstay of the channel. Shinji Ikari and starcat argued for at least a year about whether typo demons really caused the typos. Shinji maintained that it was hypertime, or later continuity waves, while starcat was sure it was typo demons. They finally accepted that the continuity waves created typo demons, so they are both correct.

There have also been typo prinnies of late; they're mischevious little buggers, so watch your back with them, too.


^__~ is an emoticon that Solarchos often used when he was about to have sexual relations with his wife. It's not uncommon to see other people use the emoticon to make everyday things like "don't forget to buy some milk at the store" seem twisted. Don't forget to use two underscores! ^__~

Yumi Goofs

Member Yumiko92 often tends to accidentally post sidebox comments in the main box, and vice-versa. This can often lead to amusing antics.

Plot withdrawal / Plot crack

Since the end of the Nonary Game in November 2014, Dr. Xadium instituted Plot-free week, which allows the players downtime from constant plot, and allows the generation of new ideas. However, some users have itchy fingers, waiting and wanting to institute their plot ideas as soon as possible. These players are often referred to as "needing their plot crack" or "suffering from plot withdrawal".

Semi-Current Memes

Not quite dead, just not really common. Faded, but not forgotten.

Punching through reality

Originating from the Infinite Crisis comic event, it refers both to the Earth-2 Superman's escape from a pocket dimension by punching the walls until they shatter and Superboy Prime's less successful attempt at the same, producing continuity waves that rewrote certain parts of DC history. In #ss2 it's primarily performed by Shinji as a method of entering the room or erasing typos from existence. He often executes the move just to amaze others as well. Furu Ikari has performed the same attack on a couple of occasions on a much smaller scale. starcat, as Shinji's student has punched through reality, but prefers simply walking through the door. Mango-chan, as some strange distant relative or something of Shinji's has managed to attempt punching reality but fails most of the time. The first time that she did pass punching reality it punched back. Hard.

David O`Cain is a robot

For some reason Aino Minako got it in her head that Lt. David O`Cain was a robotic creature, presumably because of his ability to copy the powers of those he encounters, like a Borg creature, thus she became terrified of him constantly accusing him of being a robot who makes a point to always chime in with his own comments, no matter how superficial, in any conversation in an attempt to try and blend in with his victims before assimilating them. David, for obvious reasons, was not amused.


Shitfuckery, or shitfucking in general, is Wolfwood's foul-mouthed term to describe events or things of an extreme letdown or generally stupid nature. It should be noted that no one but him finds it funny.

One Liners Involving Shinji Ikari

Shinji: He's the goddamn BATMAN

Shinji has a deep seeded hatred for Tiny Tim

Is Shinji going to have to choke/slap/etc. a bitch

Shinji pats someone on the head and gives them a cookie

Shinji goes SSJ9 when he takes a shit (the 9 is obviously is short for OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND)

Awesome Points and Golden Awesome Awards: Not actually a joke but still a fun occurrence.

One Liners Involving Furu

"Furufuru...furufuruchan!" -- Minako


The Furudoken

¯\(º_o)/¯ (you can now achieve this with ::fu)

Death Not Guaranteed

It is often common that various characters in #suburbansenshi2 will be killed at some point in time. Within five to ten minutes, though occasionally taking as long as several months they are resurrected and do not stay dead, thus "death not guaranteed," as placed in a disclaimer in the Shinjesus vs Haruhi advertisement.


Solarchos had been known to approve of cute characters like Suu. Since many of these are underage girls, Shinji dubbed Solarchos with the nickname "Lolichos." If anything to do with Solarchos can possibly be connected with a young girl, "Lolichos" is usually mentioned. Since Solarchos has departed, we now reference it more in the past. The search for the next great #ss2 pedophile is underway.

What does this button do?

The I Believe Button: A button introduced and used by Souldier. When used, people ignore the fact that a given something should technically be impossible. This a direct parallel embodiment to a literary idea term called the suspension of disbelief. It has been upgraded by Souldier, and now it spouts off random one liners pertaining to "believing it."

Pres Butan: a 4-chan meme that at some point migrated to #suburbansenshi2.


Whenever some serious RP action would go down, Bucket (or one of her characters) would sometimes quote from Homestar Runner, specifically the opening lines of "Thy Dungeonman" from Strong Bad Email #94: "Ye find yeself in yon dungeon. Ye see a FLASK. Obvious exits are NORTH, SOUTH, and DENNIS." Eventually Dennis became an actual place where actual weird stuff actually happened.

Dying Wolfwoods

Wolfwood tends to die. Alot. Sometimes. You know what? It doesn't matter. All you need to know is that he dies and he comes back. People make fun of this. Also a lot.

"What's up with the lapdancing?"

A long time ago Kakyuu had a tendency to punt things. After awhile the phrase was so overused and there was a filter installed for fun. "Punts" now translates to "leaps up and sexily lapdances for". While this filter still exists it is rarely used anymore.

Dead Memes

As time passes some things fall to obscurity.

The Fifth Wall

The fifth wall was erected in an attempt to replace the worn and weary fourth wall (see above) which, as one chatboxer had put it, had been torn down, set on fire and then pissed on a long time ago. Sadly, however, due to the cheap Korean parts used in its construction the fifth wall wall's only advantage over its predecessor is that it has been able to bend rather than break under the constant weight of violations.

The Sex Brigade

One of the most well-known relationship chains is the sexual polygon that was dubbed by Yaijinden as the sex brigade. Circling around unintentional ringleader Matsumi Kaze, prospective and future members of the sex brigade, or its later successor, the polygamy patrol, need only engage in some form of intimate physical contact with another member who has had sex with two three or more individuals within the same web. It is occasionally inferred that the Q sofa and certain houses in Azabu-Juuban are considered brothels though such individuals are immediately reminded that in brothels one actually has to pay for sex. Members of the brigade are nonplussed by the appellation; despite or perhaps because of this, the term remains in use.

Ying's Corner

For the first year or two of #suburbansenshi2, one of the regulars was YingGirl who made a habit of sitting in a corner of Ten'Aino house and constantly moping, throwing daggers at those who tried to interact with her and just wishing everyone would leave her alone. Though YingGirl would eventually leave #suburbansenshi2 for greener pastures, the corner would retain the atmosphere of being a good place to mope and be antisocial; other members of the chatbox subsequently sat in that corner and moped about in imitation of Ying herself. As of recently, Shinji Ikari has taken the corner and named it his. As of January 31, 2007, the corner has been destroyed by Dante Sparda and rightfully returned to YingGirl. Ying had left the corner in ruins stating it's an end of her depression and marks a new beginning in her life, rising from the ashes such as a phoenix would do.


Not the fabric softener, but fan-service courtesy of Jade Lin Yao's powerful feminist chest. The recurring gag is that despite the fact she she's a very strong feminist, her breasts still garner attention, angst and nosebleeds as they take on similar physics as seen by other girls in Dead or Alive Extreme 2. They can also swell larger depending on her mood, increasing the drama in the bounce.


The former mascot of the #suburbansenshi2 forums. Miffle-tan was born on January 10, 2008 during a night of serious discussion when ? spontaneously announced it. She was named after Shaldra Darkness's unique way of saying "miffed". Its cuteness was expounded on by Bucket who said "miffled sounds like a cute version of Chibi Shaldra with one of those angry marks with a pouty face" and was decided to be a penguin.

As of February 2012 Miffletan was retired and the forums emoticons were replaced with characters from My Little Pony.