Neva D'yan

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Neva D'yan
Biographical information

Mycidia Prime


May 5


parents, six brothers, five sisters


(formally) Economic Crime Officer, (currently) Tokyo Alien Zone Superintendent-General



Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Type-A Laser Pistol


can shoot out quills from hair in times of danger


Galactic Trade Confederation, Alien Zone Police Department

Neva is a humanoid type alien with feline features from Mycidia Prime with the usual ears, tail, claws, and teeth. She is an officer working in economic crime and appeared in The Hotel in early April, 2012, searching for a couple who failed to pay duty fees of some sort on an item they bought.

So far, she seems to have a mutual dislike of Eitak Razal. She seems quite unused to meeting new species and seeing different things, if her occasional and sometimes dramatic comments are any indication. She does not seem to understand magic, dismissing it only as science.


Neva was born on May 5 (Tu 9 in the Mycidian calendar) on the planet of Mycidia Prime in the city of Galugala. The fourth of twelve children, Neva grew up constantly in the shadows of her parents, who both had high positions in the Mycidian government. Like many of her people, Neva was sent off to school at the age of 6 to begin learning the business of trade. While there, her studious and serious attitude pushed away many with the exception of one, a boy named Toran, who would become her biggest supporter later in life. Eventually graduating with high marks from the Mycidian Trade Acadamy, Neva decided to follow the path of her father and become an economic police enforcer. As the years went by, the girl's career blossomed, gaining her praise from her superiors but with the result of alinating many of her collegues with her overly zealous attitude. By the end of her second year, she was completly hated not only by her fellow officers, but in some ways by her own superiors.

This would come to a head when a cold case was handed to her, concerning a pair of trouble shooters known as the Dirty Pair who had failed to pay a trade tax on a pack of Snack'ems over 40 years before. Knowing the overly eager officer would take the case, her superiors sent her to bring in the two for punishment or to have them pay the by now outragious fine.

After much research and several dead ends, Neva discovered the two agents had changed identities and fled to a planet in a far off galaxy: Earth.

First Encounter

Taking a personalized Mycidian scout ship, Neva made a beeline to the world, landing not far from The Hotel, where she had learned that the two fugiatives had visited several times before. For the first couple of days, as per regulations on uncontacted worlds (Regulation 346 Subsection A23 Paragraph 9), Neva used her personal cloaking device to observe the inhabidents of The Hotel, in hope of discovering some intel on the location, as well as the surrounding city

After a few days of this, she would eventually be found out forcing her to reveal herself and her mission. As beligerant and privlaged as ever, Neva held most of the people in the Hotel in contempt, only showing a little bit of respect to a select few.


  • Neva smells of gun smoke, cat hair and lots of metal.
  • While most of her subordinates refer to her as Police Commissioner, Neva's rank actually corresponds to superintendent general.