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This character is Deceased.

The Princess of Quinox was, as her name suggests, the princess of the planet Quinox, as well as the warrior who represented that world long ago. She was the past life version of Matsumi Kaze.



Matsama of Quinox
Biographical information



February 3, 8120 BC


December 15, 8102 BC


Minerva of Quinox (mother), Segfred of Prospero (father), Matsao of Quinox (brother), Queen of Uranus (aunt), King of Uranus (uncle), Princess of Uranus (cousin)


Princess of Quinox, Senshi of Quinox


Sailor Quinox

Physical description




Hair color

Light Blond

Eye color





Rhapsody Flute/Spear


Henshin, Air Powers


Freya, Outer Senshi

Early Life

Matsama of Quinox was born the eldest of twins to the royal family of Quinox. Her mother was Minerva of Quinox, a direct descendant of The Six Who Came First. Her father was Segfred, Prince of Prospero, a moon within the domain of Uranus. Segfred had wooed and married Minerva as part of a bet that he had with his brother, who in turn married the Queen of Uranus.

The birth of twins was a rare occurrence on Quinox, and thus caused some alarm, but the fact that Matsama was born first eased much of the worry, especially of the chance of having a male ruler for the planet. As was expected, not long after her birth, she was taken to the Moon to be presented to the Queen of the Moon Kingdom.

Her early years were mostly filled with what was expected of a child of royalty. While she was often cared for by her parents, there were times when she was looked after by the High Priestess, Millina, as well as her young daughter, Freya. She would also often spend certain seasons visiting her aunts and uncles on Uranus and Prospero.

A Tale of Three Friends

Growing up, Matsama had two friends in particular to whom she was very close. One was Hedeki, son of the Quinox Knight, one of her mother's bodyguards. Due to Matsama's twin brother often learning alongside the boy, Matsama would see Hedeki often. The other came in the form of the young son of the Earl of Titan. During a routine trip by the Earl to Quinox to visit his counterpart, he chose to bring his young son along, the boy curious to see the planet, even though her mother was distressed a having to stay behind. The boy, Sean, almost instantly bonded with Hedeki and Matsama, which eventually led to further visits for Sean with his new found friends. The two boys, especially, would become fairly protective of Matsama, something which almost everyone noticed. The bond was so close that rumors began to spring up that the young heir to Titan was being prepared for betrothal to the young princess, something which at one point Sean's own mother entertained. As the three grew older, though, it became more and more obvious that the young son of the Knight of Quinox held a special affection for the princess.

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  • Quinoxian Physiology: Matsama had the physiology shared by all Quinoxians, including a dense bone structure and night vision.


  • Like the other princesses, Matsama was gifted Aether Castle by Queen Serenity, originally located in orbit around the planet as a third satellite. It was destroyed during the razing of Quinox and has never been restored.
  • Matsama was a talented dancer, a trait which has carried over to her reincarnation Matsumi.
  • Compared to Matsumi, Matsama was much more passive and gentle then her reincarnation, but they share many of the same personality traits none the less.
  • Due to her background, Matsama was fluent in both Quinoxian and Uranian languages. Her Saturnian for the most part was awful.