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The new Greek paradigm is the modern pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses, carefully selected for their suitability in keeping the worship and adoration of those who worship them without needless chaos and drama.

Canon Keeper's Note: If you are interested in dealing with the Greek/Roman pantheon, please speak to both the Sailor Moon and New Greek Paradigm canon keepers so that we can determine what's possible.

How it Came About

Long before the downfall of the Greek civilization, the goddess Athena foresaw it, and came up with a plan to keep Olympus going in new ages. When the time came, she announced it to the others of the Olympian Court, and gained their support as the only way to survive into the future. However, she did not tell them that she only planned to revive those parties which lent stability.

When Kore began to pray for an escape from her underground home, Athena saw this as a great opportunity to aid in her plan, and thus turned the girl to stone via Medusa's head, which was affixed to her shield. When the girl was awakened--albeit far more forward in time than Athena anticipated--and began writing stories as directed, Athena was able to orchestrate the awakening of herself and several others of her choosing to begin with, setting herself up as the new head of the pantheon.

Who is Included?

Olympian Court


God of music, poetry, art, oracles, archery, plague, medicine, sun, light and knowledge. Although he has a penchant for taking various lovers, he's agreed to do so within Athena's limitations in return for inclusion in her pantheon.


Goddess of the hunt, she is timid and keeps to the forest.


Athena, understandably, is now the head of the pantheon, and she takes care to keep the "right" spotlight on the various members of the Olympian Court to the public.


God of the forge, arts, sculpture, tech, fire, and volcanoes.


God of the sea and horses, he still rules the waters.



A minor god and son of Apollo, he is a priest and the leader of The Hidden Valley. He's known for discovering several household-type arts and medicinal remedies, including bee keeping, taming the olive tree, and making/mending nets for fishing.


A water deity living in the ocean.


Iahke's daughter, also a water deity.

The Muses

Never having been "asleep" like nearly all the other gods, the original 3 Boeotian muses have been active all this time, and now wield more power then they used to. They visit artists and inspire creativity of all kinds.


Long associated with Athena, she is the winged goddess of victory.

The Oneiroi

Never having been "asleep" like nearly all the other gods, Morpheus, Phobetor, and Phantasos have long been active in people's dreams, creating the various elements therein.


Pan is a god of nature, the wild, shepherds, flocks, of mountain wilds, and is often associated with sexuality. He's rarely, if ever, seen by Humans, and prefers the company of wooded creatures, satyrs, nature spirits (dryads, nyads, etc.), and fauns. He is associated with the pan pipe, often depicted with him in art.

Lesser Deities

Various dryads, nymphs, sylphs, naiads, nereids, etc., are about, though greatly diminished from their ancient numbers. Lily Ambrose is one of them.



The daughter of a dryad and a Japanese tree spirit, thus Chloe is technically a demigod.



A young boy from The Hidden Valley. He was part of Kore's household for some time, and currently serves in Olympus.


A young peasant woman originally from ancient times. Part of Galene's Household.


A young noble woman originally from ancient times.


A young princess from ancient times and an Allelia in service to Athena. Currently wife of Hephaestus. As a writer, she has strong ties to both the Muses and Oneiroi. Guardian of the Bracelets of Life.



A Little Owl belonging to Athena.


Alive and well, he, too, follows Athena's plan and rule, at times doing her bidding.