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Project D'Artagnan is the name of the new Paris Defense Program, the successor to the original Groupe Fleur de Paris, which was active from 1926 to 1933.


Katie Roselaine

Place of Origin: Paris, France
Martial Talents: Throwing Cards
Koubu F3 Unit
Color: Red and Black
Weapons: Card launchers, explosive dice
Birthdate: March 20
Age: 15
Height: 5’3
Weight: ?
Blood Type: AB

Nydia de Martin

Hanako Kitsuji

Lillian Beumont

Main Support

Isabella Penoit

Granddaughter of Countless Isabella "Grand-Mère" Lilac, Isabella serves as head of the Paris Defense Program, as well as the main funding support for the team. In her private life, she is one of the world's top fashion models.

Lobelia Carlini

A member of the original Paris Team, Lobelia's high spirit energy allowed her to survive beyond the normal human lifespan. She serves as Isabella's personal bodyguard.

Mell Raison

A member of the support team for the original Paris team, Mell was plucked from the battle of the Brandenburg Gate, saving her life. She currently acts as secretary and chauffeur to Isabella Penoit.

Ci Caprice

Coming Soon

Technical Support

Jacqueline Couture

Coming Soon

Other Allies

Charlotte Baskerville

Charlotte Vessalius (formally Baskerville) serves as a finacial backer for Chattes Les Noire, as well as Project D'Artagnan along with her husband Jack Vessalius.

Lacie Vessalius

The daughter of Jack and Charlotte Vessalius, Lacie acts as healer for Project D'Artagnan staff, as well as working First Aid at Chattes Les Noire.


Sakura Taisen N2: Rise of the Muskateers

Chapter 1: Le Magnifique

Paris 2012: Murders begin to occuar across the city, people found torn apart in the streets. This means nothing to Katie Roselaine, an orphin who attends the Carlini school for Girls. Katie, a rogue and trickster at heart, dreams of joining the newly announced Chattes le Noire. She is also suspcious of the mysterious headmistress,a subject she often bugs her friend Nydia about. Deciding to investigate this mystery one night, the girl sneaks out and attempts to scale the side of the building to the headmistress's office. On the way up, she found herself attacked by several birds, nearly causing her to fall but catching herself, she finally found herself outside the office of the headmistress. Upon looking through a keyhole, she is started to see that the headmistress is in fact a young woman and someone who looked very familer to her. The woman apparently heard her, looking towards the lock and in her shock and fear to flee, Katie slipped down the stairs and knocked herself out.

Waking up, she discovers herself in an unknown location. Attempting to escape, she is soon chased by two women named Ci and Mell, both of which attempt to stop her.