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Quinoxians (scientific name Crepusculum Strata) are the predominate race on the planet Quinox and it's twin moons and may be one of the oldest species in the entire solar system.


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Physical Appearance

Quinoxians are a bipedal species which shares many of the outward physical characteristics of many of the species which existed in the Solar System in the past. They come in a range of sizes with the average height of a male being 6'0 and the average female height 5'6. Due to the nature of the planet which they live in, there is very few skin color variations present, with the exception of a few clans who possess deep tan skin, though it has been hinted at being less of a product of natural selection and more a left over of certain ancestral genes.

One of the more identifiable features of the species is their hair and eye color. Most if not all Quinoxians possess darker shades of hair, most notably red, which is often paired by deep green eyes.

Skeletial System

The planet of Quinox is slightly larger then the Earth and the skeleton of a Quinoxian is thus built to handle the slightly heavier gravity. While to the outside observer, Quinoxian bones may appear no different then any other, the secret to their survival is contained within rather then without. The bones are far denser then a human's, containing less marrow (something which is compensated by a feature later discussed) as well as being constructed of a much stronger form of calcium. This not only results in a skeletal system much more adapted to much stronger pressures but also means these bones are far less likely to break and are harder then any human's. This has at times had the side effect of allowing a Quinoxian to have an extra edge in a physical fight, allowing them to hit harder with far less damage to their own body. Quinoxians have two more ribs then the average human, creating a far solid ribcage for protecting the organs.

Muscular System

Alongside the extra strong bone structure, Quinoxian muscles are made to compliment their unusual construction. Most notably the muscles in the legs are somewhat more stronger then a human, as well, oddly enough, those in the back. On their own planet, this allows them to move with ease without discomfort. On other worlds of lesser gravity, this results in them coming across as far more agile then would naturally seem possible. The combination of these muscles with their denser bone structure means that Quinoxians are far stronger then Humans, at the very least three to five times stronger. Quinoxian muscles have been described as having the toughness of "extremely tightened leather".

Cardiovascular System

Surprisingly, the blood of a Quinoxian is similar in density to that of a human, though when exposed to oxygen, their appearance is far lighter in color (closer to a light pale red). To compensate for this, Quinoxians have extremely strong heart muscles, capable of pumping blood with the speed of a bullet. The resting heart beat of the average Quinoxian as a result is quicker then a human, often running to 70 - 200 beats per minute. Quinoxian blood types include A, B, O, OA and OB. Oddly enough Quinoxian blood types can easily match up with human blood types without much difficulty. Due to the smaller amount of marrow in the bones, a separate series of organs known as Selanoms act as producers of white blood cells. These Selanoms are scattered throughout the body of a Quinoxian.


Quinoxians have strong lungs, in order to compliment the stronger heart muscles and blood delivery system. While for the most part the organs are located in the same spots as a human, the Quinoxian liver is located on the left side rather then the right.


Quinoxians have an incredibly strong maternal/paternal instinct towards children, even those that they adopt, resulting in them being very protective of those they deem kin. This is reflected in their "Clan" system of society, witch groups often being seen as an extension of the family unit.

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