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Biographical information


Birth November 1, 2003
Family Sakura Xadium Aino

The Flame Lotus, @spiritflame

Physical description

Validium construct / god



Hair color


Eye color

electric blue


6 feet






The Council of Bhad'Az, Rising Valkyrie Unit

First Appearance is

Originally built as a simple fembot sex toy by Jedite, she was destroyed and rebuilt using Validium metal found by Dr. Xadium-- remnants of the statue Nemesis, which had been launched into space to destroy a Cyberfleet by The Doctor.

Due to being shaped in the form of a miko, the evil validium metal took on the attributes of one, becoming progressively more holy and purified as time went on. Eventually,'s miko personality took over completely, and cleased the body of all evil, her spirit power allowing her to transcend the weaknesses of validium and make her one of the greatest warriors known in the Omniverse. allowed herself to be absorbed by rei-bot during Seven Swords to keep her from wreaking havoc. The resulting rei-bot was a fusion of the two.

Due to a ludicrously horny power-up by Chibiusa, was restored when as rei-bot she was forced to become a small suppository, enter Chibiusa, and use up all of rei-bot's power to transmute the pink power of pr0n back into the objects of power that rei-bot had destroyed. then gave her post as god of the northern galaxy to Ignis D. Blac, who was perfectly suited of the task due to her power level and the fact that she loved to watch and protect people., in addition to her legendary martial arts fighting skills, possesses the secret to Unlock Potential learned from her time training on the Kai World. While initially only knowing the Rou Kaioushin method, she has also learned the method used by the deceased Grand Elder of Namek.

Ever since the capture of Ignis by Hazel Ninegate, has resumed part time duties as the North Kaiou, and serves on the Council of Bhad'az, the supreme multiversal gathering of Awesome beings who dispense justice across the countless realities.



As part of her plan to further defend Earth, The Actuary upgraded to version 3.0.1337 beta, which optimized her, making her faster and more efficient, but made her shorter and more moe in the process.

reboot and rebuild


The Intern brought back to her roots with a complete rebuild of her systems, moving her up to version 4.1337, allowing her to fully utilize her power once again without sacrificing anything.



As part of his plan to defend the HOTEL, Doctor Xadium upgraded to version 4.1337 alpha, bringing her a substantial upgrade in power thanks to the inclusion of information from The Actuary's blade, Invictus Vindicator, and increasing her height to 6 feet.

Apotheosis: Birth of the Flame Lotus


On April 19th, 2016, in the midst of the Renegade Actuary crisis, Lydia D. Darkletter appeared before, once again challenging her docterine of non interference, pointing out that to live was to act, and that rei.obt had certain responsibilities. declined on the premise that her direct action would break the world, which Lydia agreed with. She then offered a Golden Apple, and the chance to "Eat the apple, becom[ing] akin to the Sozoshin... [and have] 75 million years of rule at a minimum", sequestered on the Sacred World of the Kais never to trifle with mortals again. declined, but Lydia pointed out the apple was always meant for and had to be used. As the apple could not be destroyed, had to choose. Rather than eating the apple, she choose to unseal its power and take it unto herself in her own way, an act Lydia described as "Apotheosis on her own terms."

Now a full fledged post-god tier being, Flame Lotus realized what she needed to do and set off on a quest to bring something back to the world which had been lost.

"The Day Paisley Peinforte took's f[BLEEP]ing eye"

On January 12th, 2018, desperate to find a way to protect The Old Man of Peinforte Manor from changes that might happen to his timeline, Paisley Pythia Peinforte approached Flame Lotus to ask her for a piece of her body that she could use to root him in time the way the item Vindicator had done for The Actuary. Flame Lotus refused, stating that she was tired of giving up parts of herself and it was time for all things to pass.

Not taking no for an answer, Paisley challenged her to combat, with the stakes being that should she win, she would collect Flame Lotus' eye, and should she lose, she would have to live with the grief of failing the one she loved. In a brutal match, Paisley used all her Karnian martial arts training and managed to turn Flame Lotus' strength against her, besting her. Flame Lotus, impressed by the depths Paisley was willing to go to, upheld the bargain and not only gave her eye over, but did not replace it, vowing to wear a badass eye patch and carry the scar as a memento of the battle for the rest of her life until she decided the Nick Fury looks was stupid and that having two godly eyes was better than one.

On November 22nd, 2020, requested that Paisley return her Validium to her. Since Paisley still needed what she had taken, she chose to sacrifice the Validum Gauntlets that she had had (castoffs from the carving of Nemesis) and gave to purify them. Thus, regained all the mass she had lost over the years, becoming even more powerful.