Pandorica Isle

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Pandorica Isle
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Birth July 3, 2012
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Van Saar Federation Forces


map of Pandorica Isle


Her Highness The Supreme President-General Princess and Maximum Leader Tsukino Chibusa, (Sovereign) (Judiciary / Legislature)

Solarchos (Warmaster General)

The Hotel (Embassy)

Bixia Yuanjin, Mango-chan (AmBADASSadors)

First Appearance

On July 3, 2012, in order to defeat the plans of an insane supercomputer COLOSSUS, Matsumi Kaze used the Nidbogg, her battle station, to invade the rare-earth mineral rich Island of Demonica. At the same time, Kaioh Michiru and Kujou Subaru took the chance to plant a land claim on the deserted sovereign nation. By so doing, they created The People's Democratic Republic of Mayberry, which has inherited the legal system of Demonica--i.e., that there are no laws.... well except for the law PARTY HARD.

The Island was soon renamed "Pandorica Isle" and The Hotel is now its official embassy, where the only law is's law.

The isle itself is recognized and protected by several classified high-level multinational security treaties. The other nations know who/what gathers at the Hotel in Japan and as such have agreed to leave it alone and let them do their jobs--and the rare-earth minerals they get don't hurt either.

These arrangements are known at the highest echelons of power in all UN nations.

Any attempt to disrupt the arrangement is met with immediate censure and allegations of crack-smoking on the party of the disruptor.

In exchange, the world relies on the heroes of the Hotel to handle the threats and dangers they cannot.

On September 27, 2012, Her Highness The Supreme President-General Princess and Maximum Leader Tsukino Chibusa entered into an agreement with Solarchos, ruler of the Van Saar Federation wherein, in exchange for basing rights, the Federation officially recognized the Isle of Pandorica as neutral territory not to be exploited or infringed upon by any other government, on or offworld. Chibiusa also awarded Solarchos the title of "Four Star Military Supreme General."

The first elements of the new PVSJDF arrive on the Isle.

On October 3, 2012, Paisley Pythia Peinforte funded the economy of Pandorica by exchanging an Eterner Gold Coin she got from Thrash for 8.0365 × 1095 U.S. dollars, at a Transtemporal Bank, and then depositing that into the nation's treasury. As she put it, "now our nation has cash in F[BLEEP]k You Quantities".