POP WON'T STOP 2 (Album)

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POP WON'T STOP 2 is a cover album released jointly by Apple Musume。 and DISCOTHEQUE in the summer of 2012. A sequel album to one released in 2010 by former Apple and front girl of DISCOTHEQUE, Allison Blitz, this collected covers of British and European pop and rock songs, the groups giving their own spin on what they wanted to bring to their generation.

The album was released on two discs, one for Apple Musume。 and one for DISCOTHEQUE. The Album was released in three versions: Two Limited Editions and one Regular edition. The Limited Editions came with DVDs that contained music videos and behind the scenes clips from making the album. The release was promoted with the second leg of their joint world tour.


Disc 1 (Apple POP)
  1. D.I.S.C.O. originally by Ottawan - All
  2. Wannabe originally by the Spice Girls - All
  3. Beautiful Life originally by Ace of Base - Central Perk
  4. How Soon Is Now? originally by The Smiths - All
  5. Don't Say You Love Me originally by M2M - Georgia, Josie
  6. Get Outta My Way originally by Kylie Minogue - All
  7. Goodnight and Go originally by Imogen Heap - Jean, Portia, Sita, Cait
  8. Voulez Vous originally by ABBA - All
  9. Mama originally by the Spice Girls - Final Bow
  10. Shocked originally by Kylie Minogue - Clover, Roxy, Monica, Rosa, Maria
  11. Ecstasy originally by ATB - Marcy
  12. Hide and Seek originally by Imogen Heap
Disc 2 (POP in the DISCO)
  1. Eve, the Apple of My Eye originally by Bell X1
  2. Take On Me originally by A-ha
  3. Venus originally by Bananarama