Pamphlet: "Fate: Cascade"

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The following is a pamphlet to explain what the hell is going on in the chatbox right now. There's a lot so this is going to take some time to explain. This has been written in the perspective of mango-chan. Feel free to edit it as you see fit.

Thursday 4/3

Valeria Xadium Aino has a vision, it involves a hand with a ring and someone is targeting Doctor Xadium, Raihosha and Yaijinden. There is little else delved into at that time, except that something is coming. Yaijinden and Xadium discuss but little can be done at this point.

Friday 4/4

Raihosha reveals that he has been having nightmares about a hand with a ring. Indigo makes a rare appearance since February 2013 to warn Celeste about something coming for her because of something Indigo did. Little can be done at this point.

Saturday 4/5

Dr. Mimi Hanyuu comes downstairs looking for a used condom. She finds something under a tile that reveals part of the original flooring of the Ten'Aino household pre-Hotel. She is also believed to have found a ring. She took the ring and threw a bunson burner into a fume hood and reversed the vent. She blew up Tomoe's lab. John Constantine has a vision and repeats the line "Second Month, Tenth Day, all that you love will go away."

Komadori concludes that February 10th is the day Hazel Ninegate was convicted of her trial. Serena is found dead on the other side of a door with a stake in her chest and a tape recorder in her mouth. The recording warns of a reckoning. Serena gets better, confusing everyone.

Sunday 4/6

Komadori and Mindy Solana go to interview the owner of the store where the recorder was purchased. A few questions in the man finds a bullet wound in his head. Mindy and Komadori are released thanks to some high ties but the case is immediately dropped. Prosecutor Godot is shot and left in critical condition: Ema Skye is requested to return to California. Franziska von Karma is also informed and makes attempts to returns. Ema is in the hospital due to unrelated events and unable to go at all. Franziska is stopped from boarding the plane right before it explodes by a text message from The Magistra stalling her. After informing The Magistra that she's "Going off the grid", Franziska's unoccupied hotel room explodes.

Back at the Hotel, Dr. Hanyu reveals to Valeria Xadium Aino and Komadori that she doesn't remember what happened between the time she looked under the tile and when she woke up later with the Professer. She does reveal that the mini universe was taken and she has a strange alchemy symbol on her hand. Mango explains that a philosopher's stone could be constructed from a mini universe if it can fit within the circle but it would be of massive proportion.

It's theorized that The Corruptor may be behind all of this. Wacky shit starts happening. A package with Vermillia's scythe is delivered to the hotel, followed by the random door having a piece of Celeste's clothing attached to it. Text messages from Indigo's phone unveil that Celeste and Faye have been kidnapped. Yaijinden departs probably to wreck some shit (I don't actually know this but come on! He was maaaaad). Whoever is doing this now has Vermillia, Celeste & Faye.

Matsumi Kaze finds the murdered Harriet S. Weinberg who was stabbed in the back with a knife that had the number 9 carved in the back, the message "Neun Messer" pinned to her back. Sakura April swears to bring an end to this herself and recruits Jadeite to help. The two go to HFIL and drag Harriet back to realm of the living by force.

Monday 4/7

Yumiko & Geminine have both been kidnapped. Vermillia was seen on the television warning about judgement and a beginning, and some torturous screams from Celeste and Faye crying in the background. So that's five, who wants to be there's four more? @_@

The idea

The Corruptor has returned from the dead. He has discovered that his daughter, Hazel Ninegate had her fate rewritten and her timeline ended. Now he seeks revenge toward those who brought her to an end. To this end, he is preparing a very special contest, called Successor Idol.